Gym Rant #5

It's that time of year when everyone has decided that they're going to put forth the effort to lose weight or better there health. Too bad it will probably only last a few weeks. For the time being I'll just have to gut it out when I"m at the gym.

I think because I have a workout class at the gym early on Monday I didn't get to see the "New Year" crowd. Today was like one train wreck after another. I couldn't go here or there. I think I bumped into more people than I did workout. Though it might seem as though I'm complaining, I'm happy for all the people who have found inspiration to get off their rump and make a change for the better. I just need them to move a little to the left when I walk by.

In other news the movers are coming by tomorrow to give me an estimate on how much it's going to cost me to move back up North. I got most of everything packed for the most part. Just a little things that I need for right now. I'm officially within 2 weeks of the move. I'm just as pumped to move back as I was to move here. I'm just hoping that I'm not cutting my loses too soon by moving back. The last thing I want is to regret something or miss out on a great opportunity. You only get so many chances.


Mike said...

Movers are super expensive, aren't they? The last time I had to move far away, I just packed up all the stuff I could carry and got on a train.

Bettina said...

Oh, it's exactely the same at my gym! I find it really annoying- I think they should just open up a little extra room for all the people who only come in January and February, so all the rest of us can continue to work out as before...

Where are you moving to?

kimmyk said...

do you know where your going in portland? have you ever lived in portland? do you have a plan ace?

just checkin'.

i wish i were moving to the pnw. i'm totally green with envy...just so you know.

Cin said...

I always hated moving. I never had "movers" to help me. Well, professional ones anyway. It was usually family members. LOL!

I hope your move goes without a hitch! Hopefully you will have wonderful opportunities in your new place.

Ace C said...

I'm not sure what area I'm moving to exactly. I've never actually lived there, but have visited quite often over the last few years. I have a plan. I just need to take action.