Purple Jesus

The title speaks for itself, but if not here is the definition: The ultimate party juice! Fill a bathtub (preferably a clean one) with grape kool-aid, quartered citrus fruit, Everclear (or another high proof grain alcohol) and ice. Let it sit for a few hours then party on! The best part is eating the fruit towards the end of the party! Enjoy! courtesy of Urban Dictionary.

Although I may have had writer's block for the past month, the important thing I do to stay focused on my own writing is to get my thoughts organized and out there for people to read.

I'm sitting here in a new year with a new urge to blog and share my thoughts and stories with the people again. The year has had its ups and downs for me, but I've learned and notched a few new holes in my wisdom belt.

I must say that I will be taking the many stories from last year and hope to hear many others this year. No matter where you are in life a good story really goes a long. Takes you on an adventure for a brief moment. Whether it's a sad story about death of a family member or a refreshing story about drinking a purple concoction on the beach with some college friends letting your inhibitions go; it just doesn't get any better than that.

I'll get back to writing about some of my life stories as I see them develop in my life. Other stories will come to mind far after the fact. As I gain experience, I may change my methods and become more precise, but this year I'm going to stick to it.

365 days of pure entertainment.

Next post: Where did my southern accent go.
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Mo said...

Holy smokes. Purple Jesus. We gotta get on that. LOL