Sunday Laughs

I had a clip from last nights SNL, but it got deleted. Here is one of my favorite ones. With the hoildays around the corner. It had me cracking up last night so I thought that I would share with you.

It's Sunday and not too much is going on over here in the desert. The heat is finally starting to go away. I can feel Fall around the corner. I actually got to sleep with the windows open for the first time in a long time. A nice breeze through the room never hurt anyone.
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Mo said...

Dude. The video won't load.

Ace C said...

I had to change it. Here is an old laugh, but a good one.

Live.Love.Eat said...

OH man, I fell in love with JT after this. I just loved that he had such a talent with the humor and wasn't just another hip hop dude. He did another skit on SNL that was just as hilarious where he was dressed up as something on a street corner. I'm spacing.