10 Questions To Ask Your Guy About His Past

I ran across a very interesting article on yahoo today and thought that I would address/share it. The article was a list of suggested questions that women should ask a guy. I'm not saying that any of this 10 questions are wrong or that they don't have a purpose. I do feel that when you delve into questioning like this you better hold onto your panties because you might not get the answers that you were hoping for.

Alas the 10 questions:

1. What were you like as a child? (Seriously, what kind of question is this. Rarely are people the same as they were as kids. I.E. My buddy and his current girlfriend. There were certain things that I did as a kid that I wouldn't dare do as in adult. Such as push a girl down, pull her hair, spill my milk on her on purpose. I don't have an inner "Chris Brown" nowhere in my body.)

2. What's your happiest memory of growing up? (It could range from many things, such as a certain Chritmas, birthday or the first time I had sex. And still if I gave you a straight answer it would help out your cause of getting to know me better.)

3. What's the biggest lie you ever told—did you get busted? (What fool in their right mind would answer this?)

4. How many sexual partners have you had? (This question is garaunteed to start a fight. If he answers and you don't like it, remember that since you're the one that asked get the pillow and head for the couch to sleep for the night.)

5. What's the riskiest thing you've done in life? Sexually? (Ladies this is an awesome question, but the chance of you getting a real answer is slim to none. I'm 90% sure you're going to get a lie or an exaggerated story.)

6. Why did you and your last partner split? (Why would you want to know about the last lady. As long as it wasn't a dude, be lucky that it's over and you got your chance. You're only getting a one-sided story.)

7. What disappointed you about your last girlfriend and led you to want to break up? (Good question.

8. Are you still friends? (Seriously? No matter how I answer this I'm a bad guy. If I say no, you'll pry and ask why. If I say yes there is a chance that you're going to get jealous and not let us be friends.)

9. Who are your best friends in life? Why? (This is probably the only question the list that will help in your quest to get closer. The boys are your key to salvation.)

10. What's the most unusual place you've had sex? (It's not where you're thinking it was.)

I'm all for getting to know the person you are falling in love with, but somethings are better left unsaid. I could definitely conjure up some better questions the the 10 above. Dredging up the past?! I'll pass. There is a reason why it's past tense. Let's keep it that way.

Some Friday funny. Here is what those questions will feel like once you get the answers. Enjoy.

Where I A.M.

I finally caught up on reading blogs and I’m exhausted as hell though. I’ve been reading them all day. 6 weeks worth of blogs can take a lot out of a man or at least put me to sleep. Hopefully I made a stop by everyone’s blog to spread a little love to you all. I’m sitting up really late watching “Bowfinger” and listening to some iTunes in the background, snacking on some donut sticks and Coke Zero.

Things here have been flowing very well. I’m still doing apt hunting. I can’t wait to finally be out on my own, but for now I’m happy with the situation. I’m looking to get into a studio apt downtown by the end of the next month. I’ve been exploring Portland one day at a time. It seems to keep growing on me. I’ve been trying to at least discover 2 places a week. I’m looking to find a couple of spots to call my own. The place is sorta like Seattle to me. It’s wet and has an organic mix of people and environments.
Things have really been moving on the up and up for me here. I think I just needed a little kick in the ass. There have been a few key moments in the last month that I thought I would share with you guys.

*I’ve turned another year older. Partying with the old peeps felt just like the old days. “Shots of Patron for everyone!” “All the Single Ladies!”
*Enrolled in school and a work study program here in WA.
*Visited WA and my old workplace. It felt like home.
*Went on a skiing trip. (Too bad the camera wasn’t charged at all to get some action shots.)

I think there is more stuff to talk about, but I can’t remember anything at this time of the morning.

Take it easy folks and let the goodness flow. There is enough negativity out there for a lifetime. Add something positive to the world
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I've been tagged by YSFB. I'm also a little too lazy to tag 7 other people. List 7 things about you.

  1. I love ketchup. (The more the merrier.)
  2. I used to want to be in Michael Jackson videos. ("Remember the Time")
  3. I watch way too much reality TV.
  4. I like watching "chic flicks" with Mo. (You owe me one.)
  5. I'm obsessed with socks. (I would shower in them if it were possible.)
  6. I work out so hard so that I can look good naked. (That's really the only reason I do it.)
  7. I only have to shave once every 2 weeks. (The hair just doesn't grow.)

Las Vegas Going Away

I guess I'll be playing catch up on my blog and all the other blogs that I read.

Below are some of the pictures from my going away gathering before leaving Vegas. All I will say is that I can't believe I got on the road the next day and drove 15 hours straight on just Coke Zero and Skittles.

You can easily tell as the pictures go from smiles to a drunken sleep on the table. I think everyone had a blast at my expense. It was better leaving than staying there for me. I'll always have Vegas even though I couldn't really cut it.

Next up are pictures from the birthday and an actual up date on how things have turned full circle since I have been here in Portland.

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I Took a Month

I know, I know. It's been a month since I've visited. The Internet is finally working around here and I'm finally off and running here in Portland. I've got plenty of post, pictures, stories and updates.

They'll be tons of them. Hope the blogosphere is doing alright.
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