Boston, Mass (The Blizzard)

So after Christmas we got this bug to head up to Boston. It's only a two and a half hour drive from where we are. Makes sense to any sensible person with a brain that has never been to Boston before. We learned Christmas night that there would be a blizzard headed our way, but being the men that we are we pushed on and said, "Fuck it!". When is the weather forecast ever right? When has anyone ever listened to their local weather man and thought that he/she might be giving pertinent information. Exactly, they never are for the most part.

The trip started off pretty well. We overslept by a couple of hours, but made short time of getting ready and headed out the door within 20 minutes of waking. The drive seemed to be unfolding quickly. We could see the snow flurries coming down, but it didn't look anything like a blizzard. Just the same flurries that I've seen 3 or 4 times in the last month. We decided to ride up the coast so that we could say that we had been through Rhode Island. We also passed some place where Mystic Pizza was filmed. I think that's a non-blackual fact. Have no clue about any of it.

As we approach Boston we start to see that there is one defining thing about this's historical. We had already decided that we were going to walk "The Freedom Trail" on our own. They have it mapped out pretty well with a red line that runs through the city. Too bad we didn't come completely prepared for a 3 mile trek through flurries. Lucky for us the local H&M was able to supply all the accessories needed for a very affordable price. After acquiring what we need the tour was on. From one corner to the next we walked and walked. Never noticing that the snow was picking up more and more as we walked. By the time we finished the tour the snow was pouring from the sky and we looked liked walking sheets of snow. Somehow through all this we were able to procure a cab to get us back to the car, but that in itself was an adventure. Due to the weather there weren't many available and all the ones we waved down already had passengers in them. Thanks to my undeniable chocolate skin I was able to flag down a cabbie that was willing to help us get to our car. It was a slow in steady cab ride. Kind of expensive for the most part.

Pan forward about a hour or so and we are in the mist of a blizzard like no other I have ever seen. Pan forward 7 hours later we finally make it back to our town. Pan 30 minutes later we are able to find a street worth turning on. Thanks to following plow trucks. Pan forward to sitting in the house warm in my PJs and under a blanket I realize that weather forecast are there for a reason. Pan 7 years back when I was in this same place in the middle of a blizzard I would have never thought I would be in one again. Pan a week from now and I'll be back to grey skys and rain in Portland where I belong.
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Mo said...

I am so glad you were able to experience this, even with the crappy weather. It's a memory baby.

Also, look at you with the big words in today's post. :)

Keep it up baby boo, keep it up.

Mo said...

Please tell your photographer I believe an amazing eye captured the day perfectly.

Some really great shots were taken. Thanks for sharing.