I Got My Thoughts Back/ Sunday Memories #3

I hadn't really had anything to post about recently. I just couldn't get my head around one central idea to construct a blog entry.

While I was spinning away in spin class this morning all kinds of stuff started to pour in my head. I guess that's what happens when you get up early in the morning, the juices start flowing. The brain stops jiving you and does what it's suppose to. As the music jammed in the background and I watched all the seniors around struggle to get the bike rolling, several things registered.

1. What the hell am I doing up so early.
2. What am I doing in this class with these people
3. I wonder if she can feel that wedgie.
4. My nuts hurt and I still have 45 minutes left of this class.
5. I should have slept in.
6. Where the hell is the blond lady from Dirty Dancing.

Number six is what made me think of this post. Over the weekend they were playing Dirty Dancing nonstop. I remember the first time my grandmother made us watch it. I never really knew what I was watching. I was just a kid who wanted to go outside and run rampant. I just thought it was a movie about some odd dancing that I could never do. They were moving in ways a 6 year old could only imagine.

I can still hear my grandmother screaming for us to cover our eyes every time the dancers started to bump and grind. I really think she did this so that we couldn't see her lusting for Patrick Swayze and his feathered hair. I guess there was something about a shirtless psuedo-tough guy that got her going. If only I could have taken my eyes of the screen I could have discovered her ugly little secret. I on the other hands was trying to peep through my finger to get a glimpse of the blond. Damn Baby! She was never the really the star of the movie to me. It was all about the blond lady even though for the love of me I couldn't figure what the big deal was about her stomach that made everyone come over and wait outside. I guess that's what being naive does for you.
Watching the few scenes that I watched put me back in my childhood. As I watched those hips of hers swaying to the right and then to the left and then again to the right and then back to left, I couldn't help but wonder where the hell she is today. There are a lot of things that get my blood running, but a blond and 80's hip movements, a one piece leotard, stocking and high heels to send me over the edge. There was something magical about the movements. How I wished I could've been Swayze just for one take of the movie.

Dear Cynthia Rhodes(the blond from the movie)

Even though I have no clue where you are at this very moment in time. I just wanted to let you know that you were my first "out of race"(That's how I thought of it when I was 6. Don't judge me people.) crush which would later be eclipse by Michelle Pfeiffer wearing that catsuit in Batman Returns and list has grown over the years. I just want you to know you were the first and you'll always have a special place in "heart".
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Moe Wanchuk said...

-I LOVE spin classes.
-They hurt my Nuts too
-I always try to get behind a hot chick (so motivating)
-Michelle Pfeiffer in that cat outfit....WOW..I'll never forget that

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

Your Grandmother made you watch Dirty Dancing?!? Too funny!!
That blonde sure is a babe.
I'm going to make my grandchildren watch My 50 First Dates, Muppet Christmas Carol and all the Harry Potters enough so that we ALL know the dialogue by heart!
Hugs to your grandmother- I hope she's going on strong!
PS- Glad you got your groove back (no- that's Stella) any way glad your'e back!

Mo said...

You like the blonde? Who knew? Not me until today.

Did you know she played in Staying Alive, is married to Richard Marx, and lives in Lake Bluff, Illinois? Yea, I wikipediaed her for ya'.

What I want to know is how many times you watched the movie this weekend.

CrystalChick said...

I've caught the movie on lately too a few times and tuned in for a couple scenes.
Yup, like Mo said, she's married to Marx. They have a couple of kids and I think she's a SAHM now.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Ha ha!!! Mo.

Ya know, I thought she was very hot back then too but no one puts Baby in the corner. ha ha. And Michelle P is definitely gorgeous. If I was a man she'd be my type. This post was worth the wait :)

Slick said...

I don't understand what it is about that movie....

That's like a cultural icon thingy for womenfolk.

Helps us menfolk get laid though! :)

fiwa said...

That's so funny - I was JUST watching that movie this morning because I couldn't sleep. And I was wondering the same thing - what happened to the blonde. Though Baby did have a nice bootie.

Brad said...

Well now you've got me. I've never seen that movie. I'll take a pass on most of swayze's stuff - 'cept maybe 'Ghost' but that's just for Whoopi.

Life, Love And Lola said...

LOL! My first "out of race" crush was Ricky Henderson.

Bettina said...

Wow- I've seen Dirty Dancing a few times but barely remember the blonde. Maybe that's because girls in stockings and leotards with 80ies hair don't really do much for me. :-)

Ace C said...

@ Moe
Their were only seniors in my class

@ Comet
She made us watch any and everything. I remember watching Road House as a kid.

@ Mo
You knew

We seem to always be in tune.

@ Brad
It's a shame you haven't seen an American classic.

Diamond said...

Wow, you were only 6 when this movie came out? I feel old now lol. Clasic movie. Thanks for the laughs, reminded me of when I was a kid.