Gym Mall Rats

Today I'm going to go get the oil changed in my car. It's been a while and I am sure that I need it done. Afterwards I'm off to the gym to get a good work out in, which brings me to today's post.

With the new move I have to go to a new gym on this side of town. It's cool because it's directly across the street from my apts. Less than five minutes walking distance.

I spent most of the time at the other gym complaining about there being no eyecandy. Just a bunch of older retired people at my gym. I'm pretty sure that there are some guys who would love nothing more than to have relationships with a woman their grandmother's age. For now I'll pass on idea or at least wait til' I'm that age. Even though that's not what I should be worried about at the gym, it does make the trip to the gym worthwhile if there is something to stair at while you're running on the treadmill or lifting weights. That was the old gym.

The new gym is filled with the opposite. Seems like everyone spent a little time getting ready for the gym. There is makeup all around, smells of cologne and perfume, matching outfits from head to toe, and practically no sweating. Everyone seems to be floating around. Not quite sure if they're even working out. Just looks like a scene right out of a movie. I guess this is what I wanted, but I can't help but stare at all the new wackos at the gym. The other day there was a dude in there with some kind of styled Mohawk with blonde tips. I swear he was wearing eyeliner. And he kept moving around really fast, meaning he really was just there for a show. Another lady had a "onsy" on. Look like something Elvis would wear. I'm all for wearing what you want to the gym, but it's the gym not a fashion f&^%ing show. Leave all the distraction at home.

I guess should just carry my ass back to the old folks home, at least I can finish a workout and not turn into that weird dude that stares at everyone at the gym.
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kimmyk said...

You needa take pictures before you change gyms.


I wish I had the energy to work out...I just don't. I'm whipped.

I walk though at night I guess that's exercising, but still...I use to have a treadmill years ago, I hung my clothes on it. I guess that's why I was a fat ass. ZING.

Slick said...

At least no one leaves sweat on the machines...

Since it sounds like no one there sweats!

Summer said...

Hey! Some of us old people still got it going on. At least in our minds we do. Hahahaha!

Mo said...

Hah! You should always be careful what you wish for.

Don't be trying to fool these people. You and I both know in time you will be one of the ones hangin' out at the gym, stylin' and profilin', crusin' for the chicks...just sayin'.

Ace C said...

Mo - I think I'm just jealous of them.