Well it's pretty early this morning. I can't remember the last time I was up at this time of the morning. I decided that I would get myself out of bed this morning and get a head start on life today. Whatever the hell that means. I've heard it a couple of times and decided to throw it out there.

I've got my gym clothes on and about to put my running shoes on and head to the gym. I've got to beat the "gym mall rats" to the treadmills. I've been a little laxed since the move. I just need to program my routine back into my body.

Afterwards I have my first job interview or at least that's what the Blackberry told me when it started beeping this morning. I can't even remember what I'm interviewing for this morning. I've been pushing that resume like crazy these last couple of weeks. The "savings and retirement plan" are screaming at me to get back into the work force. I'm going to take their advice and see where it takes me. Just not ready for the rejection though. I decided to focus on a couple of things that I'm going to keep telling myself if I don't get the job.

  • I keep telling myself that not everyone will respond positively to me.
  • I'm just not right for that company.
  • Everything in life has rejection involved in it.
  • I need to remember the more I try, the more it increases my odds of success.
  • I'm not front page news! (At least for now.)
  • Get over it.
  • Realize that in order to get good at anything, I'm going to get rejected.
  • In fact, I want to get rejected every single day, because if I'm not, it means you're not trying. (That sounds like a crock, right?)
Did you get rejected today?

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fiwa said...

Hey, what happened to thinking positive? You're already thinking about rejection before you even go in?


Brad said...

Yeah, I got rejected by some punk who doesn't even know who Journey is.....

I tease - good luck buddy !

kimmyk said...

the day is still young..there's hope for rejection yet.

when it finds me i'll be sure to let you know.

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

I got rejected from everything I wanted for 5 MONTHS. I just kept telling myself it was good practice. It still got me down- especially when my abyssmal at best unemployment stopped coming for no reason and no explanation.Research EVERY company you apply with. The ones that matter will ask and either be impressed or unimpressed with what your responses are.
Good Luck!

CrystalChick said...

You think you're gettin' a savings and retirement plan in this economy????

Hey, you'll find something good, hang in there!

And okay, so Donny Osmond might be a little hokey in some circles. But I also met O.J. Simpson, after the murders, how's that??

Ace C said...

Crystal - Lol. Ill take O.J., but only because you survive to tell the story.

Mo said...

Rejection just might be my alternate middle name...just sayin' but I'm still keeping my chin up dammit!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, I have to catch up on quite a bit here. I go away for a few days and you write up a storm. Add one more to your list, although I am a bit late - Don't forget you're interviewing them as well. It's a 2way street!