Conversations & Coffees

A lot can develop over a cup of coffee. Endless hours of procrastination, long hours of work, chitchat, sleepovers and business deals are all partial without coffee. I’m not championing a cause or anything; I just love good coffee (I don’t actually drink coffee. I tend to drink the less harsh beverages.) and good conversation.

I’ve come to realize that people are more open and forthcoming with information and feelings over a good cup of coffee. I guess you can say that coffee is the like a cold glass of your favorite micro-brew, just in the morning though and no embarrassing side effects or naked stories.

I’ve come to enjoy the morning debates over who got kicked off a reality show, why Paris Hilton was the hot topic on the favorite local news channel, and of course the crazy outfit that Karen (Everyone has one of these, though her name might not be Karen.) wore to work.

A chance to share thoughts with others, in mostly friendly banter, is something any of us hardly ever avoid. Since most of us are extroverts, conservative/liberals, and not unusual to have to raise the voice an octave or two, or invent vivid language, just to be able to make a point once in a while. To an observer these conversations might seem a bit loud, unruly, and filled with hoarse laughter, but to us it’s our way of avoiding the work. Maybe one can even say “throwing a little caution to the wind”. My only regret is that I won’t be able to hear the astute comments, opinions, and laughter all day.


Mike said...

Avoiding the work? I'm great at avoiding work.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Gotta love "Coffee Talk!"

And can I just tell you about the coffee in Hawaii...YUM!

~Sheila~ said...

Unfortunately, I can't drink coffee (too much caffeine) and it gives me the runs (not in the exercising way, either).
Coffee, sodas with caffeine and can do.
I will enjoy some nice conversation with you over a free glass of water with lemon as long as there is sugar on the side (and not those crappy sugar substitutes either)!