On Track

Summer...Gone. See you in a few months, Dude.
School...Started and kicking my ass.
Work...Dammit, still there.

Those are my three biggies and I've finally gotten them under wraps, hence the reason I'm here updating. I've lost my wit lately and haven't been able to get too much down on paper or this blog. Hopefully I find it soon because I've got a few papers coming up to write and I need to impress the masses. By masses I guess I mean my hand full of teachers with my clearer writing.

If you've seen my wit please tell him the get his ass back here. I need to get on track and he's complicating things.
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Mo said...

Is losing your wit and finding it again gonna be like when Stella got her groove back?

Kate Savage said...

I found him cold and hungry by the roadside, sent him home in your direction. Said you promised to feed and nurture him back to health. You'll get through it, put yer back into it!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey Ace! Just wanted to come by and say hi since it's been so long. Your posts don't have dates so I don't know how much I have missed but I think I remember the pics from AZ 2 posts ago.

Hope all is well!!!!