Rock Bottom

As I feel my relaxed schedule coming to an end shortly because of school, I'm trying to keep the adventure here in Portland moving.

Yesterday I decided to use one of my two places to visit. I ended up at a place called Rock Bottom Brewery where the slogan is "Serious about our food, Crazy about our beer.". It's a pretty wide open space to knock a few back and just sit and relax. A place to be one with your beer and be around others who share the same enthusiasm. Upstairs is equipped with a row of pool tables, TVs and a couple of arcade games. Downstairs is the more formal area for dinning, being near the bar and on most nights a way to get a closer view/listen to the people who participate in "Open Mike Night".

I normally try to tune out the music. To be honest with you, most times it's pretty bad, but I give some of the people who get up there and sing their hearts out some credit. I know that I'd never be able to get off my hump and participate. It would help if I could even sing.I wanted to try a variety of beer while I was there so after scarfing down my chili I decided to order a sampler. The sampler is a convenient alternative to getting your feel of the beer products at a brewery.

In the world of microbrewed beers there are many defined styles. Wheat, Ale, Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA, Amber, Red, Porter, Stout, the list can go on and on. Each brewer, however, takes pride in putting their signature on the styles that they brew by using different malts, grains and hops.
If you are an avid brewpub visitor( like I'm not), than you’ll want to be sure that you will enjoy an entire pint of the beer you order (not that I have ever let a beer go to waste). Whenever I go to a new brewpub, which is pretty much not that often, I start by ordering a sampler. Ordering the sampler allows me to try several beers and helps me to decide what I will order a pint of.

All and all I got my moneys worth and was comfortably happy with my decision to visit. Mission accomplished.

This weekend will be filled with a little ice hockey and hopefully a little spontaneity. I got my fingers crossed says the man who has everything planned down to bathroom breaks. Hope your weekend is filled with life. Take it easy people.
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Wes said...

Often the samplers are really good deals. And since my beer/dollar ratio is very important to me I order them regularly.

Sometimes the waiters give a weird look when you order the same sampler platter 2 times in a row though...

Mike said...

The samplers are a good idea because it really sucks ordering a beer only to find out it sucks.

I love hockey, but only the only time I've played it was on the Playstation. I'm a Rangers fan.

kimmyk said...

i just watched a show on hunters and these people were shopping for a house in portland and holy smokes! talk about pricey. a house there like my house here was almost 300,000. ours was a little bit more than half that and more sq. footage. i was floored.

but still, you got cool pubs. guess that's a bonus, huh?

how long am i banned?

Life, Love And Lola said...

I've been there! Have you tied The Lucky Lab yet? As soon as I win the lottery I'm coming to visit. Or you could just buy me a ticket??? JK! LOL!

Live.Love.Eat said...

LOVE sampling beers, especially with a plate of wings next to me. This place looks cool.

Mo said...

Make sure you get your green beer or pint of Guiness today.

You gotta celebrate the Irish today. You just gotta!

ysfb said...

Sounds fun. I'd love to taste test all the beers to make sure they're up to par.

Gm From My Cheap Tech said...

I'm not in to drinking these days like I once was.

Been months since I had a beer or any alcohol for that matter.

Is that a sigh of age ???