I'm sitting here a little angry this morning because I had to be up early to register for my classes online. The funny thing about the whole process is that I'm a new student to this school and have first dibs for picking my class schedule. What's even funnier is that I still ended up on the wait list for two of the classes that I needed.

I'm pretty sure I was competing with someones mom scheduling classes for them. Damn I miss those days when I could roll over and have someone else do it for me. I'm not too worried. Usually it's no big deal, I always somehow make it into the classes.

I can here that Jack Johnson song playing in the background as I create this post.

It's been slow around here in my neck of the woods. Looks like I'll be saving my two adventures for the weekend again. I have a couple of places in mind to hit up this week as well as a hike/run through one of the local parks here. Hopefully the weather doesn't rain on my parade, but we all know this is Portland and studies have shown that it rains on an average of 222 days out a year here. I really need to log in some outdoor time to get some fresh air into my system. It feels like I've been commuting from the computer to couch to the kitchen, no stops in between.

So yesterday I decided to splurge a little and by a little I mean a lot. Well not that much, but more that what I should have spent or wanted to spend with my tight budget. I ended up picking up the two items in the photos.

The first being an 16 GB iPod Touch. My old iPod was operating on it's last leg and only played select songs (usually songs that I normally don't really want to hear on a daily basest). Most of my time with it was spent yelling, dropping, kicking and banging it against things. I'm sure a couple of times in the gym someone wanted to call security on me, but those days are over. I mean, this thing does everything or at least compared to my old one, it does just enough to put a smile on my face.

The second thing I purchased was a Tom Tom Global Positioning System (GPS). It has already helped me out big time. I'm so tired of getting lost and making loops around Portland in the wrong/same direction. How else am I going to get my two places in a week if I can't get to them in a timely manner. My "internal man directions" can only get me so far. And so far it's gotten me nowhere.

Is anyone else having a problem posting pictures on here?
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~Sheila~ said...

I dont have an Ipod but I have 2 smartphones.

one is mine...a G1 with internet access and the other is my work PDA...a Sprint Touch Pro also with internet access.

I haven't had any problems uploading photos.

Are you taking classes for a PT program?

kimmyk said...

whatcha takin classes for?
222 days a year huh? didn't realize that. soggy city.

you should get out there before it rains...

I don't have an iPod but my kids both have touches and they dont go anywhere without them. Glued to their ears.

Sahar said...

wait, how do you have first dibs if you're a new student...isn't that backwards?

lol, it's good to see you can splurge...last time I splurged (food) I spent about $9 and was mad at myself afterwards, lol.

Summer said...

You should splurge on yourself every once in a while. You're way worth it!

Ace C said...

@ Sheila
I'm taking classes for a Communications degree. I wanted to go into anything that had to do with Speech. I have since changed my mind. Thinking of PT.

@ KimmyK
I'm taking some Math class and 2 Science classes, one with a lab. I think Physical Science and Human Genetics.

@ Shahar
I'm not sure how it all works, but I do know new students pic classes first. I guess they figure they have everyone else already.

Mo said...

You went big time. Your iPod looks way nicer than my dinosaur, the mambo classic. But hey it is still working so I am not complaining.

What are you calling the tom-tom? You know in this family we name our things so spill it!

I should stay over next time I am in town and we hit up the falls for a hike. They are super close to where you are.

Ace C said...

@ Mo
I'm not sure what here name. I forgot. I think its like Connie or something.