On Track

Summer...Gone. See you in a few months, Dude.
School...Started and kicking my ass.
Work...Dammit, still there.

Those are my three biggies and I've finally gotten them under wraps, hence the reason I'm here updating. I've lost my wit lately and haven't been able to get too much down on paper or this blog. Hopefully I find it soon because I've got a few papers coming up to write and I need to impress the masses. By masses I guess I mean my hand full of teachers with my clearer writing.

If you've seen my wit please tell him the get his ass back here. I need to get on track and he's complicating things.
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Summer's Gone

It's the end of my Summer finally. Time to get back to work and school full time. Summer is a season that I sometimes wish was longer. The warmth, extra daylight, vacations, barbecues and friends & family are just a few perks that I relish about summer. However, as the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end," and I, along with many others, feel the summer blues.

To keep a little summer in my life I have downloaded the memories from the camera and put on display. For those days when I need a burst of summer I bought some air fresheners. When I need a summer fix I'll be taking a whiff of a tropical scent to get my head back in the game. I've also got a "staycation" planned next month. Just to keep a sense of freedom similar to that felt during summer.

I also switch the closet around so that it fits the upcoming season. I took some things over to the thrift store too. Feels good to get rid of some of the crap I haven't seen all year.

The end of Summer also marks a time to get my head screwed on straight. I've been feeling like I'm all over the place these past few months. I think I've finally come up with a good system that will work and keep me motivated.

Hopefully everyone has a plan of attack now that summer is over. If not I'll try and keep you motivated through the craziness that consumes my life.
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Pics from AZ

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I'm putting these up a little late. Haven't been able to get to the blog like I would like to, but I starting to get better at it. Hopefully I will be posting a little more frequently than I have in the past. Enjoy.
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New Jawn

Monday brings on a lot of things. Some good and some bad, but it is filled with the joys of starting off on a “good foot”. Luckily I have a short week ahead of me. I’ll only be working today and tomorrow. I have a jammed packed week of traveling ahead of me this week.

I foresee lots of beer, food and relaxing in my near future. I decided to go ahead with the Arizona trip. It will be a nice turn of events for me. The weathers been difficult here, so some sun could do me some good. I feel a tan coming on or at least my first summer coat of blackness arriving.

I’ve still been spending my weekend exploring Portland and all that it has to offer. I’ve been forgetting the camera.

In other news, I got to see a really hilarious movie this weekend called The Hangover. The movie is about a guy named Doug and his three friends. They drive to Las Vegas for a blow-out bachelor party they'll never forget. But, in fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can't remember a thing. The movie unfolds as they start to find clues. The movie was funny from beginning to end. That’s just my opinion though. I urge you to see and tell me I’m wrong. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. I guess because my expectations were so low, it was so good. They even managed to make Mike Tyson funny, which I thought would be impossible.

Hope all is rolling with the rest of you.
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I Want to Tan

The week seems to be flying by at a rapid rate. I’m not complaining about this at all. I actually really enjoy weeks when they are like this.

I’m finally getting back to my regular routine of life. It’s taken me a little longer than usual, but I’m there and I’m feeling good about the direction that my life is taking. If I could complain I would, but I can’t and won’t.

I’m knocking out the workouts at the gym because the summer is on its way and I want to be shirtless for as much of it as possible. I also just found out that my trip to Arizona has to be canceled because I have finals that week and just can’t skip it. As bad as I want to go, I want to pass my classes even more. There is always next year. I’m thinking of taking a solo trip alone and just relaxing and discovering what it’s like to just be a nomad. Traveling at own pace, beating to my own drum and relaxing in a pool with some beers and shots of tequila just sounds right.

It’s times like these when I get a little jealous of that white people can tan and I can’t. Lying in the sun does nothing for my skin, but dries it out. I want to get all oiled up and lay out while people run past me. I want to ask some stranger can you rub some lotion my back. Is that too much to ask? I haven’t really decided on what I’m going to do. I’m thinking this will happen before summer quarter begins. I think I have a week gap in there somewhere. At the least I’m buying a lawn chair, getting some sun tan lotion and laying in the shade.
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Weekend Romper

Its days like this that I hate the most. I we are always supposed to be happy for a holiday, but the next day after really sucks ass in a major way.

I find it hard to get myself out of holiday mode. My body just wanted to keep rolling on through the process. I will say that I really enjoyed the time off. I kind of let myself go. I ate and drank everything in my path. I've done no calorie counting, no protein intake watching, and no nothing, just pure and utter chaos. I’ll make myself pay for it in the coming weeks in the gym.

It was really quiet around the home front. I attended a few low-key BBq’s and mustered up enough energy to finish a term paper. I’m almost finished migrating to the new computer, but I still have a few things left.

I’m dying for school to be over this semester so that the summer can begin. I have a jammed packed summer this year. I am getting jittery for it. I have 3 trips this summer. Arizona. Kentucky. Louisiana and the occasional trips to Seattle (Brad and Carrie I’ll see you on the 15th of next month.). Hopefully I’ll be able to add to the list. I just want to want to spend the least amount of time cooped up in a house. Hopefully I get all this accomplished.
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Conversations & Coffees

A lot can develop over a cup of coffee. Endless hours of procrastination, long hours of work, chitchat, sleepovers and business deals are all partial without coffee. I’m not championing a cause or anything; I just love good coffee (I don’t actually drink coffee. I tend to drink the less harsh beverages.) and good conversation.

I’ve come to realize that people are more open and forthcoming with information and feelings over a good cup of coffee. I guess you can say that coffee is the like a cold glass of your favorite micro-brew, just in the morning though and no embarrassing side effects or naked stories.

I’ve come to enjoy the morning debates over who got kicked off a reality show, why Paris Hilton was the hot topic on the favorite local news channel, and of course the crazy outfit that Karen (Everyone has one of these, though her name might not be Karen.) wore to work.

A chance to share thoughts with others, in mostly friendly banter, is something any of us hardly ever avoid. Since most of us are extroverts, conservative/liberals, and not unusual to have to raise the voice an octave or two, or invent vivid language, just to be able to make a point once in a while. To an observer these conversations might seem a bit loud, unruly, and filled with hoarse laughter, but to us it’s our way of avoiding the work. Maybe one can even say “throwing a little caution to the wind”. My only regret is that I won’t be able to hear the astute comments, opinions, and laughter all day.
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I’ve finally made it to 300 posts. I probably should have it that mark sometime ago, but haven’t really been able to make it to blog.

I seem to be moving in a whirlwind. It seems like I’m in the same little bubble doing the same things over and over again. I have set myself up for a pattern and can’t seem to get out of it. I’ve been working and kicking a little ass at school. School has also been kicking my ass too, but I think I’ll come out on top when it’s all said and done.

I’m still exploring all that is Portland. Hopefully by weeks end I’ll have some better post, pictures and a list of my latest travel. If you get tired of waiting, you can always keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope all is well in the blogosphere.
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When I Grow Up...I Want Recess Back!

I'm finally starting to knock a dent into your past blog post. I didn't think that I had gotten that far behind on reading others blogs, but I guess I have. I think I've missed everything except the birth of someone's child.

So as school starts to take off, I can't help but feel like the year that I've taken off has damaged me more than I thought. I can't seem to ever catch up and do what I'm exactly supposed to do. Even when I think I'm ahead of the curve, I'm actually right where I'm supposed to be. I actually had to drop a class today because I think I bit off more than I can chew. I only have 3 classes to focus on now. I've pick up a part time job at a logistics company. I'll be pulling down 25 to 30 hours a week, which is plenty for me and my schedule. The only one missing out is the dog, but I'll make it up when I can with extra walks and treats.

As I was driving away from school, I passed the day care that sits at the entrance of the school. The kids were reveling in the Spring day playing what looked like soccer or maybe it was kickball. I'm not really sure, but the look on their face said everything. You could still see the innocence and joy of just being a kid. You could see no worries about bills, work, school, or relationships. The spirit of being a kid was all around them like bees to honey.

I can remember those days like it was yesterday. I remember running for hours straight, playing hide and seek, football in the middle of the streets and letting the Popsicle drip down my hands because I new Mom would wipe me my hands off with a warm towel. She would always say, "Now go back and play.", in that voice that only a mother could use.

As I sat waiting for the light to change reality set back in and I could only wonder who had inherited my innocence. I hope that they were putting it to good use. I hope that they didn't let it distract them from the fire ants like I did pretending to BBQ in the old cast-iron pit out back. Innocence can do a lot of things, but it can't tell the fire ants that you didn't know they lived there and that you were sorry for disturbing them. If only I knew while I was disrobing my clothes and running towards the house that those days can only last for so long, I would have stood there a little longer absorbing those bites. Once it's gone it's gone folks.

So I'll end this by saying no matter what's "eating/biting" you, let it, but try not to let it consume your life.
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I'm working hard to catch up on all the blogs. It feels like I haven't been on this thing in years. I'm at the 2 week spot of reading blogs. With the sun out and school later today, I probably won't get caught up til this weekend sometime.

The first day of school went smoothly to say the least, sike. It was horrible. First off, I parked on the wrong side of the school and had to walk halfway across campus to get to my class. I think I sweated more walking to class than I do at the gym. The teacher turned out to be a huge math geek with a dry sense of humor. There is nothing worse than a bad joke, but someone laughing at their own bad joke really takes the cake. Not only was the math class equip with one smart-ass-question-asker, it came with a sidekick. I think they asked every stupid question possible that someone could ask. By the end of the class everyone was just giggling about all that they had to offer. I've never gotten a grasp of why people just don't wait til after class to ask some of the things that they ask. It would make life a tad bit more easier for them or at least save me a few good minutes of sanity.

After class I went to the book store, which was jammed packed with students. I thought I was going to be smart by waiting to get my books at the last minute. I was wrong, because everyone else had the same idea in mind as me. Guess all us school folk think the same way. Guess I really can't be mad at that part really. I just sucked it up and waiting in line with everyone else. Not that the day at school couldn't get any worse. The young lady behind the register says, "That'll be 175.85.". I know what you're thinking that's not that bad, but I assure you it is. That was for only one class. I still have to buy books for my other 3 class. I'm a little hesitant about finding out what the final total will be. At this rate I will have paid more for the books than what it cost me to actually attend the school.

I'm off to take a nap before school. Keep your scalps greased. I'll be back after school to post a little more.
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Yoga is 4 Girls

"Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one's being, from bodily health to self-realization. Yoga means union - the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and endows skill in the performance of one's actions." ~B.K.S. Iyengar, Astadala Yogamala

For years I've been telling myself that yoga is for girls and I've actually been believing it too. Since moving from Las Vegas I've been trying to get my mind back to it's normal stat, but couldn't seem to get there on my own. While talking to one of the trainers at the gym they suggested that I should try yoga to adjust my need to over workout at the gym. I reluctantly have been trying yoga and I have to say for the 1 hour of the day it works. I feel like it just me and my achy ass bones. We are one!

I've been going for a about 3 weeks strong now. It's a challenge every time for me. Some people in the classes look like they were born for yoga. I didn't think bodies were supposed to move like that at our ages, but theirs do and I'm a little jealous too. I try not to let my competitive side come out in the class, but I'm a man and that's what we do folks. I'll be damn if some 45 year old guy stretches his leg further than I do. I'll be damn if the pregnant lady to the side of me can stand on her head without support better than me. Yoga is a peaceful state of being for most people, not me. I'm just not there yet in my head, but I'm slowly getting there. One hip flex at a time.

At the end of class the yoga instructor asked a few pretty prominent question. She asks, "Are you living your life like you should or want to? Are you living your life like it's one continuous never ending life? If life never ended and you just came back as different forms of yourself, would you be happy with the footprints you're leaving behind?"

Just something to think about...
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Computer Transfer

The computer is finally here. It's taking me some time to get use to, but it better than my old dinosaurs that I've been using.

I'm in the middle of transferring all my data as we speak. If you listen closer you can here the old laptop churning lie a jet engine. The thing is loud. 7 years is a long time to hold on laptop.

Well the updates and pictures should start flowing in like water or at least once a day. School starts tomorrow...

Shortly after starting this post I had to return my laptop because the "k" button refused to work. So now I sit with a new laptop in hand trying to remember what I was going to write in this post...
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I'm a little behind on posting and have a lot of things to share with all of you, but I'm just having a hard time getting in all gathered and transfer here.

I got a new computer on the way soon, so that should make posting a little bit easier. I thought I would leave you with a few pictures from my birthday. There are more to come.
I guess I should add a little update here too. I've been still exploring Portland, so there are post backed up on my explorations. I've been also putting a little extra time in in the gym because Summer will be here before you know. I plan on going on a few vacations in the sun and want to a least get a few looks my way. School starts next week too. I'll probably be updating the blog during my down time at school. Hope all is well in the blogoshpere. Take care and take it easy. I'm off to catch up on about 2 weeks of blogs.
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Rock Bottom

As I feel my relaxed schedule coming to an end shortly because of school, I'm trying to keep the adventure here in Portland moving.

Yesterday I decided to use one of my two places to visit. I ended up at a place called Rock Bottom Brewery where the slogan is "Serious about our food, Crazy about our beer.". It's a pretty wide open space to knock a few back and just sit and relax. A place to be one with your beer and be around others who share the same enthusiasm. Upstairs is equipped with a row of pool tables, TVs and a couple of arcade games. Downstairs is the more formal area for dinning, being near the bar and on most nights a way to get a closer view/listen to the people who participate in "Open Mike Night".

I normally try to tune out the music. To be honest with you, most times it's pretty bad, but I give some of the people who get up there and sing their hearts out some credit. I know that I'd never be able to get off my hump and participate. It would help if I could even sing.I wanted to try a variety of beer while I was there so after scarfing down my chili I decided to order a sampler. The sampler is a convenient alternative to getting your feel of the beer products at a brewery.

In the world of microbrewed beers there are many defined styles. Wheat, Ale, Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA, Amber, Red, Porter, Stout, the list can go on and on. Each brewer, however, takes pride in putting their signature on the styles that they brew by using different malts, grains and hops.
If you are an avid brewpub visitor( like I'm not), than you’ll want to be sure that you will enjoy an entire pint of the beer you order (not that I have ever let a beer go to waste). Whenever I go to a new brewpub, which is pretty much not that often, I start by ordering a sampler. Ordering the sampler allows me to try several beers and helps me to decide what I will order a pint of.

All and all I got my moneys worth and was comfortably happy with my decision to visit. Mission accomplished.

This weekend will be filled with a little ice hockey and hopefully a little spontaneity. I got my fingers crossed says the man who has everything planned down to bathroom breaks. Hope your weekend is filled with life. Take it easy people.
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Memory Jog

Yesterday I was in the middle of a mid-day nap. Who knew that after all those years of protesting naps in school that I would be an avid partaker in this sleeping celebration. Dreaming of some of the weirdest stuff my phone starts to vibrate (Bzzzzzz). It seems to scare me every single time. You would think I'm use to it by now because my phone is always on vibrate.

I grab the phone struggling to read the text. After a couple of "eye bucks", I'm finally able to read the text. The text says:

Texter: Send me your email address I want to send you something.
Me: Huh?
Texter: I got something I want to show you. Send me your email address.
Me: Okay. *********@aol.com or try ********@gmail.com
Texter: Cool
Texter: I didn't work.
Me: Try it again.
Texter: Okay it went through this time I mispelled it. Lol. Hee hee. I'm so silly.
Me: Okay, After my nap I'll get up and check it.
Texter: Cool. Let me know how it feels to be famous. Let your friends in WA and OR know. Lol.

Later on that night I remember to check my email account. As soon as I opened the email I began to laugh my ass off. Without any explanation I knew what the joke was.

Let me know if you figure it out. I want to elaborate more on the story, but I want to see if any of you can pick up on the joke right away. No cheating either.


The answer to yesterday's question was... My Cousin Vinny.
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"Imagine you're a deer. You're prancing around. You get thirsty. You spot a little brook. You put your little deer lips down to the clear water - BAM! A fuckin' bullet rips off part of your head! Your brains are lying on the ground in little bloody pieces. Now I ask you, do you give a fuck what kind of pants the son-of-a-bitch who shot you was wearing?!"

The quote above is from one of my favorite movies. Do you know where it's from? I bet you don't without cheating and searching the Internet.

Well I've been having trouble coming up with blog post ideas but I found this site through blogger that helps you get ideas on things to blog about. The site is called Plinky. It just presents you with questions and from the questions that you answer it gives you something to think about. It usually ends with an idea for a post. Instantly this Q&A caught my eye.

What's your favorite movie quote? Favorite movie?

Do you? I'd really like to know what gets the rest of the world cracking up or emotional. As long as you don't put "Titantic" as your favorite movie I'll accept anything.

It's been awhile since I have done this, but everyone knows I'm into blog sharing and I have a few news for you guys to checkout. Spread a little love there way.

Here We Go... - Mother of 4 talking about the things that consume her life.
Life in Beverly Hills...Michigan - Very witty blog. The stories about her kid are pretty hilarious.
The Adventures of Jon and Steph - About a couple living in Germany.
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Tunes iLike

It's been sometime since I have done a post on what's new with me in the world of music. I guess you can thank the new iPod for it. I think I'm back in my R&B phase again.

Blame It - Jamie Foxx - Really catching. Easy to get stuck in your head.
I'm in Miami Bitch - LMFAO - This is my new workout jam. I think I was rapping it a little to loud in the gym the other day. Another eaasy on to get stuck in your head. You'll be walking around the house saying, "I'm in Miami Bitch!".
I Love College - Asher Roth - Not to sound repetitive. Another catchy song. Very slow laid back rap flow especially for a white guy.
Digital Girl - Jamie Foxx - I just like it.
It Ain't Me - T-Pain featuring Akon & T.I. - Newer to my selection, but I like the beat and it's good to workout too. Sometimes I feel this way when out at the club.
Candle (Sick and Tired) - The White Tie Affair - Not sure how to explain. you'll either like it or not.
Number One - Jamie Foxx - Another I just like becuase it's Jamie Foxx.
Pick it Up - Donnie Klang - Midtempo for the ladies. A song about picking up the pieces after you've been done wronged.
Rockin That Sh** - The Dream - The song of the hour for. I can't stop singing the hook.
Details in Fabric - Jason Mraz featuring James Morrison - Very mellow and cool. Puts you in a place.
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I Want Beer!

It was easy finding my two places to venture to this week. Though I have to admit the first one I've been to before.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to get a couple of beers into my system and that's totally what I did. The first place on the Saturday stop was Henry's 12th Street Tavern.

"A new brew landmark...beer is a big part of Henry's draw in the form of 100 well-chosen draft beers. The selections runs from Bud to Belgians and includes a couple dozen excellent imports and almost 60 craft brews from around the country. They obviously care that beer is served at its peak ¾ a glycol-cooled system sees to that."

Although I have yet to try any of the food there yet because I'm either knocking a few back or knocking a few back while playing pool. From the looks of it, it would be worthy. The place is a mix between a pub and a moderately fine dining experience. The is no real
"pub grub" there, but from the looks of the appetizers it wouldn't be a total let down.

After kicking ass in pool, we decided to travel a little down the road (The good thing about Portland is the ease of walking from place to place with little to no travel time.) to a place called Blitz. The name itself should give away what kind of place it really is. I think during the football season the place gets really packed. Today not so much. It's a straightforward and simple sports bar with little to no ambience - it looks like an oddly unlived-in frat house. Prices are low, there are plenty of games both on screen, and for play (shuffleboard, air hockey, pool, darts, anyone?), and the service was nothing short of amazing. I wanted to tell the waitress to go away because she was too on top of her game. A nice change. Probably wouldn't spend the entire night here, but it's a great place to start or finish.

All in all I would say that it was a good afternoon/evening. A lot of stress out the door. I can honestly say that I'm starting to get the hang of things around here in Portland. Though I'm no expert yet, I'm out of the beginner's stage. Look out "pros", I'm on my way for you.
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I'm sitting here a little angry this morning because I had to be up early to register for my classes online. The funny thing about the whole process is that I'm a new student to this school and have first dibs for picking my class schedule. What's even funnier is that I still ended up on the wait list for two of the classes that I needed.

I'm pretty sure I was competing with someones mom scheduling classes for them. Damn I miss those days when I could roll over and have someone else do it for me. I'm not too worried. Usually it's no big deal, I always somehow make it into the classes.

I can here that Jack Johnson song playing in the background as I create this post.

It's been slow around here in my neck of the woods. Looks like I'll be saving my two adventures for the weekend again. I have a couple of places in mind to hit up this week as well as a hike/run through one of the local parks here. Hopefully the weather doesn't rain on my parade, but we all know this is Portland and studies have shown that it rains on an average of 222 days out a year here. I really need to log in some outdoor time to get some fresh air into my system. It feels like I've been commuting from the computer to couch to the kitchen, no stops in between.

So yesterday I decided to splurge a little and by a little I mean a lot. Well not that much, but more that what I should have spent or wanted to spend with my tight budget. I ended up picking up the two items in the photos.

The first being an 16 GB iPod Touch. My old iPod was operating on it's last leg and only played select songs (usually songs that I normally don't really want to hear on a daily basest). Most of my time with it was spent yelling, dropping, kicking and banging it against things. I'm sure a couple of times in the gym someone wanted to call security on me, but those days are over. I mean, this thing does everything or at least compared to my old one, it does just enough to put a smile on my face.

The second thing I purchased was a Tom Tom Global Positioning System (GPS). It has already helped me out big time. I'm so tired of getting lost and making loops around Portland in the wrong/same direction. How else am I going to get my two places in a week if I can't get to them in a timely manner. My "internal man directions" can only get me so far. And so far it's gotten me nowhere.

Is anyone else having a problem posting pictures on here?
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Weekend Update

To tell you the truth it's been really slow around these parts for me, but that wasn't going to stop me from my weekly adventures around Portland.

I have officially made it clear to myself that I will carry my camera everywhere I go from now on. I'm never really sure where my car rides will take me, but I do know that I will be prepared to chronicle everything that happens. If I should slip up and not bring it with me you are free to throw stones at me (Hopefully when you do throw them, you have a lot of running room).

I saved my travels until the weekend this week. Friday I made my way to Montage, a restuarant, which is located in the heart of the Central Eastside Industrial district in what was once the Royal Hotel, but is now the home one of Portland's quirkiest restaurants.

While dining on linen-covered (paper) tables, you can enjoy a wide variety of meals, and at the end get your food wrapped in their signature foil masterpieces.

Though I didn't actually eat there. I decided to throw in something about them. The wait was entirely too long. It seemed like more people where waiting than eating. I think that's one of my gripes about restaurants in Portland, they all seem a tad bit too small. With that said this is still one of my favorites places to eat.

I ended up dining at Le Bouchon for an authentic French dining experience. I'm not one to venture out of my eating comfort zone, but I decided to give this place a try. After pouting for about 15 minutes for my dislike for the place the food appeared in front of me. I spent the night biting the bullet because the food was perfectly cooked. I have to say that the pork chop wrapped with bacon, mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes were the best I've eaten in some time. The only terrible thing that happened was me spilling water all over the table. Go figure, huh?

Sunday was spent watching a movie, hitting the bookstore and ending at a Thai place called Thai Peacock. Thai Peacock is just around the corner from Powell's, so it is a nice spot to go by yourself after you have bought a good book to read. I don't know if this is the best Thai in Portland, but for my first experince with Thai food it will do.
"Simple, decent, hole in the wall Thai food."

That's my travels in a weekend for you.
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10 Questions To Ask Your Guy About His Past

I ran across a very interesting article on yahoo today and thought that I would address/share it. The article was a list of suggested questions that women should ask a guy. I'm not saying that any of this 10 questions are wrong or that they don't have a purpose. I do feel that when you delve into questioning like this you better hold onto your panties because you might not get the answers that you were hoping for.

Alas the 10 questions:

1. What were you like as a child? (Seriously, what kind of question is this. Rarely are people the same as they were as kids. I.E. My buddy and his current girlfriend. There were certain things that I did as a kid that I wouldn't dare do as in adult. Such as push a girl down, pull her hair, spill my milk on her on purpose. I don't have an inner "Chris Brown" nowhere in my body.)

2. What's your happiest memory of growing up? (It could range from many things, such as a certain Chritmas, birthday or the first time I had sex. And still if I gave you a straight answer it would help out your cause of getting to know me better.)

3. What's the biggest lie you ever told—did you get busted? (What fool in their right mind would answer this?)

4. How many sexual partners have you had? (This question is garaunteed to start a fight. If he answers and you don't like it, remember that since you're the one that asked get the pillow and head for the couch to sleep for the night.)

5. What's the riskiest thing you've done in life? Sexually? (Ladies this is an awesome question, but the chance of you getting a real answer is slim to none. I'm 90% sure you're going to get a lie or an exaggerated story.)

6. Why did you and your last partner split? (Why would you want to know about the last lady. As long as it wasn't a dude, be lucky that it's over and you got your chance. You're only getting a one-sided story.)

7. What disappointed you about your last girlfriend and led you to want to break up? (Good question.

8. Are you still friends? (Seriously? No matter how I answer this I'm a bad guy. If I say no, you'll pry and ask why. If I say yes there is a chance that you're going to get jealous and not let us be friends.)

9. Who are your best friends in life? Why? (This is probably the only question the list that will help in your quest to get closer. The boys are your key to salvation.)

10. What's the most unusual place you've had sex? (It's not where you're thinking it was.)

I'm all for getting to know the person you are falling in love with, but somethings are better left unsaid. I could definitely conjure up some better questions the the 10 above. Dredging up the past?! I'll pass. There is a reason why it's past tense. Let's keep it that way.

Some Friday funny. Here is what those questions will feel like once you get the answers. Enjoy.

Where I A.M.

I finally caught up on reading blogs and I’m exhausted as hell though. I’ve been reading them all day. 6 weeks worth of blogs can take a lot out of a man or at least put me to sleep. Hopefully I made a stop by everyone’s blog to spread a little love to you all. I’m sitting up really late watching “Bowfinger” and listening to some iTunes in the background, snacking on some donut sticks and Coke Zero.

Things here have been flowing very well. I’m still doing apt hunting. I can’t wait to finally be out on my own, but for now I’m happy with the situation. I’m looking to get into a studio apt downtown by the end of the next month. I’ve been exploring Portland one day at a time. It seems to keep growing on me. I’ve been trying to at least discover 2 places a week. I’m looking to find a couple of spots to call my own. The place is sorta like Seattle to me. It’s wet and has an organic mix of people and environments.
Things have really been moving on the up and up for me here. I think I just needed a little kick in the ass. There have been a few key moments in the last month that I thought I would share with you guys.

*I’ve turned another year older. Partying with the old peeps felt just like the old days. “Shots of Patron for everyone!” “All the Single Ladies!”
*Enrolled in school and a work study program here in WA.
*Visited WA and my old workplace. It felt like home.
*Went on a skiing trip. (Too bad the camera wasn’t charged at all to get some action shots.)

I think there is more stuff to talk about, but I can’t remember anything at this time of the morning.

Take it easy folks and let the goodness flow. There is enough negativity out there for a lifetime. Add something positive to the world
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I've been tagged by YSFB. I'm also a little too lazy to tag 7 other people. List 7 things about you.

  1. I love ketchup. (The more the merrier.)
  2. I used to want to be in Michael Jackson videos. ("Remember the Time")
  3. I watch way too much reality TV.
  4. I like watching "chic flicks" with Mo. (You owe me one.)
  5. I'm obsessed with socks. (I would shower in them if it were possible.)
  6. I work out so hard so that I can look good naked. (That's really the only reason I do it.)
  7. I only have to shave once every 2 weeks. (The hair just doesn't grow.)

Las Vegas Going Away

I guess I'll be playing catch up on my blog and all the other blogs that I read.

Below are some of the pictures from my going away gathering before leaving Vegas. All I will say is that I can't believe I got on the road the next day and drove 15 hours straight on just Coke Zero and Skittles.

You can easily tell as the pictures go from smiles to a drunken sleep on the table. I think everyone had a blast at my expense. It was better leaving than staying there for me. I'll always have Vegas even though I couldn't really cut it.

Next up are pictures from the birthday and an actual up date on how things have turned full circle since I have been here in Portland.

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I Took a Month

I know, I know. It's been a month since I've visited. The Internet is finally working around here and I'm finally off and running here in Portland. I've got plenty of post, pictures, stories and updates.

They'll be tons of them. Hope the blogosphere is doing alright.
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In 1 Piece

My internet access is limited here to almost nothing. I'm updating from my mobile phone.

I'm finally starting to get settle here in Portland. we got some snow last, which is a big change of pace from the Las Vegas weather. It's nice to finally be back up North.

It's been pretty eventless around here though. I finally got out and experienced a little bit of the city last night. I hit up a Trailblazer game and somehow managed to win a few tickets to another sporting event next month.

Besides the welcoming party today, it's going to be quiet around here for a little. I'll try to update again, but the stories are racking up as I speak.

Leaving Tonight

Adios Las Vegas!
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Friday Funny

It's quiet around here today. Just finished cutting the last of my ties here. Tonight I'm going out to have a good time. I guess you can say that I'm going to have my last hoo-rah as a resident of Las Vegas. Hopefully I'm able to function tomorrow.

Here is some Friday Funny. Watch it til the end.

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Are You?

Are you happy where you are in life right now? Is it where you thought it would be?

Think back to when you were a kid and had a plan for where you thought your life would go. Things like what you wanted to be when you grew up. Who you would marry. How many kids you were going to have. Where you would live for the rest of your life. How tall you would be. Other random things come to mind, but those stand out.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I wanted to be a chef. I wanted to cook all over the world and own restaurants all over the place. Cooking for some of the most famous people in the world. A couple of kids, wife and a nice big house with a driver to drive me around everywhere.


Thanks to my 3rd grade teacher for throwing salt on my game. Ruin all my life plans. She told me that being a chef wasn't a credible job and I haven't been able to recover ever since. After that I never had a dream that I could hold onto. It's changed as I've grown older and traveled. I'm sure the state of the world has also molded some of my decisions. I can't really tell where it all comes from, but what I do know is it's changed.

So I asked you, what where your dreams?
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Terry Crews

So I promised a story yesterday and here it goes.

So on Mondays I go to a class at the gym called "Testosterone". The slogan of the class is, "A class to bring out the man in the man.". It has to be some of the most grueling workouts that I've ever done in my life. I'm a pretty tough guy and like to think that I'm in pretty good shape. I don't think that I've ever been able to function after completing one of the classes. I come home, shower and go right to bed for a few hours. By the way the class is at 2 in the afternoon. I can honestly say that unlike most of the meathead guys that have taken the class I've yet to throw up. I've come mighty close though.

Yesterday we had a replacement teacher for some reason. Usually it's a little short guy who kind of looks and sounds like this guy. (I've seen this guy on a couple of shows. Always cracks me up.) I spend a lot of time just laughing to myself because he sounds and acts just like the guy. It's funny how I get a kick out of some of the most random things. His replacement was one of the ladies who takes the class with us. She was just as intense as he is.

Usually when he teaches class he plays Hip-Hop or Rock music while we workout. She brought Techno and threw my entire workout off. It wasn't the point that it was Techno. It was the point that it was Techno to some of the most popular songs. It's crazy how a song can take a different form once it's been "Technoed". We are a little over halfway through with the workout when it happens.

I like to think of it in 3 ways. I had one of the following moments:

"A gay moment."
"A non-black person moment." or
"A White Chicks moment."

When this moment happens we are in the middle of jump roping. The beat comes in with a couple of piano chords and I instantly can tell what song is about come next. Not like some of the others that took me some time to catch on to what was playing. Then the words start blaring from the speakers...

"Making my way downtown, walking fast
Faces pass and I'm home bound

Staring blankly ahead, just making my way
Making a way through the crowd

And I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder....

If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you
In my head I even mad the sounds in between the verses. Don't even play dumb. You know exactly what I'm talking about. I had this shit-eating grin plaster all over my face. The instructor gives me the weirdest look and without blinking she says, "Everyone down in the pushup position; someone is having way to much fun here today!". I look around just like everyone, pretending to not know who she's talking about. I wish I could tell you that the pushups made me forget that that songs was playing, but I would be lying to you.

I made it through that class in one piece without throwing up again. Afterwards I had to help the instructor take her bag back to her car because it was just too heavy for her to carry. Without missing a beat she asks me, "What was so funny during class?". I explained to her what happened and we were both cracking up in the parking lot, her a little more than me because I was in pain from the workout.

This is the best way for me to explain to you what happened to me during the workout or what went through my mind to make me lose it during class. Here it is... and then this...

So in all fairness I can honestly say. I had a White Chicks moment.
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Like Jeff Probst says on Survivor season after season.

"I got nothing for you, return to camp."

Good story for tomorrow. If I have time I'll post it today.
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Weekend Round-Up

This weekend was a little less adventurous than others that I have had. I spent a great deal of time getting the much needed rest and relaxation that I needed.

I packed some more of my things. I'm finally started to get a direction of how I want to pack things away. I also got to catch a movie at the theater and at home. I went to see The Unborn with my roommate and his brother. I wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't that a great movie either. Although it was a horror movie there wasn't anything scary about it. I would save my money and catch it when it comes out on DVD. Speaking of DVDs, I rented the new Matthew McConaughey movie, Surfer Dude. I think I lost brain cells watching the movie. There is nothing else to say about the movie, but to not watch it.

I learned why warning signs are posted everywhere, even though it was the hard way.

When you go to leave the shower at my gym there is a sign that reads, "Please dry completely off before leaving this area.". I guess I should've followed the rules. Shortly after leaving the area dripping wet I went splat on my ass. I could feel myself falling in slow motion. Luckily I have a little padding in the buttocks area to absorb most of my fall. This time when I fell people actually seemed concerned about me. I totally blame myself for this mishap. I did learn that all I need to do is be half naked and wet and people will help me out. No shit rule goes into effect today. (I'm not kidding either.)

I also attended a birthday party that lasted until 6 AM in the morning. I didn't get to take pictures because we were having such a good time knocking beers back and cracking jokes. A very special "FU" goes to the bartender for skipping through some classic songs.

I played catch up on everything.

I will hopefully be about 85% packed and make my rounds to all the places I need to collect valuable information from. Today I will be inspired to be productive.

Food (No Thought)

"A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti." -- Dr. Hannibal Lecter, "The Silence of the Lambs"

I thought I would just throw that quote out there. Not really sure why, but some how it fits in with rest of the post.

Yesterday after the gym I decided to stop by my neighborhood Albertsons to grab a couple of things from dinner. To my surprise my favorite homeless suitcase packer was slowly but steadily packing his groceries into two suitcases. I run into him a lot. Sometimes I have to move to the other side of the store because of his stench and other times I just see him through the doors and don't bother going in until he leaves.

One of these days I'm going to follow him and see just where he goes. I think that he lives behind the 24 Hour Fitness close to the house. That seems to be the only place where I've seen him walk. I still can't get over the fact that he grocery shops or has the money to do so. He doesn't just buy a couple of things either. He always has a cart full of things. Never meats for obvious reason. It doesn't get that cold during the night. I'm just glad he's not toting beers and cheap wines around the store.

I'm in some sort of way intrigued by the homeless since I never really saw any until I joined the Navy. I always want to know the story behind what got them to this point. Just never really ever had the courage to ask a homeless. Next time I cough up a couple of bucks to one I'm just going to ask.

On a lighter note it's Friday and time for some funny. I saw this on you tube and it brought a smile to my face. Hope it does the same for you. This one's for you LLE. It should put a smile on your face.

Dysfunctional Blog

I guess I have been having some problems with my blog. I didn't know until someone pointed it out to me. Hopefully things are up and running again.

Gym Rant #6

Today was another chaotic day at the gym. It just seems like the people just keep coming out of the wood work. It almost looked like some sort of parade in there.

I like the gym. It's my place of release. Most of the time I'm a mellow dude at the gym. Today I had to pull the asshole card out of my back pocket and exercise it on some guy. I'm all for calling dibs on exercise equipment when the gym is packed like it is. What I'm not okay with is some random guy standing over me. Watching me. Breathing hard with his hands on his hips.

So here I am on the situp machine doing my thing. Everytime I went down I saw him. Everytime I came back up I saw. I could have put my arm out and touched the dude he was standing so close. So after about 10 I can't help myself.

Me: Do you mind moving back some. I feel like your almost on me. I'll make sure you get this right after I'm done.

Dude: I'm good. I don't want to get in anyone else's way.

Me: I don't want you to be in anyone else's way either, but I also don't want to feel like you're in my personal space.

Dude: Well if you hurry we both can get what we want.

(If I was a black woman he would have definitely got the "Oh Hell Nall", some neck popping and a little finger waving.) (I'm a guy and trying to learn to act my age and not bark at everyone I see.)

Me: Sure thing buddy.

I pick up the machine and take it an entirely different area. The whole time keeping eye contact with the guy. I take it all the way to the other side of the gym. Do some situps. He follows. I take it back to the other side of the gym. He follows. Finally I give up. I give him the situp machine. I know I'm supposed to be working on being positive, but I can't let this guy win.

So I do what any self-respecting man does. I return the favor. I get as close to him as possible and I stand there. I stand so close with my back to him that if I farted sweat from my ass would pop like popcorn all over his face. After about 5 or 6 situps he just gets message and storms off. As he walks away he makes sure to call me an "asshole". The only thing going through mind was that I wish I would have farted.

"Like popcorn"
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Gym Rant #5

It's that time of year when everyone has decided that they're going to put forth the effort to lose weight or better there health. Too bad it will probably only last a few weeks. For the time being I'll just have to gut it out when I"m at the gym.

I think because I have a workout class at the gym early on Monday I didn't get to see the "New Year" crowd. Today was like one train wreck after another. I couldn't go here or there. I think I bumped into more people than I did workout. Though it might seem as though I'm complaining, I'm happy for all the people who have found inspiration to get off their rump and make a change for the better. I just need them to move a little to the left when I walk by.

In other news the movers are coming by tomorrow to give me an estimate on how much it's going to cost me to move back up North. I got most of everything packed for the most part. Just a little things that I need for right now. I'm officially within 2 weeks of the move. I'm just as pumped to move back as I was to move here. I'm just hoping that I'm not cutting my loses too soon by moving back. The last thing I want is to regret something or miss out on a great opportunity. You only get so many chances.
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Would You Mind?

A little treat arrived today in the form of a dream. This little dream had me getting down and dirty with some of your(my) favorite celebrities. It started off with Bea Arthur and I in a pool of cherry Jell-O. Not really. Just thought I would throw that in there to wake you up.

There was her and her and her and even her in the dream. It's all a little bit jumbled right now. I can't really make out who was doing what, but I do know that everyone was all having a good time. The only thing I remember was walking up sweaty and disillusioned about the whole fiasco.

The only thing I remember was that I was putting a new spin on my bedroom antics. All of sudden I hear my named being screamed/belted from the other room. It turns out it was my soon-to-be-wife Katherine Heigl.

"You're supposed to be at the chapel, dammit!"

"This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life and I have to come and drag your black ass out of bed."

"You better be dying!"

She comes bursting through the door like some kind of action here and there is her and her and her and her frozen as if someone just said, "Say Cheese!". I looked around for a camera man, hopefully having a reason to justify what I was doing. Only there wasn't one, so I did the next best thing anyone in my situation would have done...I panicked and went for the window and here I am now typing this story on the computer.

And before you go judging me, I just want you to think about the current situations in the world. Hey, it’s a crap economy, people are at war, gas prices have finally starting to settle. This stuff is free.

Feel a little better about your fantasies? Everyone wants to use something new out of the spice rack every once in a while…makes something old completely new and interesting again. Give it a shot or at least have one hell of a dreamlike I did. Thanks again ladies. Hopefully I see them tomorrow. I wonder is Sandra Bulluck is available?

Two points if you can tell who sings that title of the blog. It all connects.

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Reflections 2008/2009

Even though I'm a few days late on this one I figured I would post it anyways. I do have a couple of New Year's resolution just like the next guy. My commitment as an individual is not to project, reform any habits, or lifestyle change. It's just to be a better me for me.

Things I'm leaving in 2008:
  • All the f!cking "Single Ladies". I'm not putting a ring on nothing. Not even your toe.
  • "Will Smith" movies. Two movies in a row disappointed me. Wild Wild West anyone?
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Madonna, Kanye West, Lindsey Lohan and any other celebrity that I'm sick of hearing about. "What that you say? Tie them up and have them run over by a train. Noooooo."

Things that will stay the same:
  • Being black.
  • Blogging. It's the only way I get to get to "exercise the demons".
  • Going to the gym and staying in shape. Who doesn't have this on their list of things?
  • Better my education.
  • Eat Right.

Things I'm taking into 2009:
  • Kings Of Leon - Only By the Night - The Kings of Leon have achieved something great with this album. This Album is my pick of the year for "Rock Album of the Year", maybe "Album of the Year". A couple of brilliant highlights on the Album are "Use Somebody", "Sex on Fire" and "Cold Desert". Keep in mind this is only mind opinion. I'm entitled to it. (Honerable mention: One Republic - Dreaming Out Loud)
  • A positive attitude. I don't think I need to elaborate on this one. With all that's going on in the world it's nice to have a great outlook on life. This year try not to let anyone rain on your parade.
  • Finding a job.
  • Manage debt/save money.
  • Volunteer to help others.
  • Taking a trip somewhere.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Be involved (again).
  • Short term goals. Life is a lot easier this way for me.
  • Read more books. I made it through 3 this year. One less than last year.
  • Move!
The lists will probably change as the year progresses, but I plan to stick firm to them all. Just you watch.

The McRib is back!
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The new year has rolled in with a surge of energy. I'm only 4 days into the new year and my life has already starting turning upside down. I guess I shouldn't use the words "upside down", I should say change.

From the blog to my living arrangements. From my underwear to my transportation. Basically everything in my life is about to change.

Currently I live in Las Vegas, NV. The home of prostitutes and casinos. By months end I will be returning to the PACNORWEST to reside again. Only this time it won't be Washington, I'll be making Portland, OR my new home until I'm back and running on my feet. There is a really long story behind the move; sort of a dramatic one. I'm not sure if anyone wants all the details, but it has caused me to pack up my belongings and hit the road.

This month I'll spend most of my time packing, saying my goodbyes and closing out all ties to Las Vegas. By the 21st of this month I hope to be on the road heading up North. It'll be 17 hours of travel time. Just me, the dog and nothing but open road. Kind of reminds me of one of the movies I used to watch as a kid. The guy and his dog take off for a road trip. Most of the time the trips where either to Florida or California. It's 2009, I can take my trip where ever the wind takes me. It just happens to be taking me to Oregon this time.

I'll keep you posted if anything changes. The blogs will still keep coming. I hope that everyone's year is off to a great start.

Happy New Year

Just stopping by to wish you and yours a Happy New Year. Hope the Holidays were good to you as well.