I'm working hard to catch up on all the blogs. It feels like I haven't been on this thing in years. I'm at the 2 week spot of reading blogs. With the sun out and school later today, I probably won't get caught up til this weekend sometime.

The first day of school went smoothly to say the least, sike. It was horrible. First off, I parked on the wrong side of the school and had to walk halfway across campus to get to my class. I think I sweated more walking to class than I do at the gym. The teacher turned out to be a huge math geek with a dry sense of humor. There is nothing worse than a bad joke, but someone laughing at their own bad joke really takes the cake. Not only was the math class equip with one smart-ass-question-asker, it came with a sidekick. I think they asked every stupid question possible that someone could ask. By the end of the class everyone was just giggling about all that they had to offer. I've never gotten a grasp of why people just don't wait til after class to ask some of the things that they ask. It would make life a tad bit more easier for them or at least save me a few good minutes of sanity.

After class I went to the book store, which was jammed packed with students. I thought I was going to be smart by waiting to get my books at the last minute. I was wrong, because everyone else had the same idea in mind as me. Guess all us school folk think the same way. Guess I really can't be mad at that part really. I just sucked it up and waiting in line with everyone else. Not that the day at school couldn't get any worse. The young lady behind the register says, "That'll be 175.85.". I know what you're thinking that's not that bad, but I assure you it is. That was for only one class. I still have to buy books for my other 3 class. I'm a little hesitant about finding out what the final total will be. At this rate I will have paid more for the books than what it cost me to actually attend the school.

I'm off to take a nap before school. Keep your scalps greased. I'll be back after school to post a little more.
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fiwa said...

Oh my gawd - I feel your pain. That's a lot of freaking money for one class.

As to those people who ask the stupid questions? They want everyone to know how smart they are! There's always at least one - sits at the front - asks questions they already know the answer to - just so they can hear themselves talk.

Hey, don't worry about trying to catch up on my blog. That's my easter present to you. Course, I've probably only posted once or twice in the last month anyway.

Glad you're back. When you coming up here??

~Sheila~ said...

That is a lot of money. You should see if your school has some kind of program that loans out books. One of my schools did that. It was awesome.

what classes are you taking again?

Life, Love And Lola said...

Dude...I'm here. I just am having a REALLY HARD time reading the grey on black in your posts. Do I need 3D glasses or something??? No One else seems to be having a problem... Not asking you to change your decor...Just wondering if it's just me???

Live.Love.Eat said...

Ouch. I remember those days long ago. Books have gotten more expensive though. Can you buy them from someone who has taken the class previously or on ebay?

kimmyk said...

oh i know the pain of paying for books. i had to pay over 400 dollars for my advanced anatomy and physiology books last semester. damn near fell over.

i hope your classes pick up...

Stereos and Souffles said...

I remember those days. What really sucks is when you buy all the "required" books only to find out the teacher decided not to use one. I started waiting to buy the secondary books until the teacher actually cracked it in class or assigned something using it.

Bettina said...

Jesus, that class sounds like my perfect nightmare. Maths, a geeky teacher who laughs at his own jokes, smart-arse question askers and stupid people? Can't get much worse than that.

And I definitely feel your pain on the books. The price of books used to drive me insane at uni too.

Ace C said...

I'm catching up whether you want me to or not. Lol.

Math 095, Physical Science 101, Human Genetics and Heatlth 101.

I'm not sure about that.