Setting Black Folks Back

I'm always on the web looking at videos. I had to share this with you. I couldn't let this pass. Watch for the unthinkable to happen. Don't pay attention to the music or what she is singing, just watch the video and wait for the magic.



fiwa said...

Oh_my_God. Oh girlfiend. I couldn't decide if she was going to slide off the table or if it was going to break. That was wrong on so many levels. WHAT is sexy about peeling off your funky socks?!

kimmyk said...


I'm flippin' dyin here. I can't breathe. LMAO!

Big girl shoulda known not to climb up on that table with them hooker ass shoes on!

She rolled around on the floor like a fat kid in a snowsuit.

I'm gonna watch it again!

kimmyk said...

What the hell is she doin' with that table in the middle of that room in the first place? OMG. I can't take it. Is that R Kelley singing? Why she diggin' at her leg? Crabs? She's all bustin' a move there with her hand motion...shit I can't take it. OMG. There she goes. ROFL. I'm dyin' here!!!!!

Princess Nikki said...

Dude, i'm sitting here cackling. That was so funny. Jay's looking at me like I'm crazy. What was up with the shoes? Why would one need to put on shoes to do a table dance? That was so NOT sexy. And the fact that she'd fallen and couldn't get up made it all the more funnier. thank you, i needed that.

Wes said...

Is it wrong that I found that sexy?

Justin Wright said...

LMFAO! Hahaha, that just made my day ten times better. As soon as she hopped on the table I knew something was going down. I pictured it breaking but that was classic.


Ace C said...

@ Everyone
I had to share because it cause me so much pain from laughing my ass off. Good stuff.

@ Wes
That's just nasty and uncalled for bro. Lol. I'll see if I can get some contact information for you.

Mo said...

I don't know what it is funnier. The video or the comments, especially Kim's with the fat kid in a snowsuit comment.

Thanks for spreading the love.

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

I wondered about her getting up on that table w/ those shoes but this is practical me- they were a better choice than those socks. I've seen a worse choices in shoes. Being a medical person and someone my husband accuses of being born with the birth defect of not having a funny bone- even if it's obviously a pretty bad choice- I couldn't come up w/ the to scream for comments.

Cin said...

Im with Mo...Dont know which is funnier, the comments or the video. That shit was great!

....You Sick Bastard said...

I fucking shit myself! The music at the end to put a finale to it all was great!