So I was struggling to come with a post today, So I decided to take from something I read in a magazine. The article was intended for a guy to answer but I'll see if I can incorporate everyone somehow. Even if I can't, it's meant for everyone. The article went on to talk about how the straight forward handshake is slowly deteriorating from American society and new ways are being creating.

There was this long story about this guy met one of his favorite actors and how he couldn't let this moment go by without meeting him. he was excited to me the guy, but was all to unprepared for the greeting he received from him.

I came up with a couple of greeting ways or things that I use.

1. Straight forward handshake. No explanation needed, but you never know. A short ritual in which two people grasp each others right or left hand often accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands.

2. Soul shake. (The one that guy the guy above all mixed up. It's a standard handshake followed by a thumb clasp, ending with a one-armed chest bumping half hug.) Just think of rappers when this greeting comes to mind.
3. Hug. This is the most intimate one of all the greeting. Most people reserve it for family members are loved ones.
4. Chest bump. With no finesse needed and can sometimes lead to awkward moments if not done during a sporting event.
5. High-five. Sometimes referred to as slapping some skin.
6. Wave. Self explanatory. Throw it out there.
7.The Finger. This is one of my favorites. Especially when you cut me off and traffic and there is no green light to let you know how I truly feel about you.

How do you greet?
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....You Sick Bastard said...

I'm more of a head nod.

Mo said...

Everything seems to be going downhill these days.

Me? You know I am a hugger.

Ace C said...

What the hell is door envy?

Slick said...

You already know I'm a middle finger kinda guy! :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

The comments-funny!
I go with the rules. Definitely a hugger with close ones. A handshake when it's formal. But sometimes when I am being playful I do the military salute with my hand to my forhead to say goodbye to someone. Is there a name for that?

fiwa said...

I'm a hugger. Otherwise I'm not much into handshaking or the rest - I like to smile.

Have a good weekend -

Brad said...

I'm a butt sniffer. Been hanging out with the pooch too long.

Mo said...

Door envy is the fact you have up to date ones and you know the ones I have.