I'm Ready 4 my Close-Up

Sometimes I find myself sitting around thinking of some of the most random and mundane ideas. Yesterday while knocking out a few miles on the treadmill I had the strangest idea about being in my own music video. To be honest with you I have this thought every time I’m on the treadmill. Each time it’s the same video, but I add a few more effects here and there.

I know this sounds very crazy, but I ask you to just sit back in ponder the idea. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has thought of this. Even if you can't really sing I know the thought has popped up at least. You were sitting there watching MTV, VH1, or BET circa 1990 and a video caught your eye that made you go...hmm. If you're like me you thought I could have done so much better than that; hence my idea of being in a music video was born.

I'm not talking about the object of someone's affection in a video or a video "ho". I'm talking a bonafide video staring you, with your own ideas, and if you can actually sing too that's all the better. I've already booked Usher to sing my song. Timbaland or Lil' Jon will be in charge of producing the song and of course it will feature a verse by Jay-Z. I set my sights big I know, but if I'm going to do it I want it to be done right.

I want you to picture any Michael Jackson video. Bump that! I want you to picture Michael Jackson's, "Remember the Time" video. The entire concept about a peasant in Egypt remembering and taunting the King of Egypt about when you used to have relations with his Queen. I want to you also consider Janet Jackson's "All 4 You". 4 minutes of non-stop dancing. Try picturing Usher's "Yeah!” The strobe lights, the dance scenes, the instructional dance moves and Lil’ Jon screaming “Yeah” throughout the entire music video. Have I got you in the mood yet? Hell why you're at it picture Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video for that matter. All the videos that I mention say, "I got it right the first time!” I could have named a few, but these are all the ones that featured prominent dance scenes and what video would be complete without one.

These are only my opinions of what a music video should look like. I could be way off, but I strongly doubt it. Call me arrogant. Better yet text me I never answer the phone. Good video makes you want to lose your mind. You think Kanye jumped on stage and embarrassed himself and Taylor Swift for no reason. The video of women running around in leotards against a white screen talking about what a man should do for them really spoke to the man. Who are we to take that happiness away from him? Sure he could have used a little constraint. Maybe even some tact for that matter, but that's what a good music video should do to a person. At least that's what my video will do for masses or at least that’s what is happening in my head. Until I get the funds for it that’s where it will stay for now.

One of these days you’re going to hear, “And the MTV Video Award for Video of the Year goes to Ace!” Wait for it.
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David said...

You're ridiculous.

Mo said...

For once I have nothing. Speechless.

Anonymous said...

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