Moving in 4

So to keep this post simple and not so boring I decided to just break it down into the 4 major components of the move.

Here they go:

1. Me - My part of the move went very smoothly. I had everything all organized. I guess it helps because I never unpacked anything. I think it took all of 15 minutes to get the stuff from my room to the truck. It would've been quicker if I wasn't moving the things from my room by myself. It helps being organized too.

2. Roommie and his trash bags - I shouldn't have to elaborate on this because the title says it all. I say this as nice as possible. The idiot didn't pack anything. Just to get the hell out of that old townhouse. I just started throwing all his crap into black plastic trash bags. The dude had so much stuff. It just kept pouring out of everywhere. I didn't know one guy could have so much stuff. Luckily Glad make a strong ass trash bag.

3. Douche bag Roommate from Hell - Didn't lift a finger to help us move. Not that I expected him to, but her did volunteer to help the other roommate. The first day of moving he had a mysterious place that he had to be at 6:30 in the morning. The second day he stayed in his room. That's cool I guess, but there were supposed to be people from charity coming to pick up somethings in the house. The idiot didn't answer the door, so they sat outside for about 30 minutes until we made our way across town. Most of my roommates furniture was pretty heavy, which mean there was a lot of dragging and bumping. I'm thinking if it would've been me I would at least just stick my head to see if help was needed or see WTF is all the banging for. I guess I was expecting too much.

4. Everything Else - Everything has been pretty smooth here in the new place. The dog is finally getting back to normal. The place itself is really nice. I got to take my first bath in like a year.(Thanks to Mo for the sugar scrub, so I don't have to exploit with my fingers anymore.) Obviously the Internet and cable are working, so I can't really complain. Oh yeah, I also get to finally walk around the house "Nekkid". Most of the time its me and the dog. I'll be enjoying this as often as I can until the dog can says, "Put some damn close on!".

Hope all is moving in the right direction with the rest of you and that the weekend brings some much needed rest for everyone, especially Brad, FIWA, NoName , not so much for Slick and YFSB. Just drink a beer for me. LLE slow down in that kitchen. Comet tell the Neely's I said, "What's up and to give me some "Suga"!"
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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hi Ace.

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and wishing me a happy birthday.

Have a good weekend.

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

You are so PSYCHIC! I just finished watching Pat and Gina Neely. I made my husband kiss me every time Pat kissed Gina.I'm planning what casserole I'll bring when I finally get to meet them. I LOVE THEM!
If you were closer-I'd bring you a house warming casserole, and a bunch of key limes- I'm swimming in them right now!

fiwa said...

I love the Neely's too - you just want to eat them up they're so cute.

I had to pick myself up off the floor - a man who likes to take baths? I knew I liked you.

I'm glad the move is over. Enjoy your new digs.

love & stuff -

Mo said...

I am so happy you are not ashy while you lounge nekkid in your new home.

BL packed in trash bags? OMFG I thought you might have more of an influence.