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Well my mind is fried today. Can't really think of anything right now, so I decided to hip you to some new blogs that I'm reading. Share a little goodness with you and also promote someone elses shyt.

Keep in my what entertains my thought might not be your thing. I'm a random dude like that.

Here are my new finds:

Life, Love & Lola
Her description: Enjoying My Fabulous Life and Being The Person My Dog Thinks I Am!
What I think: Though her recent post have been rants, hell her rants are what the blog should be known for. They are quite witty and her recent post about Rachel Ray dog food giving her dog the shits had me rolling on the floor.

His description: N/A
What I Think: Random thoughts of a ex-frat guy who thinks of bars, beers and lessons of fun. He doesn't post alot, but the substance is there.

The Palm Isle
His description: No Moe Politics! I'm pretty much W.T. living in a white collar crowd.
What I Think: I think his title speaks for itself. In a day in age when most bloggers that I find are women, it's nice to have a guys guy type of opinion. He doesn't post daily, more of a once a week thing. We also share Slick.

Tipsy Nikki
Her description: Rampant Ramblings of a Pseudo- Vegetarian.
What I think: One hell of a narrative writer. Her intersting point of view about being a vegetarian and her boyfriend who dreams of deer heads in the bedroom prove for quite a laugh.

Life of Justin
His desription: I quit my office job to become a blogger, travel the world and share my adventures.
What I think: His description is pretty dead on. He just quite his job and somehow is going to make a living blogging and traveling the world. I'm planning on taking notes.

Give the blogs a shot and lets keep blog on blog crime down.
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Wes said...

Thanks for the shout-out Ace. I started writing a few years ago to get through the slow times at work. Most of my stuff is aimed at real life friends, but it is nice to meet some internet readers.

I'll try to post more often... haha

fiwa said...

Dude... the lack of sleep is KILLING me today. I keep nodding off in the middle of the meeting.

Cool beans - I will take a look at those later tonight.

Hope you sleep better tonight -

Princess Nikki said...

Hey Ace,
Thank you for giving a sister props. I'm always looking for new blogs to follow so I'll totally check the rest of these guys out. Thanks again!
Tipsy Nikki

Life, Love And Lola said...

You like me! You really like me! What an honor to be mentioned on your blog!

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

Hey Ace- I Love LLL because she's my oldest daughter- and she's way cool!!
I love Moe @ the Palm Isle because he is hysterically funny and he REALLY LOVES HIS WIFE!!!!!!
I have to check the others you mentioned out!

Moe Wanchuk said...

Hey Ace.....Thanks Very Much. Hopefully I'll be writing a little more if this market calms down.

I'm glad u wandered onto my site one day. I think You, Slick and myself are about 95% of the male blogging world.

Thanks again.

kimmyk said...

cool i've been lookin for new blogs to read.

thanks for sharin!

Bettina said...

I will make sure to check some of those out- thanks for the tips.

Slick said...

Moe's a freakin' trip ain't he?? :)

Cool that you're laying out new blogs, dude!

CrystalChick said...

Always fun to check out a couple new links.

Anonymous said...

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