Ludacris @ Hard Rock Las Vegas, NV

Last night I got a call while catching up on my DVRd shows and eating dinner. A friend of my was on the other end asking me if I wanted to go to a concert. I was a little reluctant since all the other concerts I've been to here have been bogus. After a little pleading and then saying that Ludacris would be there, I decided to get off my rump and go ahead to the concert. At least this way if it were bad I would definitely have a reason to not ever have to attend another one.

After getting lost and being about 15 minutes late I finally arrived at the concert. That's probably one of the best things about concerts, they never seem to start on time.

Ludacris hits the stage and starts pumping out rap after rap. Ludacris is renowned for his quick delivery and over-the-top explicit lyrics. Tonight he didn't disappoint. Sharp-witted delivery changes between Ludacris, his hype man and the DJ kept the pace chaotic and entertaining. He did a mix of old, new and some versus of songs he has been featured on. I do have to say I've never seen a rapper smile as much as he did. I guess when you got it, you got it.

During the concert he gives his hype man a chance to rap and his DJ a chance to show his skills and just when you think the concert is about to be over out comes Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction to rock out to a few songs with Ludacris. I will say this one thing about the two of them, they didn't look like what you see on television. Tommy Lee came out pounded a bottle of Jagermeister and passed it out into the audience. Everyone wanted to get a sip for some strange reason. I just passed it along. At least you know where Tommy Lee's mouth has been part of the time, everyone else not so much. Dave Navarro couldn't contain himself. He kept rushing to the women in the front row and laying kissing on the ones which I assumed he felt where attractive.

The streamline through four songs, "Move B!tch", "Get Back", "Money Maker", and "Stand Up". It was worth leaving the house to see.
Ludacris and company did a solid one-hour set worth seeing.
Things of interest:
  • I lost my keys while there, but was lucky enough to find them.
  • One of the girls I was with was lucky enough to catch one of those kisses from Dave Navarro. You would have thought he asked to marry her from her reaction.
  • 3 groupies from Venezula were escorted back stage after they kept grabbing at the hype man's crotch. It was his birthday. I know he had a good one later that night.
  • A random drunk guy was spilling drinks all over everyone. Ironically he ended up with the bottle of Jagermeister at the end of the concert.
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kimmyk said...

luda and tommy lee. who knew.

glad you got off your bootay and had a good time! glad you found your keys too. i hate that feeling.

Summer said...

Sounds like a great time!

Bettina said...

What is it with some girls and famous people? I really don't get it. Some groupies, it seems, would sleep with the most repulsive person, only because they are famous.

Glad you had a good time. I tend to think it's worthwile getting of your butt and doing stuff- spontaneous things mostly tend to turn into great events.

CrystalChick said...

Oh I know I'm too old for a night like that.
Well, now, wait.... Lenny could open for Aerosmith again sometime and I'd be all over that show. ;)

Glad you had fun.

Live.Love.Eat said...

This one sounds pretty good too but while I really do like the commercial Ludacris stuff the show is probably not one I would choose to go to. I did go see a show once featuring Nvarro after their rock band show ended on TV and they announced the winner. I forget their name. There's something about him I like...