All I Want To Do

Today is going to be one of those days where nothing happens for me at all. I plan on going down by the pool and just laying out and enjoying the rest of my Summer. The weather is starting to become manageable here. Not once have I felt like I was back in Iraq the last couple of weeks.

I got myself a cooler with a few drinks, my iPod and some sandwiches made and I plan on finishing the book I've been somehow reading for the last 4 months. That's the last time I read a book from recommendations. I paid for it so I feel it's my duty to finish. Mo sent me a Barnes and Nobles card in the mail so I'm going to get a new book here soon so I need to finish this one. I've only read one book this year, making me feel like a fool. I can feel my reading skills going out the door. My grandmother would be so proud.

I also got my camera back today. A picture post will be up tonight. Also some from the night I got acquainted with the toilet.

Hope all is rolling in the right direction for you.
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Brad said...

You were in Iraq? I did know that....hmmm...interesting

Hope you enjoyed your pool day - it's typical fall here today so you ain't missing anything here.

looking forward to pics and stories of toilet hugging.

Brad said...

'didn't' didn't know that - dammit

kimmyk said...

yeah for picture posts!!!

hope you enjoyed your book. i use to read all the time, but since i started blogging the only thing i read these days are textbooks and blogs.

i'm pitiful.

Mo said...

Dude, I am so very sad. Sin city has rubbed off on you for sure.

Go on and get your education on. That is a direct order from one of your elders and I know your grandmother taught you to respect the old folk.