Yesterday has to be the worst Labor Day in History.

I would love to say that I got to go to a BBQ and had great food and drinks. If I did that I would be lying. I slept in for a big portion of the day. I had to make time for the gym because I slacked off all week. Haven't seen the gym that empty in some time now. It was kind of depressing to see it in that state, but I guess everyone else was enjoying the holiday.

I got some more packing down and put out as much of the junk that lays around here on a daily basis out for the trash.

I finished off the night with some pathetic fish sticks and salad while watching a few of the new shows that came on last night.

Pretty awesome labor day.

P.S. The roommate was in full affect last night, but I'm maintaining because I told you all that I was going to get the last laugh. Sooner than he thinks. Check for that post in 13 days. I won't disappoint.
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Mo said...

Fish sticks? From the man who does not do seafood?

Oh wait. Those don't count as seafood.

My 24 HR wasn't packed yesterday but there were more people in there than I thought there would be around 3PM.

Kinda made me feel like less than a loser for not having plans for the day to know there were others out there like me.

Brad said...

All I need is his cell phone number to add him to the National Direct Marketing's DO CALL ! list.

Don't tell Mo - she'd think it bad karma.

Slick said...

I wound up with the day off instead of having to work and I still probably did less than you.

Sucked for me also.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Don't feel so bad. The upside is you went to the gym. I can't even get my butt on the treadmill in my house. And as much as I cook, fish sticks don't sound so bad :) Were they Gordon's or Van de Kamps? j/k

Ace C said...

The fish sticks were Van de Kamps.