Sunday Memories #3

I had another post in mind, but this one was way better. I might still post the other one, but this one was on The Soup Friday and I thought that I would share it with you guys.

I haven't had a Sunday memory in some time. It brings back old memories of when I had to go to church, but it wasn't this entertaining. I hated all those boring songs and the constant talking. The funny hats and structured clothes that everyone wore. If church was this entertaining back in the day, I would have spent more time there. Or at least if we had someone that could dance like the dude in this video it would've been really funny.

Just wait til about 1:51 when he really breaks it down.

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kimmyk said...

Holy FUCK.
That's just horrible!!!

and...AND...omg. I couldn't have kept a straight face if I was in church and someone broke that shit out.

What?! No.

And the chick with the dark hair, was that my mom?

kimmyk said...

You ever go to a Vineyard Church?
Sorry no break-dancing or anything of the like, but the music is great so that's what keeps me goin' back for more. (or when I went back for more...I'm slackin' these days...)

Summer said...

I thought you had posted a video from the Ted Mack Amateur Hour. Or were they part of the June Taylor Dancers? Lawrence Welk Show?

Shall We Gather By The River?

Mo said...

I have no words. I can't stop laughing long enough.