Would You Mind?

A little treat arrived today in the form of a dream. This little dream had me getting down and dirty with some of your(my) favorite celebrities. It started off with Bea Arthur and I in a pool of cherry Jell-O. Not really. Just thought I would throw that in there to wake you up.

There was her and her and her and even her in the dream. It's all a little bit jumbled right now. I can't really make out who was doing what, but I do know that everyone was all having a good time. The only thing I remember was walking up sweaty and disillusioned about the whole fiasco.

The only thing I remember was that I was putting a new spin on my bedroom antics. All of sudden I hear my named being screamed/belted from the other room. It turns out it was my soon-to-be-wife Katherine Heigl.

"You're supposed to be at the chapel, dammit!"

"This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life and I have to come and drag your black ass out of bed."

"You better be dying!"

She comes bursting through the door like some kind of action here and there is her and her and her and her frozen as if someone just said, "Say Cheese!". I looked around for a camera man, hopefully having a reason to justify what I was doing. Only there wasn't one, so I did the next best thing anyone in my situation would have done...I panicked and went for the window and here I am now typing this story on the computer.

And before you go judging me, I just want you to think about the current situations in the world. Hey, it’s a crap economy, people are at war, gas prices have finally starting to settle. This stuff is free.

Feel a little better about your fantasies? Everyone wants to use something new out of the spice rack every once in a while…makes something old completely new and interesting again. Give it a shot or at least have one hell of a dreamlike I did. Thanks again ladies. Hopefully I see them tomorrow. I wonder is Sandra Bulluck is available?

Two points if you can tell who sings that title of the blog. It all connects.

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kimmyk said...

if only our dreams came true...that would be super cool!

Paolo said...

dude, none of your hyper links worked so I'm assuming that her, her and her are the other golden girls!? You a Nasty man Ace! NASTY!(just kidding about the links!) LOL:)

Mike said...

You mean that redhead Tori Amos or something?

Kate Savage said...

Funny, any dream with Sandra Bullock and her whiny voice sounds more like a nightmare to me. That said, she'd probably do a lot less talking in YOUR dream than MINE.

Um, have sweet ones.

Live.Love.Eat said...

wow, I dig that the women you linked to are not so mainstream. Like, Angelina Jolie would have been too obvious. They're all cute. Not a bad dream. Hah, something new out of the spice rack. Love it when you talk culinary!