My Gym Partner's a Monkey

First of all, let me just say that I spend entirely too much time at the gym. Secondly, if you're going to the gym and working up a sweat, you have a right to look as bad as you want. If you run farther or lift better wearing your old short shorts, that's fine. I am a big believer in hitting the gym to work out, not trying to win a fashion contest.

However, maybe you're meeting an old friend there (or hoping to meet that cute girl/guy in your spinning class), and you want to look your best. Or, perhaps you just like to look good no matter what you're doing. I don't find that there's nothing wrong with that either, but my gym buddy does.

For the sake that one day he happens to read this we will call the dude, Jake Spidermonkey(If you have kids you might know this one.). I meet the dude a few weeks back after he dropped a 45 pound weight on my my back. I was 2 seconds away from losing it, but didn't for some reason. There is something about having the police called on you and being hauled off in front of the couple hundred people at the gym that makes you second guess your choices. I guess the old man in me was present that day. Long story short we became workout partners.

So me and Spidermonkey work out probably twice a week together, sometimes three times a week and every workout session is some sort of an adventure. I seem to be drawn to loud and sometimes quirky people, but I'm thinking I should've continued working out by myself. Some of the stuff that comes out the dude's mouth is just down right foul. Not to mention his inside voice is always some where outside.

He spends a lot of time making fun of the guys who do their hair and the girls wearing makeup, which doesn't make since because his old lady is caked in makeup too. Yesterday dude seemed to have a problem with just about everyone, but the one thing that kept coming out his mouth was, "I'm dead serious.".

Dead serious!? Can anyone tell me what's the origin of the term "dead serious"? I've never really gotten the phrase "dead serious". What exactly is it supposed to mean? You're so dead, it's serious? Or that you're so serious, you're dead? Dead is used in a vast number of figurative senses, some of which make sense and some of which are a bit more obscure. Obscure as in "dead perfect," "dead broke," "dead tired," and "dead drunk".

It's not that serious of a question. I just wanted to know if anyone knew where and why we came to put "dead" in front of words.

Spidermonkey didn't know either, said it just sounds right. I wonder if he would've had and answer if I ask him about his girlfriend wearing makeup. Another day, another time.
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Brad said...

I'd never thought about it before but it is kinda of a weird thing to say.

Loud and quirky people eh ? Hmm. No comment.

Mike said...

I have a friend who always uses his outdoor voice indoors. Except he always talks about punching people in the face or stabbing them or something. He's a good guy, though.

"My Gym Partner is a Monkey" is a damn funny cartoon.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I have no interest in working out with Anyone. The Club is my away time. Plus, I can only offend myself with all of my rude comments.

I am glad that people can't read my mind though. I'd get beat up for sure.

Mo said...

Amen. This is all.

Slick said...

Like the new look!

If nothing else, the dude is good for blog material? :)