Robin Thicke @ HOB Las Vegas, Nevada

So last night I got to attend another concert. Two in one week I'm on a roll this week. I think I better slow down, I'm not sure if my back and knees can take all of this. This time around I got to go see Robin Thicke. He's probably a hand full of white guys that sing R&B and pull it off well.

The venue was basically full with people even standing on the stairwells. I would like to see what an emergency exit would look like in there.

We had general admission floor tickets. We stood the entire time but the performance was completely worth it. Robin Thicke didn't disappoint. He wooed and charmed his way through his roughly 80-minute show Saturday evening at the House of Blues.

Backed by a tight seven-piece band that Thicke often cued as if directing them.The happy-go-lucky numbers had many ladies singing along and getting their panties all in a bunch. Mostly he let his slick, dim-the-lights, mood-setting songs do the talking, but occasionally I think he thought he was at home with he off centered air grinding.

As the set came to a close, the singer naturally saved his best for last. The biggest response came from "Lost Without U" which Thicke wisely gave the crowd some lines to perform. He returned for an encore of 3 or 4 songs which included, "Brown Sugar" by D'Angelo, "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green and "A Milli" by Lil Wayne. Who knew the dude could rap?

I will say the night was "Thicke" with soul.

Check out "Lost Without U".
Things of interest:
  • To the lady that stood behind me the whole time complaining. You could've letft and taken the your husband and his red satin suit and red alligator shoes home.
  • To whoever gets that $6.50 I spent per beer, your welcome.
  • To the 2 ladies who complained when someone walked by them, "Go to hell!". You were standing on the stairwell.
  • To the guy who was trying so desperately to pick up ladies. Having a Super Bowl ring on your hand helps only when people actually know who you are.


kimmyk said...

I saw an interview he gave on VH1-I didn't realize he was Alan Thicke's son. He looks just like his dad huh? Crazy.

I wonder who the dude was with the Super Bowl ring. Weird.

Glad to hear you had a good time, but yeah, you might wanna pace yourself. Next thing you know you'll find yourself at a NKOTB reunion concert...

Freida said...

What does "with caucasian tendencies" mean? Is this slang meaning you like white women? Not playing dumb or hating, just never heard this phrase before. Seriously, don't get mad.

mike said...

$6.50 for a beer! Call the cops, you're a victim of highway robbery.

Live.Love.Eat said...

OMG. I would have loved to have seen that show. Reminds me I need to get his CD. And you just remined me of a song I must download TODAY. Brown Sugar by D'Angela is a big time fav that I had forgotten about. Wow. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Brad said...

It's official, I'm old - I don't know either of these bands - dang it

Diamond said...

Sounds like quite a night! Good to see you back :-).