Fly @ a Funeral... own funeral that is. If I've told you once I've told you twice about the crazy things that run through my head when I'm on the treadmill. I never cease to amaze myself with the things that I come up with. Today I found myself thinking about being a fly on the wall at my own funeral and what people would be saying about me when I'm dead and gone. It has to have passes your mind. Stop looking at me crazy people. I know you've thought about it before. I'm not the only who goes into these random thoughts of total chaos or bliss. Just depends on which way you want take it.

In my mind I want people to be falling all over the church or graveyard crying their little eyes out. At least that's what I'm telling myself, but I don't really back that thought up fully. On a serious note I think they will say one of two thing about me.

The first thing people would say is "a$$hole". In big bold letters it will fly from their mouths. I think a good number of people that have passed my path have felt the wrath of Ace at some point. Whether it was because they deserved it or caught me on a bad day. The ones that didn't dig a little bit deeper will hold fast to their judgements and probably burn stakes at my funeral. They will say good riddance to my cold body laying there. I just hope if these people show up I at least have on a nice suit and they hooked up my makeup so I almost look as good as I did alive.

The second thing people will say is that I was a breathe of fresh air in their lives. They will say that they've never laughed as hard as when they were around me. They will say speak of me in a tone that brings a smile to people's faces even while in the grieving stages. They will toast me with shots of Patron and snack on Skittles.

I have to say I hope for the second to be true. By the time I am laying their in that coffin I hope I will have crossed paths with all the people that I set on fire when I was trying so merciless to find myself. I hope that at some point I can show them that I was still growing into the man that I was supposed to be. That's what I hope and hope is the start of a new beginning. So just think about what you think people will be saying about you. Are you happy with that thought?


Cin said...

I am afraid to think of what people with say at my funeral. It will probably be something like..."She was one crazy B!" or "Damn, that B had a temper!" LMAO!!

Ace C said...

Lol. I think that everyone would be scared what people say. I think that it would be more positive than most people think.