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Here are the pics from Thursday Birthday that party that I promised. I'm still trying to get use to mid week partying. I guess that's just old age coming on.

The night was filled with some people that I liked and some that I didn't, but I put on my best face and made the most of it. I'm usually pretty good at that as long as no one provokes me. I thought I was so cool smoking the cigar. Check my eyes out. Glad the camera didn't catch me coughing up a lung.

Highlights of the night included:
1. A piece of 8 layer cake from Claim Jumpers.
2. Some of the best BBQ teriyaki chicken.
3. Tampa Bay vs Boston baseball game. (Comet I was rooting like you told me to. I think I scared a few people because I was yelling at the flat screen in the bar.)
4. Beer
5. Obviously the cigars. (The smoke blowing was just for kicks. I don't normally do it, but it was a birthday so I did.)
6. The birthday boys wife causing a scene. (Not one, not twice, not three times. I lost count in there somewhere. I'm glad there was a fire pit outside to enjoy.)
7. The birthday boy crying. (Who cries on their birthday?)
8. Some asking my roommate if he was wearing skinny jeans. (They weren't exactly skinny jeans, but they were a little snug. I think I laughed all night.)
9. 2 people from Alaska being in the bar.
10. Everyone making fun of my roommates new girlfriend. (I don't think one person understood what she was saying.)
11. My bed.

Today I'm going on a hike with the dog. If not we are just going to do for a long walk. I think we both need to clear our heads for a change.
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Mo said...

If the sil is in the red shirt, her expression says it all.

How are you going to talk about BL and not post a picture of the gf or his jeans? You are wrong. Just wrong.

And smoking in the boys room eh? Get your ass back to WA. These people are rubbing off on you.

Love you. Mean it.

fiwa said...

Dude's wife caused three scenes? Maybe that was why he was crying. Who does that to someone on their birthday? Poor guy.

kimmyk said...

how does one cause a scene 3 times?? shit.
and yeah what fiwa said-no wonder dude was cryin.

what was the roommates gf saying or trying to say that no one understood?

Cin said...

I cracked up laughing when I read number 7! LOL!!! Those are great pics!! :)

Life, Love And Lola said...

Love the pics! Looks like a fun night! You have earned big points with me for routing for The Rays!!!

Summer said...

Happy Birthday you old man! Haha. I hope it was very happy.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Not your birthday right? If so, happy happy.

The pics are definitely a nice addition to your posts. I remember the days where there would be fighting and arguing but that's the nice thing about being older now, it just doesn't happen like that anymore. Like you said, maybe you need to be around more stable, positive people?????

Moe Wanchuk said...

Nothing like being with your buddies..and having a great time. I did that a couple of weeks ago with my college buddies. Best weekend of the year.

I've been cheering for the Rays too...for Miss Comet!

Brad said...

Hmmm. looking at your eyes make me wonder what was in those CEEGARS.

Ace C said...

@ Everyone. It wasn't my birthday. It was the guy in the Maroon shirt. She likes to be the center of attention. Check out her face in the red shirt.

@ KimmyK
She was trying to say, "Who wants shots?"
She was saying, "Vu wuntz yots?"
Everything seemed to be blurred together. Maybe if I would have drank it would have made some sense.

CrystalChick said...

Looks like a fun party. Sounds like the guy has some issues with the wife.

Hey, now that TB and the Phillies are going at it, who ya rooting for?????
We're BIG Philadelphia fans here in South Jersey. Only about 10 minutes away.
Go Phillies!