Farmer's Chatter

Goats, sheep ,and chickens belong on the farm, not in the middle of........ my office. It often feels like I have been dropped in the middle of a farm, somewhere Texas or Kentucky. Why those two places I have no clue, but they were the first two that popped into my head. I'm either grazing with the goats, being herded with the sheep or in a chicken coop with the rest of the girls waiting on my eggs to hatch.

I think that I have the single most visited office in the building. No matter when or what time of the day you can always find an interesting conversation taking place in my office. Whether it's about what was on television last night, the hot topic on the local news or about the person in the office that's getting on everyone's nerves. It seems to be a revolving door in here (my office). Since I am never one to do too much work and anyone that knows me will consent to this. I enjoy the ever escalating rotation of people and chatter that makes the day go by so quickly. I think it also helps me get a since of people, sometimes even  a little more than you ever imagined. 

Today is no different than the other. We recently got a new person in our three man office and she hasn't disappointed with any of her story telling. I learned today that she has had 5 substantial moves with in the last five years, has two Siberian cats that she adopted from a shelter that are the size of medium dogs, likes to eat hot sauce by the tablespoon and enjoys country living. Who knew? Not me! Did I actually want to know? No, but does it help me to get a better understanding about who I'm dealing with...yes. Could it also be a tell-tell sign of other things to come...yes.

Or the guy in the office that lets everyone know when he's about to "drop the kids off".

Or the people who can't seem to restrain themselves from telling you all about the adventures of all their kids. They can't seem to stop telling me all the funny things that "Jimmy" says or does.

Now I ask you, "Do I continue to hear my office life behind the "chicken wire" or do I try being a goat or a sheep sometimes?". In don't know, but what I do know is that I will not be "lamenting the chicken coop" anytime soon.
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Anonymous said...

who is the wide receiver I ask you before go calling yourself a goat or a sheep. I know crazy but the size of the hole means everything.