I finally got around to watching what I had recorded on my DVR. Seems like every show that I recorded had a trailer for the new ABC television show about a superhero family aptly titled, No Ordinary Family. I have to say that I think that I’m in love with a show that I haven’t even seen yet. Can’t tell you why just yet, but I want you to take my word for it. I think I have a thing for superheroes in general – growing up my childhood hero was Speedy Gonzalez. I know you’re thinking that it’s just a mouse that runs fast and you would be correct.

Give me a second of your time to explain. Speedy appealed to me even more than any other superhero usually does, only because what he did was realistic to me. It was a simple concept to grasp that a mouse could run fast. At the time I was the fastest kid in the neighborhood and I've never really been a cat person. I can remember my mom always screaming at me to “Stop all that damn running”. So in my mind it makes perfect sense. Pretty easy superpower to create and roll with.

I leave you with two things. One bwing the catch phrase from the show..."Andale! ¡Andale! Arriba! ¡Arriba! Yii-hah!". The second i ask you...Who's your superhero or superpower?
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Fly @ a Funeral... own funeral that is. If I've told you once I've told you twice about the crazy things that run through my head when I'm on the treadmill. I never cease to amaze myself with the things that I come up with. Today I found myself thinking about being a fly on the wall at my own funeral and what people would be saying about me when I'm dead and gone. It has to have passes your mind. Stop looking at me crazy people. I know you've thought about it before. I'm not the only who goes into these random thoughts of total chaos or bliss. Just depends on which way you want take it.

In my mind I want people to be falling all over the church or graveyard crying their little eyes out. At least that's what I'm telling myself, but I don't really back that thought up fully. On a serious note I think they will say one of two thing about me.

The first thing people would say is "a$$hole". In big bold letters it will fly from their mouths. I think a good number of people that have passed my path have felt the wrath of Ace at some point. Whether it was because they deserved it or caught me on a bad day. The ones that didn't dig a little bit deeper will hold fast to their judgements and probably burn stakes at my funeral. They will say good riddance to my cold body laying there. I just hope if these people show up I at least have on a nice suit and they hooked up my makeup so I almost look as good as I did alive.

The second thing people will say is that I was a breathe of fresh air in their lives. They will say that they've never laughed as hard as when they were around me. They will say speak of me in a tone that brings a smile to people's faces even while in the grieving stages. They will toast me with shots of Patron and snack on Skittles.

I have to say I hope for the second to be true. By the time I am laying their in that coffin I hope I will have crossed paths with all the people that I set on fire when I was trying so merciless to find myself. I hope that at some point I can show them that I was still growing into the man that I was supposed to be. That's what I hope and hope is the start of a new beginning. So just think about what you think people will be saying about you. Are you happy with that thought?

Running Scared

I forgot to tell you guys about a month ago I ran my first half marathon. I'm still not sure why I wanted to run a half-marathon, but it sounded like a very good idea. My initial reaction to myself was “no thanks”, but at my age I'm needed things to challenge me these days. It was definitely a challenge. I decided to get up off the couch the next night and go running. I found a great running tool through Nike that helped me map out a course of attack for my first half marathon.

I didn’t have time to stretch at all. I never really stretch to be honest. I ran right out of the port-a-potty and crossed the starting line about 5 minutes after the first person took off. I was in a bit of a panic, but after the second mile or so, I relaxed. I was, however, still a bit worried about the lack of stretching. By mile 6 I felt like I had a pretty good movement going, and the running music I was rocking out to was really helping a lot. It matched my stride pretty well. By mile 9 I was moving to my own beat. By 11 I was a little more confident because I knew that I was nearing the finish of the race. As I crossed the line I was still in disbelief, but I was excited to finally be done with the race.

I wish that I could tell you that I had a blast doing it and that it was invigorating, but it wasn't. It was very difficult to accomplish. Before running I had thoughts of completing a full marathon, but after completing a half of a full one I have put my hopes of doing that on hold for now. A 2 year hold for the most part! If I'm lucky I will try for one next year after I get a couple more half marathons under my belt. Maybe even shed some of my bulk from my body frame to become a little more agile. For now I am content with my accomplishments and will keep you posted on the progress of my running. High school legs here I come or not.
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Farmer's Chatter

Goats, sheep ,and chickens belong on the farm, not in the middle of........ my office. It often feels like I have been dropped in the middle of a farm, somewhere Texas or Kentucky. Why those two places I have no clue, but they were the first two that popped into my head. I'm either grazing with the goats, being herded with the sheep or in a chicken coop with the rest of the girls waiting on my eggs to hatch.

I think that I have the single most visited office in the building. No matter when or what time of the day you can always find an interesting conversation taking place in my office. Whether it's about what was on television last night, the hot topic on the local news or about the person in the office that's getting on everyone's nerves. It seems to be a revolving door in here (my office). Since I am never one to do too much work and anyone that knows me will consent to this. I enjoy the ever escalating rotation of people and chatter that makes the day go by so quickly. I think it also helps me get a since of people, sometimes even  a little more than you ever imagined. 

Today is no different than the other. We recently got a new person in our three man office and she hasn't disappointed with any of her story telling. I learned today that she has had 5 substantial moves with in the last five years, has two Siberian cats that she adopted from a shelter that are the size of medium dogs, likes to eat hot sauce by the tablespoon and enjoys country living. Who knew? Not me! Did I actually want to know? No, but does it help me to get a better understanding about who I'm dealing with...yes. Could it also be a tell-tell sign of other things to come...yes.

Or the guy in the office that lets everyone know when he's about to "drop the kids off".

Or the people who can't seem to restrain themselves from telling you all about the adventures of all their kids. They can't seem to stop telling me all the funny things that "Jimmy" says or does.

Now I ask you, "Do I continue to hear my office life behind the "chicken wire" or do I try being a goat or a sheep sometimes?". In don't know, but what I do know is that I will not be "lamenting the chicken coop" anytime soon.
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