Chips, a Soda and a Thought

It's late, I'm at work and I'm dog tired. I realize that it's been a minute since I've come to my own personal blog and updated. I just haven't had the time nor motivation to put my thoughts down on paper. With the traveling, work and school I've been a busy man. By no means am I complaining because it's the little things like this that make me appreciate life and be thankful that I'm in good health.

Tonight I came across a post online that spoke to me and I thought I would share it with you. It's about another fellow blogger who has put her thoughts into a book. The book, ThxThxThx by author Leah Dieterich is really good about writing thank-you notes to life and everything in it. It's about giving the simple things in life their just praise. Here are a few things that she feels the simple things in life give you: 
  • It can ground you. 
  • It can turn the negative into a positive. 
  • They're like a diary. 
  • You get back what you put in.
I hope that each one of you can take out a little time out of your busy schedule and pay tribute to things that keep you going in life. Hopefully they map out a direction, a goal, or just give you a visual confirmation of who you are.


fiwa said...

It's funny you should post this - I've been thinking along this subject for a couple of weeks. I like the idea of writing it like a thank you note.

Ace C said...

Seems like my mind is always here too. I think finding that perfect of balance is what everyone is looking for. Some how writing a sticky note just seems right for me at the moment. Stay tuned and I'll show you the back of my bedroom door.

Mo said...

The back of the bedroom door. . . I'm ready Freddy!