This "Buds" 4 U

I played catch up this weekend on everyone's blog. I came across some that were pretty uplifting and down right too adorable for words. On the flip side I came across some that the complete opposite, but there was one that got under my skin. I'm not sure why, but it did for some reason. I will not point fingers or even give a blog link to this said blog entry. I will merely address it and leave it alone.

Here goes. Below is a snippet of the blog entry that set me off Saturday morning.

"She owns 29 sets of Victoria's Secret bras with matching thongs or V strings. We didn't even count the non Victoria's Secret ones. She owns every color you can imagine. She actually has a big drawer for her bras and a separate big drawer for her panties."

I'm all for matching panties and bras. Hell, I don't care if they match as long as you had some accessible to you when needed. What I don't like is reading about them. I'm a visual man. I like to see them just like the next man and when I say that I like to see them that's just what I mean.

I don't want to see them laid out on the bed, in a drawer, held up by your accomplice, on hangers, in a pile on the floor, on my head or even on display at a store. I want to see them for what they are used for. They better be connected to some sort of flesh, because that's the whole purpose for them anyways or am I wrong here? I think not.

Really there is only one time I want to see panties in bras and that's when they are on the floor after me ripping them off of you. I literally mean ripping them. If you have good ones, I travel with scissors too. I know what some of you women are thinking.

"Oh, Hell no he didn't just say!".
"I wish someone would rip of my expensive bra and panties!"
"Kiss my ass!" (No one does it says it like Whitney Houston)
"Wait til you go to sleep tonight."
"Jails not that bad."
"He's kinky!"

With all the reactions out of the way, I'm only keeping it real for the time being. Maybe when I'm in my pudding state it will be okay just to see them in any form. Until I can't muster up enough energy to get out my wheel chair the save to sex-ed faux picture show for junior high.

Shoutouts to Mars, Mo and the "guy" who created Victoria secret.

I know some of you are also thinking what the hell does the title and pictures have to do with this post. People love to see a cute little baby. Nothing screams life like a baby. People love puppies with all there heart. Nothing screams cute like the playfulness of a new puppy. And people also love to see beer for some reason. Usually its connected to a drunk dude/chic. Nothing says a good time like an alcoholic beverage, my choice is Michelob Ultra. Those are three things that people love to see and seem to be consumed with, so if you are mad at me after this post just revisit the pictures at the top.
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Mo said...

That's all you have? Sheesh, you're going all tame on me in your old age.

And for the record, you are not allowed in my bedroom unsupervised with any type of cutting tool from this day forward.

fiwa said...

First it's toes, now it's pictures of bras and undies. You got a long list of fettishes going on.

Cin said...

I loved the pics and the comments about ripping/cutting bras and panties off. That shit is hilarious...that is until someone gets pissed off about their ripped undies! LOL!

Moe Wanchuk said...

Ace...that's Great.....we think SAY it! Awesome!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Ace, this is one of your best posts. Hah. I couldn't wait to see who you were putting on blast and then I knew right away who it was. Not M enti O ning who though. And I'm not even saying which reaction is mine. Hah.

Ace C said...

All it takes is some "Goose" and I got a free pass anywhere with you. Lol. And I've seen the finished product too. Camera phone, baby.

I try to entertain as much as possible. She gave herself away too in case anyone was wondering who the person is.

Mo said...

Bite your tongue!

If someone wasn't hopped on beer, you would not have seen the finished goods.

But since you did I guess there is no going back...*sigh*