Gym Rant #2

I'm a big boy now. So the muscle mass is massing up on my body. I guess all that gym time is finally starting to pay off forme. I'm not where I want to be yet, but it's getting there. All this is fine, but I can't help but be distracted by the "crazy" that I attend the gym with.

Yesterday had to be one of the all time worst days for me to go. I complained a few weeks back about the people being all dressed up and pretty at the gym, so I changed to a later time. I thought that would do the trick, but it hasn't really done anything for my short attention span.

It just seems like the gym is becoming more and more of a circus. I'll tell you about the 3 things that really made me get off the treadmill and say, "Get the f*&k outta here!"

1. There is this father and son that are at the gym the same time as me everyday. I think the wife is around somewhere too, but she doesn't workout with them. I notice that the son is making a crazy face in the direction in front of him. I also notice the dad laughing too. I'm adjusting my iPod and haven't really scavenged the gym. Boy how I wish my iPod would have kept my attention just a tiny bit more longer. Apparently there was this lady in a 2 piece workout outfit/uniform/sweatsuit directly in front of me. I was on the eliptical and she was on a ab machine. The problem with this is she had a "beer belly". Not a small one either. Kind of in the shape of a tootsie roll. I don't have the best body, but I know what I should wear and what I shouldn't wear. It's almost like me squeezing into a Speedo and doing squats in the free wieghs area. Where was this ladies mirror check or at least a really honest friend to tell her to not wear that. All I could do is put my head down and giggle to myself. At some point me and the son made eye contact and we both lost it. I don't think she saw us. Fingers crossed.

2. A SWEATER! There was a guy wearing a Winter sweater with bleach spots. It had to be at least 60 % wool. It was thick and he was sweating all over the place. "C'mon, buy a damn sweatshirt dude!" It's not the 80's and Olivia Newton John's Physical is not blaring out the gym speakers. Cut it out!

3. This is a combination one. To the lady with the personal trainer... "Listen to him. It's his job. That's what he gets paid to do. Don't complain, just go along with the workout." To the dude who only came to the gym to workout his lower back and then leave... " Get a personal trainer. It's his job. That's what he gets paid to do. That way we can all share the machine and you can get the help needed."

Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone, but if it does that means you are one of these people.

If you are wondering what I'm wearing in the picture, it's a heart rate monitor. It reads to the watch on my arm.

Sorry for the cheesy cell phone picture, but it's easier to download from my phone.
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Live.Love.Eat said...

OH gosh. THANK YOU for this! It makes me feel better about not belonging to a gym. These were the types of things that turned me off. Haha. Kudos to you for working out religiously. It's the best thing we can do for ourselves!!!!

(Your comment cracked me up re: your friend's wife)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh, so my comment ended up going through. Cool beans.

fiwa said...

The gym is like a microcosm of society - all the weirdos crammed into one small room. The locker room behavior is what finally turned me off though - women get weird in the locker room.

Get on with yourself, Mr. Buff, you are looking good!

Moe Wanchuk said...

That's one great lookin Doo. Just like mine.

I hate the locker room at the club.

How bout the fat old guys hangin around buck naked while they shave?

Make me puke!

kimmyk said...

work it out there ace!~

i dont do gyms...because i know there is someone there watching me and probably blogging about my fat ass.

thanks for the gentle reminders.

Slick said...

Shoot beefin' up!

Props to ya, even though you're putting up with some fashion disasters and whiners, you're doing a hell of a lot more than I am.

Course, I'm allergic to gyms, I think....

Diamond said...

A sweater?? Yeah, that's a bit much lol.

CrystalChick said...

Crazy people.... everywhere.

I should be in the gym, gawd, I really should be in the gym but I'm not, I'm usually sitting at the coffee shop watching....listening....

It's strange out there. Atleast you are getting your body armor up to deal with it. ;)

Mo said...

Dude. I have door envy.