I'm a little behind on posting and have a lot of things to share with all of you, but I'm just having a hard time getting in all gathered and transfer here.

I got a new computer on the way soon, so that should make posting a little bit easier. I thought I would leave you with a few pictures from my birthday. There are more to come.
I guess I should add a little update here too. I've been still exploring Portland, so there are post backed up on my explorations. I've been also putting a little extra time in in the gym because Summer will be here before you know. I plan on going on a few vacations in the sun and want to a least get a few looks my way. School starts next week too. I'll probably be updating the blog during my down time at school. Hope all is well in the blogoshpere. Take care and take it easy. I'm off to catch up on about 2 weeks of blogs.


kimmyk said...

Looks like you had a good time!
What's up with the belly shot??

Brad said...


These pictures are THE BEST.

I freakin love it. You are SO getting printed out, framed and put on my office wall.

fiwa said...

LOL! I totally forgot what I was gonna say once I read Brad's comment! Oh jebus.

Uh, hope you're having fun with Mo. That's all I got. I mean really, there's no following Brad.


Pam said...

Looks like fun!

You asked me what camera I use, it's a Canon Rebel XTI (an older model). I love it.

Mike said...

Yeah, what's with the belly shot pic?

ysfb said...

Ah summer. I've been trying to avoid going to the gym for so long. I always seem to let myself go during the fall & winter by going into hybernation and gettng fat. But now I must get fit again. Time to dust the membership card off again.

CrystalChick said...

Cool pictures!
I'm sure you'll have no trouble this summer getting some looks in your direction.
I've been bad about blogging for some time. If I'm not at my main page then I'm just doing little catch ups on Facebook.
I managed a post today. I'll catch up with everyone as soon as I can.

Happy day!!!

~Sheila~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Looks like you had a good time.
I know, It's getting harder and harder to blog when you have so much going on.

We're still here!

Mo said...

Dude, I am soooooo glad I was behind the camera versus being in front of it this night.

Tell your friends about your need to disrobe when the drinks are flowing.

Come on. They asked. You gotta. Don't make me out you. It won't be pretty.

Live.Love.Eat said...

So like the song says, tequila makes your clothes come off huh?! Hah, looks like good times.

Ace C said...

@ Everyone
That usually what happens when I start drinking. Clothes slowly start to come off. The picture was intermission.