Isn’t true love meant to be forever?

"Well, I cannot give you an answer to this one, but I can give you the advice that you need to examine your perception of “true love”.

I can tell you: All that glistens is not gold. A high expectation of true love, and an exaggerated romantic view of the ideal concept of love can disturb the view to having a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

A realistic view is vital."

With that said, I was going through the contacts in my phone and ran across some names that just brought back memories.

There were some of friends that I haven't connected with in years. Hell, I don't even know if the numbers still work or not. I've had this cell phone number for about 9 years. Being in the military you meet people and the next day they are gone, but for some reason I have a bad case of saving phone numbers. I guess I don't want the Rolodex in my cell phone to look so empty.

There are numbers of family members. Some I remember and ones that my mom called and pushed me to save them in my phone. I couldn't tell you what half these people look like. She knows that I refuse to answer my phone when a number shows up that I don't know. Her way of getting me to answer the phone for estranged family members. What she doesn't know is I still have no intentions of picking up the phone. At least this way I know who I'm avoiding.

There is that running list of folks that I talk to all the time, some a little too much.

Others are just text message buddies.

And then there are the infamous ones. The "exes" or the ones that got away because there wasn't a cage big enough to contain them. In my phone I have only one number that gets my blood boiling. I still haven't figured out why I haven't deleted. I think because I thought I was in love. I thought I had found the one. I even told the old lady(mom) about her. I guess I still think there will be something or maybe just one day the phone will rang and I'll finally get that answer of why. I have it all planned out in my head. I got the words I'll say, how I will say them and an answer to every question that could possibly be thrown at me.

Maybe I'll flip it. I was watching a show this weekend about this lady dumping this this guy(By the way she cheated and screwed my head up forever.). Years later she realized the big mistake she and wanted him back. He eventually came back, but out of revenge. That sounds like a better plan to me. Damn the sympathy aspect that never gets you anywhere. The nice guys are going to finish on top if I have to do it by myself single handily.

So I ask you, Isn’t true love meant to be forever?

“You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it”
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Brad said...

True love is meant to be forever.

But you still have to work at it everyday.

....You Sick Bastard said...

True love has an expiration date. It's true and big at first but you get tired of it. Then for the long lasting couples they feel that they have no other choice. Guess that explains why I keep getting in new relationships. The one I'm in now seems promising. But knowing my luck I'll find something to break it up.

I actually do keep the numbers of my ex girlfriends. Even though the relationships are over, at the beginning of them they were good, so I guess I just keep them in there, but I won't be the first to call.

....You Sick Bastard said...
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Live.Love.Eat said...

When you truly love someone, a part of it lasts forever in your heat but that doesn't mean the couple will last forever. I have truly loved others before getting married but they didn't last. However, when I think of a couple of them, a bit of my heart sends a signal to my brain. Makes me feel something that will never be forgotten.

CrystalChick said...

I'd like to think so, but I guess it depends on whether it's really 'true love' and not true lust or some other variation and can withstand the test of time and many situations.

Me and hubby are celebrating our 25th anniversary next month so I'm pretty happy with how things turned out.

Mo said...

First off, I love the picture you found and used with this post. Good job by you.

I would love to tell you to get over it but I think I am jaded and scarred too so who am I to talk? So, stop telling me to find a husband and get married!

If I did I might not be one of those falling into the "I talk to too much" category. Texting will always be our thang.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Great post! True love is forever! If she still gets your blood boiling...CALL HER! Life is short...Take a risk!