Who Farted?

The damn dog just farted and woke me up and now I can't go back to sleep. I guess I'll give an update on what happened this Friday night.

Not a damn thing. I had plans, but the old man inside of me came out and I sacked them. I did get a beer in my system and some boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. I deserved it after the week I put in at the gym.

Where is the world going?

-O.J. is finally going to jail for robbery. C'mon folks. They let him walk after killing two people. Why put him in jail now.
-The presidential candidates are all crazy. It's worse than when you were in high school. Where are all the popular kids when you need them now.
-Britney has gotten her crap together. Means I'll never see her "kaslopuss" again.
-700 billion! They approved the bailout. All that drama for no reason. Maybe the house works for CBS or NBC.
-Hef is getting new bunnies. I hope I don't have to see the other three dummies on TV again.
-H.Stern just got married again. What woman in her right mind could be married to him. Seriously?
-Tina Turner & Cher are back on tour. I thought she retired a long time ago. Who is shelling out that kind of money to see them on stage. They both have had like two farewell tours. Give it a break already.
-The Dallas Cowboys are still the most hated team in sports history. Kudos to Terrell Owens and Tony Romo for keeping the dream alive. "Cowgirls on 3."
-Those ladies from The View are still chatting it up after all these years. Can someone hit the cancel button already.
-Bloomberg is in New York trying to strong arm his way into another term. Seriously dude give someone else a chance. Two terms is enough.
-Are there anymore names for Tornadoes, Hurricanes or Tropical Storms? I can't wait to see my name run across that screen.

I starting to think so.
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Mo said...

Don't EVEN try to pass the gass off on the dog. You know you woke yourself up with the smell from your own ass.

You want to talk about someone pissin in my cheerios? I think we ate from the same damn bowl!

fiwa said...

Hey, at least OJ is FINALLY going.

And I think you'll probably get to see Brit-Brits who-ha again. Just give her time. She's got the deep-down-crazies. Daddy will get tire of babysitting her at some point.

Hey, we took a picture SPECIALLY for YOU at breakfast today. heehee...


kimmyk said...

i wanna see headlines read:

"Hurricane Kim came to town and tore some sh*t up!" and then I want there to be a man standing there with no pants on and wearing a tshirt that says "Kim took my house, my car, and my pants...and all I got was this stupid tshirt!"

Live.Love.Eat said...

Karma for OJ. It's good he is getting something for all he's caused. And the ladies from The View are way to caddy even for this female. I don't even turn them on because they would just put me in a bad mood. That's all i got Hurricane Ace!!

Oh, did you say Buffalo Wild wings aka BW3's. That's our fav place for wings. Got about 10 bottles of their sauce in my pantry right now.

Life, Love And Lola said...

I would rather spend life in prison with OJ than be married to Howard Stern!

Princess Nikki said...

Sorry to tell you, but I think we haven't seen the last of heff's blonde bunnies.

Diamond said...

Kaslo puss?? lol