Night @ Mist Lounge


Mist Lounge inside Treasure Island Casino


Another group of friends visited from Washington. The two girls got free airline tickets and hotel accommodations. The guy is her for work 4 days a week and flies between LA and WA.

Events that Occurred

The night started out at Outback with dinner and continued across the street at the Mist Lounge. The Mist Lounge is a very low-key, chill and arguably laid back spot. All you need to do is was overlook the over sized lace panties that were visibly showing on a petite woman. Sure her friends probably saw it, but when they all seemed to look and dress alike it makes competing easier. As the shots got knocked back, the beers got downed and the appetizers were being eaten the good vibes flowed and old memories surfaced. Some memories were good and some should have stayed swept under the rug.

With the good vibes comes lightening bolts and thunderstorms. I wish there was some kind of weather warning of what was supposed to come. With alcohol comes politics and with politics comes arguments and with arguments comes unnecessary awkwardness. I should've learned my lesson from all the other times but I just can't help myself. Eventually we were able to get back on track and enjoy the rest of the night.

Lesson Learned

When friends come into town to visit, drinking is not and option.
Don't ever discuss politics.

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Life, Love And Lola said...

OK, it took me forever to figure out how to leave a comment. Am I fucking retarded? I love the new look! Nice work!

Bettina said...

Nice photos, looks like a fun night. But I know what you mean about politics- I pretty much know which people I should not talk politics with, yet I seem to do it anyway. But you know what, if they're your friends, they need to be able to deal with differing opinions.

Like the new look on the blog, by the way.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah. Lola funny! That's one of the first things I noticed that was so cool about your new digs, where the comments are. Sounds like you had a good evening out with friends!!!!

Summer said...

Politics are touchy this year. I am totally happy with the outcome of the election and I know many who are not. I keep my mouth shut, look at them and smile. Because for the first time in 8 years I feel like standing on my roof and shouting THANK YOU GOD!

kimmyk said...

why the "damn shame"?

mike said...

I hate politics and conspiracy theories. They are so 2001... and having nothing to do with me.

Mo said...

Just for the record, the new look is spiffy.

Drink. Politics. What is next, religion?

Brad said...

I like the new look - what is this? It doesn't look like blogger. Hmm.

Talking politics is always iffy - best to avoid the topic!

Ace C said...

@ Everyone
I should have learn my lesson, but I can't help. Conversations here in Vegas is slim to none. When I get a chance to have adult conversations I try to fit everything in.

Cin said...

LMAO! I have to admit I had the same problem as L.L. and L.

I love the pics! Looks like you guys had fun.

I also love the look of the blog! Pretty cool! that I figured out how to comment! LOL!