I Want Beer!

It was easy finding my two places to venture to this week. Though I have to admit the first one I've been to before.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to get a couple of beers into my system and that's totally what I did. The first place on the Saturday stop was Henry's 12th Street Tavern.

"A new brew landmark...beer is a big part of Henry's draw in the form of 100 well-chosen draft beers. The selections runs from Bud to Belgians and includes a couple dozen excellent imports and almost 60 craft brews from around the country. They obviously care that beer is served at its peak ¾ a glycol-cooled system sees to that."

Although I have yet to try any of the food there yet because I'm either knocking a few back or knocking a few back while playing pool. From the looks of it, it would be worthy. The place is a mix between a pub and a moderately fine dining experience. The is no real
"pub grub" there, but from the looks of the appetizers it wouldn't be a total let down.

After kicking ass in pool, we decided to travel a little down the road (The good thing about Portland is the ease of walking from place to place with little to no travel time.) to a place called Blitz. The name itself should give away what kind of place it really is. I think during the football season the place gets really packed. Today not so much. It's a straightforward and simple sports bar with little to no ambience - it looks like an oddly unlived-in frat house. Prices are low, there are plenty of games both on screen, and for play (shuffleboard, air hockey, pool, darts, anyone?), and the service was nothing short of amazing. I wanted to tell the waitress to go away because she was too on top of her game. A nice change. Probably wouldn't spend the entire night here, but it's a great place to start or finish.

All in all I would say that it was a good afternoon/evening. A lot of stress out the door. I can honestly say that I'm starting to get the hang of things around here in Portland. Though I'm no expert yet, I'm out of the beginner's stage. Look out "pros", I'm on my way for you.
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kimmyk said...

love the pics!
looks like a you had a good time. both places look really cool.

for some reason, i love bar food. or pub grub as you call it. LOL!

Mike said...

I don't like to eat while I'm drinking either. There have been times at the end of a drunken night where I eat like a maniac before I go to sleep.

~Sheila~ said...

Enjoy your night out! When you get to be my age...well, let's not go there...

I USED to love going out to bars and playing pool and shuffle board and darts.
I was the SH!T and I was/am a major trash talker so YEAH......BRANG IT!

Glad you are getting adjusted to your new area!

I'm a Physical Therapist Assistant and it was the best career decision ever made by me. Life is soo much sweeter. Whatever you decide...don't make it work...have a good time...I do.

Ace C said...

@ KimmyK
It definitely has bar food. The onion ring tower looks very promising. I'll have to try the food out one of these days and let you know.

@ Mike
It's just one of those things. I just never have time to eat while I'm there.

@ Sheila
I'm a crap talker too. Can't seem to shut my mouth as long as I am winning.

Bettina said...

Good to hear you're getting into the swing of things. It always takes a little while to settle in after you moved.

Mo said...

Leave it to you to find a place called Blitz.

Stereos & Souffles said...

Glad to hear you are ejoying Portland! I thought about you when I read on MSN.com that Portland was the #1 unhappiest city, but then Vegas was #7. Life Love & Lola and I decided that you would never let those silly lists get to you!!

Ace C said...

@ Bettina
It takes me sometime but once I get going there is no stopping me.

@ S&S
I wouldn't let that ruin my time anywhere. Lol. It is funny to hear. Everyone seems the opposite here. I think they should redo that and make it more specific.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Those look like very cool places. Good to hear you're finding your place there!

Ace C said...

IT took me some time, but I'm rolling now.