Playing Around

As I said in the earlier post I'm going to start trying new things with the blog. It's been the same for awhile now and I thought it was time for a change. I got a new format for writing the post too. Some I came up with on my own and some I stole from other sites. If you seem some of your stuff on here, give yourself a round of applause.
I've been playing around with this blog all day and it's almost time for me to hit the gym for the night. I gotta burn all those burgers I ate this week somehow.

Hopefully tonight I'm able to get the pictures from the other night on here. I'm not making any promises because the DVR is full and I need to catch up at some point before it starts deleting things.

It's been a pretty slow week of me and I'm glad of that. Hope all is well out there. Keep the peace and if you happen to have some tequila, take a shot for me. Be Free.

Frown don't Smile. Keeps'em on their toes.
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Live.Love.Eat said...

GREAT layout. I love out. It's colorful but masculine at the same time. Awesome!!!!!

Summer said...

I really like the new look.