Snowboarding Accomplished

I spent the entire day snowboarding yesterday. I didn't think that I was going to have such a good time with a group of strangers from school, but I did. Aside from the rain that sent me into the lodge a few hours early everything was awesome. The $5 hot chocolate made up for that.

After spending 6 hours on the mountain yesterday I realized that I need to get myself some new equipment or some well used equipment. There was a moment on the mountain where I almost cried like a baby. I bought a really pair of flashy gloves that looked great, but didn't do anything to keep my hands warm. I took a hard fall and got covered in snow and drenched my gloves. By the the time I made it the bottom of the mountian my hads were freezing. Felt like they were about to fall off. I ran into the lodge like a mad man and started my best attempt to rub my hands together for warmth. My professor for the class looks at me and says without missing a beat, "You should go run some hot water over your hands." I thought to myself that has to be wrong, but she has been snowboarding all her life; I've only been doing this for a few years. So I do what I'm told.

There I am in the men's restroom accessing the area for the first available sink. All the way at the end near the vanilla scented straw and oil thing (Not really sure what the proper name is for it and what the hell it was doing in the men's bathroom of a ski lodge.), but I progress on. The restroom had the "fancy faucets" that operate from the motion of your hand. I thought long and hard before I stuck my hands under the faucet. I've seen what hot water does to a car window in the Winter time and that should have caused a red flag, but it's the professor who snowboards all the time. She couldn't possibly be wrong. Wrong! She was and there I was flapping my hands and running around the bathroom trying not scream. It felt like someone was sticking pins and needles in my hands over and over and over again. I'm never listening to the professor again. Lesson learned and mastered. Later there would be a girl suffering from the same dilemna. I took great pride in watching someone else suffer as I did.

I'll be trolling around town trying to find some stuff that I can work with that will last for a few years or at least get me through the rest of the snow season. Fingers crossed for no borken bones or injuires.

A Little Humor

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Memories from New Year's Eve

A few moments from New Year's Eve. Drinks and good eats all around.
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Friiday Funny: Tough Guy Deadlifts Over 300 lbs, Passes Out and FACE PLANTS!


I'm Ready 4 my Close-Up

Sometimes I find myself sitting around thinking of some of the most random and mundane ideas. Yesterday while knocking out a few miles on the treadmill I had the strangest idea about being in my own music video. To be honest with you I have this thought every time I’m on the treadmill. Each time it’s the same video, but I add a few more effects here and there.

I know this sounds very crazy, but I ask you to just sit back in ponder the idea. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has thought of this. Even if you can't really sing I know the thought has popped up at least. You were sitting there watching MTV, VH1, or BET circa 1990 and a video caught your eye that made you go...hmm. If you're like me you thought I could have done so much better than that; hence my idea of being in a music video was born.

I'm not talking about the object of someone's affection in a video or a video "ho". I'm talking a bonafide video staring you, with your own ideas, and if you can actually sing too that's all the better. I've already booked Usher to sing my song. Timbaland or Lil' Jon will be in charge of producing the song and of course it will feature a verse by Jay-Z. I set my sights big I know, but if I'm going to do it I want it to be done right.

I want you to picture any Michael Jackson video. Bump that! I want you to picture Michael Jackson's, "Remember the Time" video. The entire concept about a peasant in Egypt remembering and taunting the King of Egypt about when you used to have relations with his Queen. I want to you also consider Janet Jackson's "All 4 You". 4 minutes of non-stop dancing. Try picturing Usher's "Yeah!” The strobe lights, the dance scenes, the instructional dance moves and Lil’ Jon screaming “Yeah” throughout the entire music video. Have I got you in the mood yet? Hell why you're at it picture Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video for that matter. All the videos that I mention say, "I got it right the first time!” I could have named a few, but these are all the ones that featured prominent dance scenes and what video would be complete without one.

These are only my opinions of what a music video should look like. I could be way off, but I strongly doubt it. Call me arrogant. Better yet text me I never answer the phone. Good video makes you want to lose your mind. You think Kanye jumped on stage and embarrassed himself and Taylor Swift for no reason. The video of women running around in leotards against a white screen talking about what a man should do for them really spoke to the man. Who are we to take that happiness away from him? Sure he could have used a little constraint. Maybe even some tact for that matter, but that's what a good music video should do to a person. At least that's what my video will do for masses or at least that’s what is happening in my head. Until I get the funds for it that’s where it will stay for now.

One of these days you’re going to hear, “And the MTV Video Award for Video of the Year goes to Ace!” Wait for it.
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Speech Impaired

Another holiday season is defunct, and I’ve just about recovered or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. It was the first time in years that I’d finished the holiday season and feel stress free. I set out to make things simple and that’s what I did. I’ve become lame when it comes to the holidays and I’m okay with that. I know it’s probably lame to draw a parallel to a carefree Christmas without having any kids or real hang-ups, but that’s just how life is sometimes.

In the middle of all this time, I’ve managed to get a lot of nothing accomplished. I saw a slew of movies that I habitually enjoyed (Avatar is the only one that I can actually say that I loved), introduced myself to a new bedroom setting and, and endured a somewhat sad stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. I have no complaints though.

The last of my holiday enjoyment came over the weekend when I attended a party with a couple of close friends of mine. The party is something that they attend annually. It’s filled with a variety of traditions that you would only recognized if you were from the South; mostly having to do with the food being prepared and eaten. In the South we have a traditional spread of things to be eaten on New Year’s Day. There are two traditional dishes (black-eyed peas and collard greens) and one dish open to debate. The black-eyed peas represent good luck for the New Year and the collard greens represent the coming year’s financial gains. The open dish presents itself in the form of care, love, or compassion for others. I swear these silly customs or only things that someone from the South could only think of and actually get people to carry out on a year in year out basis.

The party was nothing short of awesome, but there was and always is a downside to everything. I know you’re asking what could possibly go wrong and I’m telling you it just wouldn’t be life without a little snack of mess. The infamous “Southern accent” reared its ugly head. I think I had you worried there for a minute. For about 10 years now I’ve been trying to disguise mine, but every so often when I’ve had one too many cocktails or around someone who speaks similar to vernacular it comes out. Frankly I don’t like it. I’ve always despised having a southern accent because to the negative stereotype others have of it, but for some reason this weekend I wanted so badly for it to shine and be on display for all to hear. Listening to the guest from Alabama and Georgia struck a chord of mine I guess. Listen folks I’m not rushing back to dragging words out and slurring sentences together again, but from time to time it would be nice to hear from others and maybe myself too.

So in my best accent (normal speech) I say to you… “How ya’ll doing!”

Next post: New semester of school.

Purple Jesus

The title speaks for itself, but if not here is the definition: The ultimate party juice! Fill a bathtub (preferably a clean one) with grape kool-aid, quartered citrus fruit, Everclear (or another high proof grain alcohol) and ice. Let it sit for a few hours then party on! The best part is eating the fruit towards the end of the party! Enjoy! courtesy of Urban Dictionary.

Although I may have had writer's block for the past month, the important thing I do to stay focused on my own writing is to get my thoughts organized and out there for people to read.

I'm sitting here in a new year with a new urge to blog and share my thoughts and stories with the people again. The year has had its ups and downs for me, but I've learned and notched a few new holes in my wisdom belt.

I must say that I will be taking the many stories from last year and hope to hear many others this year. No matter where you are in life a good story really goes a long. Takes you on an adventure for a brief moment. Whether it's a sad story about death of a family member or a refreshing story about drinking a purple concoction on the beach with some college friends letting your inhibitions go; it just doesn't get any better than that.

I'll get back to writing about some of my life stories as I see them develop in my life. Other stories will come to mind far after the fact. As I gain experience, I may change my methods and become more precise, but this year I'm going to stick to it.

365 days of pure entertainment.

Next post: Where did my southern accent go.
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