You Women Folk/ Gym Rant #4

I finally got tired of the gym I was at and decided to switch my over to an all new gym. It has everything at this new and it's all open 24 hours a day. It has everything that you could want and not want in a gym.

The meatheads that scream and over exaggerate while lifting I can pass on. The little dudes in the tight fitting clothing that show off the nothing. I'll also pass on the acne. Everyone knows acne is a sign of substance abuse (steroids). You're not fooling anyone it's written all over you face, no pun intended. Last but not least I'll pass on the old guys and their old balls in the locker room. "Use the towel, man!"

One thing that I would like to have passed on was the conversation the three women were having while at the deli. It seemed like I couldn't scarf down that smoothie and sandwich fast enough. I sometimes think women just do it for the hell of it. Just for kicks. I ask you why was I subjected to listening to them talk about the guys they were dating. It range from any and everything. They talked about going south, manscaping (grooming), size and the G-spot.

Nowadays women seem to be anything, but discreet. Guys may give a shrug or a thumbs up when asked how she was last night, but girls well cover every gory, ghastly and down right dirty detail. "C'mon".

I beg of you as a guy, "Please, stop giving the lowdown on our performance in the cold light of the day. At least wait til the sun goes down to embarrass us." If you can't help yourself, please don't do it at the gym. I don't want to be the dope who comes out of the locker room, give you a kiss on the cheek, not knowing everyone in the deli knows the lowdown on our sex life. Damn the bad luck, just glad it wasn't me.

I saw the chic from this night. I'm thinking another date.
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Bettina said...

Well well well, we're not all like that, you know? I think I hear about an equal number of guys and gals being not so discreet. But it is annoying, I definitely give you that.

fiwa said...

Yeah, that is tacky. There's nothing wrong with talking with your girlfriends that way, but not in public.

Cin said...

I agree, people should not dish about their sex lives where EVERYONE can hear. I used to work with a few people like that. Some of the stories were down right sickening.

I had to laugh about your description of the people at the gym. LOL!! Its so true though!

Life, Love And Lola said...

You have a deli at your gym??? How cool is that! Do they serve beer there too?

Kissing and telling is tacky! I totally agree. I would call them out on it if there is a next time.

And the thought of OLD MEN'S BALLS makes me want to vomit. Any balls for that matter...they just aren't pretty!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Poor you! More bad luck today - no chicken. Sorry. Will post tomorrow for sure!!!

As for the girl from your last date, she's hot. Go for it.

Summer said...

That chic is gorgeous! Call her!

And those happens all too often every where and I'm telling you... the mental images I walk away with give me nightmares. Ha!

Have a great weekend.

Brad said...

I needed another excuse NOT to go to the gym - Thanks!

....You Sick Bastard said...

I'm sure my ex and currents girlfriends have nothing but good things to say about me so I'm not worried. But after reading this post I'm freakin out.