Negative Energys = What?

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to say in this post. I think that I'll just start typing and see where it takes me for now.

Today I've been on the grind and got to read a few blogs today. The themes vibes have been centering around "positivity" or at least for the most part. Some of them were talking about negative things that are happening and corrective maintenance to get rid of said negativity.

I was thinking to myself if I fall into any of those catergories in people's lives. I know a few people do for me. I'm in a couple toxic relationships. I'm at the point where I just don't feel good when I'm around certain people. I tend to be drawn into relationships, whether they be a sexual or friendly relationship with someone who encourages you to do unhealthy or illegal things (every thing is illegal to me by the way). I'm sure most of you say to end these relationships and don’t look back, but it's difficult to just cut people out of your life. I'm always good in the beginning, but somehow I get drawn back in. I think it's the "old man" in me that's trying to save people. Guess I should leave that up to God or those kids riding around on bikes selling church out of their backpacks. They seem to have it all figured out.

I could change my or phone number, but what good would that do.

I guess I need to find myself some positive people to kick it with. It's Vegas people, like L.A. everyone is shallow. Maybe I'll get a boob job. It seems to always do the trick. Double D's make the world go round. Maybe I'll try yoga. There is a place down the street where I see women walking in with mats tucked under their arms. Looks like it would be interesting to just watch everything unfold. Sike! Not on my best day will I do that to my body.

Side tracked again, dammit! Back on subject.

I personally like a challenge in my life. I like to pursue the negative and bull doze over it or at least that's what I like to tell myself for some strange reason. I guess it wouldn't be life without challenges, eh?

I'll end this post with something from "The Cat Lady"...

Mo says, "I am also allowing myself permission to say no to things and people that have the potential to take me off course."

All Aboard!
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Mo said...

Dude. You're now calling me the cat lady?

Mmmmkay. I am gonna let that one slide only because I love you and lemme keep it real, you're too far away for me to come whoop your ass.

Welcome to the late 20s. This is the time I started to weed out the negativity and unhealthy. Still a work in progress but once I hit 28, there was no stopping me.

Mo said...

Oh and how could I forget? In the words of Diddy....NO BITCHASSNESS!!!!

kimmyk said...

Mo is wise beyond her years.

But I laugh cause you totally called her the cat lady. *snort*
I'm sorry Mo (if you read this-but that cracked me up!)

Yeah momma always said..."can't save the world, you can only save yourself". she's a wise old lady my momma.

....You Sick Bastard said...

What will the world be without cat ladies.

Your life seems to be hitting a rough patch. I'm like that friend that is telling you to do illegal things. You'll just have to distance yourself slowly away from the temptations. Then the bad temptations will be less pushy.

It'll take sometime but things will always change.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Very cool post! I am close to a situation right now where a marriage of good friends was almost breaking because of people they started surrounding themselves with. People who just wanted to gamble all the time. That can only lead down the wrong road. I am happy to say I don't have anyone around bringing me down at the moment. Only myself. But I can turn that around. It's good you have Mo - I really like what she said.