The Late Show with David Letterman Experience

Last weekend while we were wondering through the streets of NYC we happened to stumble upon the Ed Sullivan Theatre. For those of you who don't know what that means let me life that rock from on top of you. EST is where David Letterman is filmed. We just happened to come by as they were taking applicants for tickets to the show. We were in know way shape or form think that we would get them, but long story short we did, we went and we saw Dave and the rest of the crew.

Can I get a "hell yes"! We were able to score tickets to The Late Show with David Letterman and I attended the taping on Monday.

Let me fill you in on some of the process. Here's a round about story:

We applied for tickets at the front door of the Ed Sullivan Theatre on a whelm. They hold something like a lottery to get the tickets. There are three dates to pick from. I think we picked all three. Just wanted to make our chances of getting tickets that much better. They tape shows in the afternoon and evenings. I can honestly say from the moment we applied I was hoping for a call from someone from the show. It can come anytime, even the day of the taping. Our call came the day before the show. They ask you to confirm a date, and then they ask you a trivia question about the show. I guess Dave wants to make sure his audience is packed with "real" fans.

The day of the taping, we took the train in because it would be the best way to get there and not get stuck in traffic. After picking up the tickets, we got a chance to go to Crumbs, a nearby bakery and have a couple of treats while waiting for the taping to begin. Why not get a little sugar in the blood.

It took what seemed like forever, but the taping finally began! We got "very cheerful" instructions from a CBS staff member to get "pumped", to laugh hard, and to clap often... and to turn off our cell phones, of course! After the pep talk, we finally entered the studio. The theater looks a lot bigger on TV than it actually is. When inside, even the people in the last row or upstairs must have felt pretty close to the stage. We were in the fourth or fifth row on the floor! I could have touched Dave I was so close.

The house comic came on stage and explained a little what was going to happen, repeated the rules, and of course did a few jokes just to get the crowd going. Then the CBS Orchestra came out looking like rock stars from the 80s! Paul Shaffer eventually came on stage after the band performed a couple of songs. David Letterman finally appears on stage, everyone went crazy! He looked very loosened up, not wearing a jacket. Hell, who am I kidding...he looked like he had been hit by a train. TV is very good to Dave. For a second I thought it was an impostor. He did his usual banter and then went right into the show. The show was really worth all the trouble. They were filming the Christmas special to air on Thursday of this week. Amanda Peet was the guest. I have to say that she looks exactly the same as she does in the movies. Very funny and witty as well. A couple of the holiday usuals came on after her. Another comedian to knock the meatball off the Christmas tree and a singer.

All and all we had a lot of fun.
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Mo said...

I just may have to watch tonight.

Thanks for the play by play. I almost feel like I was there with you guys.