It's Friday

It's Friday and it's time for me to chill for a couple of days. Try and get some extra much needed shut eye.

Got some new pictures to post from a birthday party last night. A couple good stories to go along with them too. Hopefully I can get them up this week or I might wait to Monday.

All I will say is that I think it's time for me to start hitting the town with the 30 and above crowd. I need people who are set in life and not still running around with their heads cut off.

More to come and hope your weekend rounds out to be something blog worthy. Take it easy folks.

Drinks on me this week.


Bettina said...

Drinks on you? Well, you won't need to tell me twice! I'll have a dry martini, thanks. With an olive.

fiwa said...

Oooh...what Bettina said, only make mine dirty.

Wes said...

How are you going to find that hot 21yo girlfriend running with the 30+ crowd?

Mo said...

30+ crowd waves hi - *hi*

We make better drinks, serve good food, conversation flows and do we need to get started on the sex?

Moe Wanchuk said...

Ace...the 30's are the best.....Less Bimbo's and Mimbo's around....and you actually have more the $5 in your pocket

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

Live like you want to and you'll be surrounded by the people who share your views and want to live similar lives- heck just look at people who flock to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey, came by to check out your blog. I am lol about the gym/crotch predicament. you guys... :-)

kimmyk said...

30 and above crowd? ha!
we all gotta grow up sometime.

Slick said...

30 and above? I've been hanging with them for the last 7 years.

Which is a good thing cause I have a hell of a lot less energy than I did 10 years ago!

Pass me the drink!!

Ace C said...

@ Everybody
I think I drunk one beer for each one of you.

I don't have to hang with young folks to get them to come around.

@Mrs. D.
Thanks for stopping by.

....You Sick Bastard said...

I missed free drinks night! Happy belated birthday. I'll drink in honor of your birthday plus I needed a reason to pick up another drink.

Diamond said...

lmao! @ 8. Some asking my roommate if he was wearing skinny jeans. (They weren't exactly skinny jeans, but they were a little snug. I think I laughed all night.)

LOL! And what's with the dude in the flip-flops? Looks like you had a fun night :-).