The day went by fine. I got a second interview for the job that I interview for this morning. I guess interview questions aren't what they use to be. I felt almost like the lady was interviewing me for Ms. America. I didn't say that to her though. I smiled and answered everything to my best ability.

The rest of the day was normal. I decided to catch my first football game of the season on TV.

Chargers vs Jets. Chargers kick ass. The interesting thing about the whole thing was that I was in Hooters watching the game. A little side of B&A to go with wings and beer. "I'm a pig, I know." Only when I'm in that place. It brings the "oink" out of me. It's not my fault they were those outfits, but I'll take the blame for it. What I won't do is take the blame for the jacked up chicks that were there and shouldn't have been. I always wonder what some of them are thinking when they are putting those suits on. When they're at home in the mirror putting on the infamous Hooters outfit and see all the chaos starting to take form. There is only so much those brown stockings can hide.

Show me a little respect and put some clothes on. Please. For what I'm paying to eat and drink in here, there should be some kind of Burger King mentality.

All in all it was good stuff. The picture above is the outside of the casino where Hooters is located.
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Mo said...

You call yourself a man? The first football game of the season? Seriously?

At least it was with beer, wings, and not when we're in the playoffs but sheesh, didn't I teach you anything?