NYC (Connecticut) Weekend

My first weekend on the East Coast is officially over. It's filled with a lot of mixed feelings for the most part. There have been some highs and some lows. The flights to get here were pretty seamless. My pickup in NYC was on time and smiling. My first dinner here was McDonald's...does it get any better than that. My first trip to NYC was full of choas, pushing, random people and being lost. And then came the food poison to make things just a tad bit more interesting. I can honestly say that it didn't happen to me, but it took my tour guide down for a day in a half. Don't think that it's worth mentioning the place where we ate because I actually turned out fine. All in and all I'm happy with the outcomes so far. NYC here's looking at you kid. I hope you have lots more in store for me.
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Mo said...

I know it has more in store for you. Can't wait to live vicariously through you!