Imagination Optional

Yesterday's Note: I tried to run and failed miserably. I'm officially done for the year. Elliptical here I come. I will just have to work on my diet a little more.

This morning I woke to sounds of snow trucks and car alarms outside my window. I guess these are the sounds Winter on the East Coast.
I'm back in Starbucks this morning listening to recently downloaded music from iTunes. The sounds of Christmas music are in the air and the early morning crowd looks of disgust from being up this morning. As the different crowds pour in and out I have to wonder who they are and where they are off to. I guess this just might be me, but I've always been intrigued by people and imagining where they might be going in life. I wonder where the lady in the white denim jeans, rainbow belt and floral headband is headed to after reading USA Today. Or where the guy in the God awful track suit and greasy hair is headed. Maybe to snuff someone off. This is NYC. I can make a really good assumption where the well groomed guy wearing too much cologne and in dressed in a suit is headed. What's that you say? To work. I was thinking he was going to see his mistress. As much cologne he has on there is no way he's headed into the office. The cologne would cause everyone to have headaches within a few minutes of contact with him. It's just my imagination. Don't sue me just yet.

On another note I had some really intense dreams last night. I'm not sure what they mean, but I hope a few of them come true because they were quite interesting. Let's just say they involved cookies and camping. Two things that rarely go together, but trust me they did in my dream. Get your mind out of the gutter people. Think hearty thoughts. It's the holidays for Pete's sake.

The photo to your right was taken yesterday in the middle of the park after a really good burger and fries. I think I thought I was invincible because I am dressed like that and the snow is starting to come down. Lucky for me I was only outside for brief periods of time.

I can honestly say that I'm enjoying the East Coast way of living.


Mo said...

I too like to imagine people's way of life. It can get really bad when I am on the road. All distracted in a hotel, on a plane, etc.. You know how much I like to look in people's grocery carts so let's not get started shall we.

Sorry about your failed running. I know how much it means it to you.

Cookies and camping - yes please!

I hope you don't enjoy the east coast so much you won't be coming back to the west. xoxo

Ace C said...