Another Day

Well it's the second day of heading off to the doctors. Today I'm going to the doctors to get another evaluation on my heart murmur. This one may sound crazy, but this is the only time I really enjoy going to see a doctor. People seem to treat you better anytime you use the word "heart" in a hospital environment. It's almost like being a rockstar, but without the fame, money and groupies.

I've had a murmur for a really long time now. It still seems to be a mystery why no one had ever diagnosed me before 8 years ago and it's still a mystery where it came from. Recently I was diagnosed with anemia, which goes hand and hand with heart murmurs. It also makes since for me always feeling fatigued too, but I'm no doctor so don't take my word on it. In this day in age you can find just about anything on the Internet. I guess I'll call it "Ace's diagnostic" for now.

I'll be getting the following done today:
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG), which measures the electrical activity of the heart
  • Chest X-rays to see if the heart is enlarged due to heart or valve disease
  • Echocardiography, which uses sound waves to map the heart structure
Yesterdays trip to the doctors was pretty depressing. I had to head to my local VA Clinic before I could go and see the real doctors. I've always wondered what happens to all the military folk, I got a real good look at the ones in bad shape. It's amazing how people let themselves go after the military. I'm not saying that all people do, but the majority of the ones that crossed my path yesterday were.

It ranged from a guy that couldn't control his shaking to fill out his contact information. He looked worse than a child coloring at a restuarant. He dhocked so much he broke the pen. I wanted to go over and right for the guy, but resisted the urge to save the day. There was another guy who was obviously over weight. He was "Biggest Loser" overweight. He was rambling on about being placed on a heart donor list. I felt bad, but the only thing that was running through my mind was, "If you lost weight life would improve for you instantly.". of course I didn't say that to him. I wrap this one up with really quick because I've be summoned to the doctors office early and need to get out the door.

I didn't Proofread.
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We almost...

had some morning dew on the ground. Not actually, but the cold front is finally on it's way. It's almost the first we of November and it's still a high of 80 degrees here.

The past week has been one big blur. I've been pretty busy, which really is a good thing for me. Got to finally catch a couple of movies, take in some good food, and eat some of the best yogurt on this side of the coast. I could be exaggerating a little bit on the yogurt, but it was pretty good.

This week and probably next will be spent at the doctors. I'll be doing the finishing touches of my final military evaluations. It'll range from giving blood to seeing a shrink about my insomnia. It'll be good to finally get all this stuff over. I'm still not sure if I'm fully ready to cut the ties yet. To be truthful, I kind of miss it. There is nothing like having a since of pride for the years served.

I'll have to post a few pics of the pumpkins outside the door.
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You Women Folk/ Gym Rant #4

I finally got tired of the gym I was at and decided to switch my over to an all new gym. It has everything at this new and it's all open 24 hours a day. It has everything that you could want and not want in a gym.

The meatheads that scream and over exaggerate while lifting I can pass on. The little dudes in the tight fitting clothing that show off the nothing. I'll also pass on the acne. Everyone knows acne is a sign of substance abuse (steroids). You're not fooling anyone it's written all over you face, no pun intended. Last but not least I'll pass on the old guys and their old balls in the locker room. "Use the towel, man!"

One thing that I would like to have passed on was the conversation the three women were having while at the deli. It seemed like I couldn't scarf down that smoothie and sandwich fast enough. I sometimes think women just do it for the hell of it. Just for kicks. I ask you why was I subjected to listening to them talk about the guys they were dating. It range from any and everything. They talked about going south, manscaping (grooming), size and the G-spot.

Nowadays women seem to be anything, but discreet. Guys may give a shrug or a thumbs up when asked how she was last night, but girls well cover every gory, ghastly and down right dirty detail. "C'mon".

I beg of you as a guy, "Please, stop giving the lowdown on our performance in the cold light of the day. At least wait til the sun goes down to embarrass us." If you can't help yourself, please don't do it at the gym. I don't want to be the dope who comes out of the locker room, give you a kiss on the cheek, not knowing everyone in the deli knows the lowdown on our sex life. Damn the bad luck, just glad it wasn't me.

I saw the chic from this night. I'm thinking another date.
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Here are the pics from Thursday Birthday that party that I promised. I'm still trying to get use to mid week partying. I guess that's just old age coming on.

The night was filled with some people that I liked and some that I didn't, but I put on my best face and made the most of it. I'm usually pretty good at that as long as no one provokes me. I thought I was so cool smoking the cigar. Check my eyes out. Glad the camera didn't catch me coughing up a lung.

Highlights of the night included:
1. A piece of 8 layer cake from Claim Jumpers.
2. Some of the best BBQ teriyaki chicken.
3. Tampa Bay vs Boston baseball game. (Comet I was rooting like you told me to. I think I scared a few people because I was yelling at the flat screen in the bar.)
4. Beer
5. Obviously the cigars. (The smoke blowing was just for kicks. I don't normally do it, but it was a birthday so I did.)
6. The birthday boys wife causing a scene. (Not one, not twice, not three times. I lost count in there somewhere. I'm glad there was a fire pit outside to enjoy.)
7. The birthday boy crying. (Who cries on their birthday?)
8. Some asking my roommate if he was wearing skinny jeans. (They weren't exactly skinny jeans, but they were a little snug. I think I laughed all night.)
9. 2 people from Alaska being in the bar.
10. Everyone making fun of my roommates new girlfriend. (I don't think one person understood what she was saying.)
11. My bed.

Today I'm going on a hike with the dog. If not we are just going to do for a long walk. I think we both need to clear our heads for a change.

It's Friday

It's Friday and it's time for me to chill for a couple of days. Try and get some extra much needed shut eye.

Got some new pictures to post from a birthday party last night. A couple good stories to go along with them too. Hopefully I can get them up this week or I might wait to Monday.

All I will say is that I think it's time for me to start hitting the town with the 30 and above crowd. I need people who are set in life and not still running around with their heads cut off.

More to come and hope your weekend rounds out to be something blog worthy. Take it easy folks.

Drinks on me this week.
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Setting Black Folks Back

I'm always on the web looking at videos. I had to share this with you. I couldn't let this pass. Watch for the unthinkable to happen. Don't pay attention to the music or what she is singing, just watch the video and wait for the magic.

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Gym Rant #3

So as usual I was in the gym last night getting my last bit of cardio in. I had the iPod blaring some Kanye West, I was sweating like a pig and trying my best to keep from falling off the machine. I had my head down most of the time because I didn't want anyone to see me mouthing the words. I picked my head up to find this lady on the thigh abductor. I'm still not sure if this piece of equipment should be allowed in the gym. I do know that men should steer clear of it.

The lady, not the one above, but a different lady was just going at it on the machine. She pushed out and then released in and repeated what seemed like a million times. I was happy that I was behind her because and could only see her back. The last thing you want to do is be the guy who gets caught checking out the chic's crotch(Is there another name for that area?) area. There are a lot of things I want to be when I grow up. That is not one of them. When I was younger I probably would have went and sat in front of her. There was no shame in my game. Just put it out there. If they bite fine, if not their regret. Now I'm a little more reserve avoid this machine at all cost.

As I'm powering my way through my work up I look up and spot a older couple working out. The couple is doing some form of a leg curl on the machine. The guys wife is lying face down doing the exercise. He on the other hand is not paying any attention to his wife. He is trying his best to peek at the lady on the thigh abductor. He looks at the lady and then his wife. He repeats this over and over and over. I look around to make sure that I'm not the only one who sees this guy looking. I am. Dammit, I just needed conformation from someone else, but I was the only one who saw the dude. It went on the whole time she was on the machine.

I not really sure what part about the dude that annoyed me. I'm all down for catching a look, but dude acted like he'd never seen anything like it before. I wanted to get off the stair climber, go get him, put his head in between her legs and give him a lesson on what's down there.

She eventually moved to another piece of equipment in front of me and my annoyance went away only for it to happen to me. I guess with the thigh abductor comes the thigh adductors. It's basically the same machine but it goes in the opposite direction. Right in front of me. She would go in and then out. I couldn't help but look. I looked down, up, at the treadmills, the magazine I had. I just couldn't stop looking. It was like a magnet folks pulling me in ever so slowly. Finally I just removed myself off the machine to make it easier on me. I could just seeing getting asked to leave the gym for violating someone.

I guess the moral of the story is... "Don't judge until the chic's crotch is in your face."

Damn the irony.
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I Got My Thoughts Back/ Sunday Memories #3

I hadn't really had anything to post about recently. I just couldn't get my head around one central idea to construct a blog entry.

While I was spinning away in spin class this morning all kinds of stuff started to pour in my head. I guess that's what happens when you get up early in the morning, the juices start flowing. The brain stops jiving you and does what it's suppose to. As the music jammed in the background and I watched all the seniors around struggle to get the bike rolling, several things registered.

1. What the hell am I doing up so early.
2. What am I doing in this class with these people
3. I wonder if she can feel that wedgie.
4. My nuts hurt and I still have 45 minutes left of this class.
5. I should have slept in.
6. Where the hell is the blond lady from Dirty Dancing.

Number six is what made me think of this post. Over the weekend they were playing Dirty Dancing nonstop. I remember the first time my grandmother made us watch it. I never really knew what I was watching. I was just a kid who wanted to go outside and run rampant. I just thought it was a movie about some odd dancing that I could never do. They were moving in ways a 6 year old could only imagine.

I can still hear my grandmother screaming for us to cover our eyes every time the dancers started to bump and grind. I really think she did this so that we couldn't see her lusting for Patrick Swayze and his feathered hair. I guess there was something about a shirtless psuedo-tough guy that got her going. If only I could have taken my eyes of the screen I could have discovered her ugly little secret. I on the other hands was trying to peep through my finger to get a glimpse of the blond. Damn Baby! She was never the really the star of the movie to me. It was all about the blond lady even though for the love of me I couldn't figure what the big deal was about her stomach that made everyone come over and wait outside. I guess that's what being naive does for you.
Watching the few scenes that I watched put me back in my childhood. As I watched those hips of hers swaying to the right and then to the left and then again to the right and then back to left, I couldn't help but wonder where the hell she is today. There are a lot of things that get my blood running, but a blond and 80's hip movements, a one piece leotard, stocking and high heels to send me over the edge. There was something magical about the movements. How I wished I could've been Swayze just for one take of the movie.

Dear Cynthia Rhodes(the blond from the movie)

Even though I have no clue where you are at this very moment in time. I just wanted to let you know that you were my first "out of race"(That's how I thought of it when I was 6. Don't judge me people.) crush which would later be eclipse by Michelle Pfeiffer wearing that catsuit in Batman Returns and list has grown over the years. I just want you to know you were the first and you'll always have a special place in "heart".
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I got 6 on it!

No Name tagged me to play this game. It goes a little somethin' like this: I am suppose to tell you six random facts about me. So here we go....

1. I clean the sink before washing dishes.
2. I've been saying the same exact prayer for 15 years.
3. I don't drink Kool-Aid or eat watermelon because the are stereotypical for my culture. Now if I could only give up chicken life would be complete.
4. When I get heated my country accent becomes present. If only those f4. When I get heated my country accent becomes present. If only those f$&*ckers who cut me off could here me.
5. I do jumping jacks/situps/pushups during commercial breaks while watching the biggest loser. I feel guilty if I just watch and don't do anything.
6. I asked the dog everyday about how the day went, even though I know the dog was in the house sleeping.

You got 6?
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New Blogs

Well my mind is fried today. Can't really think of anything right now, so I decided to hip you to some new blogs that I'm reading. Share a little goodness with you and also promote someone elses shyt.

Keep in my what entertains my thought might not be your thing. I'm a random dude like that.

Here are my new finds:

Life, Love & Lola
Her description: Enjoying My Fabulous Life and Being The Person My Dog Thinks I Am!
What I think: Though her recent post have been rants, hell her rants are what the blog should be known for. They are quite witty and her recent post about Rachel Ray dog food giving her dog the shits had me rolling on the floor.

His description: N/A
What I Think: Random thoughts of a ex-frat guy who thinks of bars, beers and lessons of fun. He doesn't post alot, but the substance is there.

The Palm Isle
His description: No Moe Politics! I'm pretty much W.T. living in a white collar crowd.
What I Think: I think his title speaks for itself. In a day in age when most bloggers that I find are women, it's nice to have a guys guy type of opinion. He doesn't post daily, more of a once a week thing. We also share Slick.

Tipsy Nikki
Her description: Rampant Ramblings of a Pseudo- Vegetarian.
What I think: One hell of a narrative writer. Her intersting point of view about being a vegetarian and her boyfriend who dreams of deer heads in the bedroom prove for quite a laugh.

Life of Justin
His desription: I quit my office job to become a blogger, travel the world and share my adventures.
What I think: His description is pretty dead on. He just quite his job and somehow is going to make a living blogging and traveling the world. I'm planning on taking notes.

Give the blogs a shot and lets keep blog on blog crime down.
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Fosters, Australian 4 Beer

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This is from a fun night out. A friend of mine had free tickets to a live show at the Rio hotel. It was a beach theme.
T-shirt, check.
Shorts, check.
Flip flops, check.

I should have learned my lesson about going to see bands that I had no clue about. Check this post out about another bad experience I had

There were two bands. One was a band called Carolina Liar(whose lead singer had a sore throat and sounded like crap) and the other band is no where in my memory banks. They couldn't remember there songs and I can't remember their name. We're even. It doesn't help that we left early to go and get some real beer from The Yardhouse. No offense Fosters.

It's always good to socialize over a few beers, wings, nachos, and chicken lettuce wraps. Another good thing is a friendly round table about the economy and the presidential election. What's not good? Discussing the 2 while consuming alcohol. Who knew? I did! (Hand raise as far as it can go in the air.)

I'm all for everyone having different views. Speak your mind. That's what makes the world go round, but at least give everyone equal chance to express their feelings. Especially if the one person you are opposing is your girlfriend and she drove. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure that one out. Needless to say the dude ended up taking a cab home, costing him $78, and some extreme verbal abuse from his roommate because he had to take him to get his car from her house at 1 am. (I would let you flounder trying to figure out who took the cab home, but I'm a nice guy. The dude in the brown hat was the unfortunate one.)
Their conversation went a little like this:
Her: "Everyone is entitle to think the way they want."
Him: "That's stupid."
Her: "I'm nuetral. I don't have a party, but I've already discussed this with you.."
Rudely interupted.
Him: "Exactly so why are you talking?"
Her: "Because I'm trying to help the situation."
Him: "You can help by shutting up. I don't want to hear it."
Her: "F@$K YOU!"
He gasps because he can't believe she just said that in front of everyone.
Giggles from my end.
Gulps from everyone else.
Him: "I'm out of here."
Her: "Later!"
All in all it was a good night. I learned a lot of things about people that night, but there is only one thing I will take away from that entire night. You might be thinking some new songs for my iPod, whether I'm voting for Obama/McCain or "things you shouldn't say to your girlfriend in the heat of debate. Nope, not one of those. I'll be able to walk with my head held high because it's official people, "I speak well.".

What on God's green Earth does that mean? I stopped mid swig to make sure I heard what I heard. And yep, I did. I'm still confused about what I was supposed to speak like during our alcoholic debate, but I guess I nailed it. Mom would be so proud of me. As much as I wanted to keep going, that was my cut off point. Check please.

Never discussed politics while drinking beer? You've been warned.
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Isn’t true love meant to be forever?

"Well, I cannot give you an answer to this one, but I can give you the advice that you need to examine your perception of “true love”.

I can tell you: All that glistens is not gold. A high expectation of true love, and an exaggerated romantic view of the ideal concept of love can disturb the view to having a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

A realistic view is vital."

With that said, I was going through the contacts in my phone and ran across some names that just brought back memories.

There were some of friends that I haven't connected with in years. Hell, I don't even know if the numbers still work or not. I've had this cell phone number for about 9 years. Being in the military you meet people and the next day they are gone, but for some reason I have a bad case of saving phone numbers. I guess I don't want the Rolodex in my cell phone to look so empty.

There are numbers of family members. Some I remember and ones that my mom called and pushed me to save them in my phone. I couldn't tell you what half these people look like. She knows that I refuse to answer my phone when a number shows up that I don't know. Her way of getting me to answer the phone for estranged family members. What she doesn't know is I still have no intentions of picking up the phone. At least this way I know who I'm avoiding.

There is that running list of folks that I talk to all the time, some a little too much.

Others are just text message buddies.

And then there are the infamous ones. The "exes" or the ones that got away because there wasn't a cage big enough to contain them. In my phone I have only one number that gets my blood boiling. I still haven't figured out why I haven't deleted. I think because I thought I was in love. I thought I had found the one. I even told the old lady(mom) about her. I guess I still think there will be something or maybe just one day the phone will rang and I'll finally get that answer of why. I have it all planned out in my head. I got the words I'll say, how I will say them and an answer to every question that could possibly be thrown at me.

Maybe I'll flip it. I was watching a show this weekend about this lady dumping this this guy(By the way she cheated and screwed my head up forever.). Years later she realized the big mistake she and wanted him back. He eventually came back, but out of revenge. That sounds like a better plan to me. Damn the sympathy aspect that never gets you anywhere. The nice guys are going to finish on top if I have to do it by myself single handily.

So I ask you, Isn’t true love meant to be forever?

“You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it”
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I ate, therefore I am hungry.

The damn liberals have finally gotten me and put me in a choke hold. I can feel them breathing down my neck. Watching me from afar. I should close the curtains they might be watching me from the hill. Have they been planted down stairs from me, flushing me to the service with their cigarette smoke.

Since moving to Las Vegas my grocery store preferences has changed. I guess I never really notice the big change in the things that I've been purchasing. As I went to get something out for dinner this evening, I noticed that about 80% of the food that I've recently been purchasing has been organic. Who knew? Not me. I guess I just was grabbing and going. Some of the things have had a constant taste and others have made me rethink buying them again.

I'm always looking for new healthy things to eat. I just never thought I would be "that guy who went organic". I can remember making fun of all the idiots in Seattle for jumping on that wagon and promoting it like the crack. "Try it, it won't hurt." I guess know I have to turn and throw the "holy water" on myself. "Hypocrite I are." Damn.

The past year has been a pretty crazy journey for me... what I eat has taken a dramatic turn for the better. What I eat is about the only thing I seem to have control over these days. I've been trying to educate myself on nutrition and all things food and health. This should be a natural turn for me since I'm studying to be a nutritionist. Since I've been sold on eating this way I'm try to eat organic as much as possible, but it's not always easy... especially since I like my fast food and the occasional 1lb bag of Skittles. I don't really think I have any plans to keep this up , but for now it's serving as something worthwhile.

I've been shopping at this place called Fresh-N-Easy. I'm not sure if the rest of the country has any of these stores yet. You can even buy some of the food already prepared and cooked. So as far as food goes, I'm not extremely limited to what I can eat. The variety there is pretty awesome. A few months ago, while searching Las Vegas, I found Fresh-N-Easy. Since then, I've added a variety of organic foods to my diet. And cut. Sounded just like a commercial.

If you're not really sure what it is I put a little definition at the bottom for you.

Organic foods are produced according to certain production standards, meaning they are grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives.[1] Livestock are reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. In most countries, organic produce must not be genetically modified.

Sunday Laughs

I had a clip from last nights SNL, but it got deleted. Here is one of my favorite ones. With the hoildays around the corner. It had me cracking up last night so I thought that I would share with you.

It's Sunday and not too much is going on over here in the desert. The heat is finally starting to go away. I can feel Fall around the corner. I actually got to sleep with the windows open for the first time in a long time. A nice breeze through the room never hurt anyone.

Who Farted?

The damn dog just farted and woke me up and now I can't go back to sleep. I guess I'll give an update on what happened this Friday night.

Not a damn thing. I had plans, but the old man inside of me came out and I sacked them. I did get a beer in my system and some boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. I deserved it after the week I put in at the gym.

Where is the world going?

-O.J. is finally going to jail for robbery. C'mon folks. They let him walk after killing two people. Why put him in jail now.
-The presidential candidates are all crazy. It's worse than when you were in high school. Where are all the popular kids when you need them now.
-Britney has gotten her crap together. Means I'll never see her "kaslopuss" again.
-700 billion! They approved the bailout. All that drama for no reason. Maybe the house works for CBS or NBC.
-Hef is getting new bunnies. I hope I don't have to see the other three dummies on TV again.
-H.Stern just got married again. What woman in her right mind could be married to him. Seriously?
-Tina Turner & Cher are back on tour. I thought she retired a long time ago. Who is shelling out that kind of money to see them on stage. They both have had like two farewell tours. Give it a break already.
-The Dallas Cowboys are still the most hated team in sports history. Kudos to Terrell Owens and Tony Romo for keeping the dream alive. "Cowgirls on 3."
-Those ladies from The View are still chatting it up after all these years. Can someone hit the cancel button already.
-Bloomberg is in New York trying to strong arm his way into another term. Seriously dude give someone else a chance. Two terms is enough.
-Are there anymore names for Tornadoes, Hurricanes or Tropical Storms? I can't wait to see my name run across that screen.

I starting to think so.
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Joke of the Day

Out Drinking Again

An Irishman’s been at a pub all night drinking beer. The bartender finally says that the bar is closed. So he stands up to leave and falls flat on his face. He figures he’ll crawl outside and get some fresh air and maybe that will sober him up. Once outside he stands up and falls flat on his face.

So, he crawls home and at the door stands up and falls flat on his face. He crawls through the door and up the stairs. When he reaches his bed he tries one more time to stand up. This time he falls right into bed and is sound asleep.

He awakens the next morning to his wife standing over him shouting at him. “So, you’ve been out drinking again!!”

“How did you know?” he asks.

“The pub called, you left your wheelchair there again.”

Just thought I would add a little humor today. It's already been a long day. I barely go to sleep around 7 am this morning. I a couple hours of sleep and then I was back up again. I haven't really figured out what's causing my body to act crazy like this.

Hopefully I can catch a movie this weekend. Maybe even get a few beers from the bar up the street. It makes it easy to get home when I go there. Other than that it'll hopefully be a quite Friday as long I bypass all the talk about the debate. I doubt it as long as it's before I have the beers in my system. Hope all is well in the blogosphere.

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So I was struggling to come with a post today, So I decided to take from something I read in a magazine. The article was intended for a guy to answer but I'll see if I can incorporate everyone somehow. Even if I can't, it's meant for everyone. The article went on to talk about how the straight forward handshake is slowly deteriorating from American society and new ways are being creating.

There was this long story about this guy met one of his favorite actors and how he couldn't let this moment go by without meeting him. he was excited to me the guy, but was all to unprepared for the greeting he received from him.

I came up with a couple of greeting ways or things that I use.

1. Straight forward handshake. No explanation needed, but you never know. A short ritual in which two people grasp each others right or left hand often accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands.

2. Soul shake. (The one that guy the guy above all mixed up. It's a standard handshake followed by a thumb clasp, ending with a one-armed chest bumping half hug.) Just think of rappers when this greeting comes to mind.
3. Hug. This is the most intimate one of all the greeting. Most people reserve it for family members are loved ones.
4. Chest bump. With no finesse needed and can sometimes lead to awkward moments if not done during a sporting event.
5. High-five. Sometimes referred to as slapping some skin.
6. Wave. Self explanatory. Throw it out there.
7.The Finger. This is one of my favorites. Especially when you cut me off and traffic and there is no green light to let you know how I truly feel about you.

How do you greet?
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Gym Rant #2

I'm a big boy now. So the muscle mass is massing up on my body. I guess all that gym time is finally starting to pay off forme. I'm not where I want to be yet, but it's getting there. All this is fine, but I can't help but be distracted by the "crazy" that I attend the gym with.

Yesterday had to be one of the all time worst days for me to go. I complained a few weeks back about the people being all dressed up and pretty at the gym, so I changed to a later time. I thought that would do the trick, but it hasn't really done anything for my short attention span.

It just seems like the gym is becoming more and more of a circus. I'll tell you about the 3 things that really made me get off the treadmill and say, "Get the f*&k outta here!"

1. There is this father and son that are at the gym the same time as me everyday. I think the wife is around somewhere too, but she doesn't workout with them. I notice that the son is making a crazy face in the direction in front of him. I also notice the dad laughing too. I'm adjusting my iPod and haven't really scavenged the gym. Boy how I wish my iPod would have kept my attention just a tiny bit more longer. Apparently there was this lady in a 2 piece workout outfit/uniform/sweatsuit directly in front of me. I was on the eliptical and she was on a ab machine. The problem with this is she had a "beer belly". Not a small one either. Kind of in the shape of a tootsie roll. I don't have the best body, but I know what I should wear and what I shouldn't wear. It's almost like me squeezing into a Speedo and doing squats in the free wieghs area. Where was this ladies mirror check or at least a really honest friend to tell her to not wear that. All I could do is put my head down and giggle to myself. At some point me and the son made eye contact and we both lost it. I don't think she saw us. Fingers crossed.

2. A SWEATER! There was a guy wearing a Winter sweater with bleach spots. It had to be at least 60 % wool. It was thick and he was sweating all over the place. "C'mon, buy a damn sweatshirt dude!" It's not the 80's and Olivia Newton John's Physical is not blaring out the gym speakers. Cut it out!

3. This is a combination one. To the lady with the personal trainer... "Listen to him. It's his job. That's what he gets paid to do. Don't complain, just go along with the workout." To the dude who only came to the gym to workout his lower back and then leave... " Get a personal trainer. It's his job. That's what he gets paid to do. That way we can all share the machine and you can get the help needed."

Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone, but if it does that means you are one of these people.

If you are wondering what I'm wearing in the picture, it's a heart rate monitor. It reads to the watch on my arm.

Sorry for the cheesy cell phone picture, but it's easier to download from my phone.
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