Chocolate Cake

Another chill night. I got a chance to head to The Yardhouse and get a couple of beers to make me sleep a little better. We also grabbed some sinner from there too. Got to catch up with everyone and eat some chocolate cake with mint ice cream. It was my first time eating mint ice cream. I won't be doing it too many more times, but it did taste well with the cake.

I think that we spent most of our time people watching and looking around. The real to fake boob ratio seemed to be the biggest topic though. I got to stare and comment without being hit or called a pig. Ladies why is that? If there are women present when the discussion of boobs comes up it's okay to talk about them. If it's just us guys them we are pigs and assholes and someone ends up throwing a hoe or calling there boyfriend over because they feel offended. Not sure, you tell me.

The night was cool though. It ended in a heated argument about gun control. When it is appropriate to tell your children about gun safety, especially when your profession evolves around guns. I'm really not sure what the answer is. I know I learned about gun safety when I was about 7 years old. I kept asking grandfather about the gun. The only thing he would tell me is to not touch it and you pretty much know what happens next. I had to touch and see for myself and of course I got caught. Damn bad timing! It eventually lead to me shooting my first gun and it eventually lead to me steering clear of them too. I guess that's what happens when it puts you on your ass. Still to this day my heart starts racing when I get one in my hands. For work I've had to carry them, but that's as far as it goes. I left the country years ago.

The conversation sort of put a little damper on the night because someones wife lost it when it came to gun control, but life goes on and you do what works for you. I guess. I just hope that she realise that gun safety (education) never hurts anyone.
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kimmyk said...

i try to avoid gun control issues.
i try to avoid guns period. they scare me...people with guns scare me i should say. okay okay...crazy ass people with guns scare me. there.

....You Sick Bastard said...

You know what else goes well with mint ice cream and chocolate cake? Beer. But beer goes with anything.

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

Two things- #1) just enjoy the hoots and don't discuss the real versus enhanced. I don't know a man with a wife- any size- who wouldn't have her have them made bigger if that's what SHE wanted. I know none of them would throw her out of bed because they were too big.
2)Education about guns IS GREAT. Do I have a gun-YES, Do Ihave BULLETS- HELL NO! Know why? First is the first time I shot a gun and I'll never forget how damn bad my shoulder hurt after it knocked me on my *ss. If my neighbors had one in their drunken brawls- shoot- (excuse the pun) maybe one of them would be in prison and I'd be sleeping nights. Also, I'd always be afraid my loved ones who has a key to my house might come in a time of need and I'd accidentally do something i couldn't live with. Gun or bullets- I can only pick ONE.

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

P.S. Just for the record- mint ice cream doesn't do anything for me either- not even w/ chocolate cake. Then again, I'm one of the few that is immune to those thin mint cookies the girlscouts sell.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah on the boob thing. In the spirit of Life on the tail's husband actually wouldn't want me to touch mine. He says they're my best asset, hasn't changed since giving birth. But I am open about boob talk. It's a fact of life. As for gun control, that's a subject we'll need to approach soon with a 5yo. We have one in the house but it's out of reach, even for me, but something I can get to if someone comes barging in. Been to the shooting range once.

Mo said...

Seriously. I'm not even gonna touch this post. Um hmmmmmm to quote you.