Chocolate Cake

Another chill night. I got a chance to head to The Yardhouse and get a couple of beers to make me sleep a little better. We also grabbed some sinner from there too. Got to catch up with everyone and eat some chocolate cake with mint ice cream. It was my first time eating mint ice cream. I won't be doing it too many more times, but it did taste well with the cake.

I think that we spent most of our time people watching and looking around. The real to fake boob ratio seemed to be the biggest topic though. I got to stare and comment without being hit or called a pig. Ladies why is that? If there are women present when the discussion of boobs comes up it's okay to talk about them. If it's just us guys them we are pigs and assholes and someone ends up throwing a hoe or calling there boyfriend over because they feel offended. Not sure, you tell me.

The night was cool though. It ended in a heated argument about gun control. When it is appropriate to tell your children about gun safety, especially when your profession evolves around guns. I'm really not sure what the answer is. I know I learned about gun safety when I was about 7 years old. I kept asking grandfather about the gun. The only thing he would tell me is to not touch it and you pretty much know what happens next. I had to touch and see for myself and of course I got caught. Damn bad timing! It eventually lead to me shooting my first gun and it eventually lead to me steering clear of them too. I guess that's what happens when it puts you on your ass. Still to this day my heart starts racing when I get one in my hands. For work I've had to carry them, but that's as far as it goes. I left the country years ago.

The conversation sort of put a little damper on the night because someones wife lost it when it came to gun control, but life goes on and you do what works for you. I guess. I just hope that she realise that gun safety (education) never hurts anyone.
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Walter for President (Jeff Dunham)

Here is something to get you laughing this morning. I'm sure everybody knows a person like the characters in these videos. Cracks me up every time. Hopefully you get a kick out of it too.

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The Weekend Update

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Didn't really get a chance to get on here this weekend. Had a lot of blog posts to read. I had no clue so many of you posted during the weekend. It gave me something to do since I couldn't really get to sleep.

This weekend went by faster than I thought it would be. It went by way to damn fast. Seems like I was just wishing for Friday to come around the corner.

The pictures above are from this weekend. I'll try my best to explain them all throughout this post story.

I had a couple of friends come into town for a wedding of a mutual friend of ours. I was invited to the wedding,, so I got my me time in earlier in the day. We spent our time walking up and down the Strip. It was their first time here and they want to take in a few of the festivities. Too bad the heat was beating them down. We settle a bar outside, caught up, and drank until they had to return back to their hotel.

My roommates parents invited to go downtown with them to visit with a few relatives that were in town to visit. This post could really go south if I decided to tell you about them, so to keep it moving I'll skip talking about them. I will say if you own a home and bears and deers are your next door neighbors, Las Vegas may not be the first place for you visit. Baby steps are best in situations like this. We spent the night roaming through what is called Old Las Vegas. It's actually the original strip. It has all the stuff you used to see in the old movies. We hit up the buffet first. I'll be hitting the gym because I brought my pig genes with me eat.

We then set out on trek snapping pictures and looking like total tourist. They had a pretty cool light show at around 8 o'clock. It was broadcast on the ceiling that ran from one end to another. We got to take in a sax performer, spray paint artist, hand sculptor, and a live 80's cover band that wasn't that bad. Looks like that actually spent some time practices the songs. I hope no one saw me singing along to Jesse's Girl. Rick Springfield would be proud.
And she's watching him with those eyes
And she's lovin' him with that body, I just know it
Yeah 'n' he's holding her in his arms
Late, late at night

You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl,
I wish that I had Jessie's girl
Where can I find a woman like that?
And believe it or not I finally know who the hell Journey is. I guess I have all along. Just never put the song to the artist. Hearing the song mad me flash back to every 80's movie I had ever seen. Mo and Brad can now get off my ass. I would also like to say that doesn't excuse any old jokes I may have made in earlier posts. I posted a youtube video in both of your honors.

Ode to Mo and Brad

Out of all the pictures, the one with the lady and the yellow purse is my favorite. The lady with the yellow purse was in front of me the whole show. The picture actually makes her look like she was moving fast, but she wasn't at all. I wanted so bad for her to catch the beat, but for some reason she was always ahead or behind it. She was doing one hell of those mean 80's 2 step to her own beat. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who noticed, but I bet I'm the only one to blog about it. The night ended with a few round of beers in front of the slot machines.

DVR and laundry.
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Another Friday, Another Visitor

It's Friday and the weekend is upon us and I have another visitor coming into town. There isn't any real plans left. I know that he's in town for a Las Vegas for the wedding of another guy that I served in the military with. Saying, "served with" makes me feel a little salty. Has a certain ring to it.I think the guy that's getting married is having a wedding theme. I always wondered what kind of people came to Las Vegas to get married and now I know. Question answered.

So camera I got the camera charging. The camera is itching for some new pics. Their should be plenty of oppurtunity to take plenty of pics, even if they are just of me.

The only thing that I'm for sure of is that I'm going to knock a few down tonight. A little relief tonight from a long week of craziness. Just going to make sure that this time I will be able to walk home on my own . Mr. Toilet might as well take the might off too. I won't be needed him.

Hope all is well in the blogisphere.
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All I Want To Do

Today is going to be one of those days where nothing happens for me at all. I plan on going down by the pool and just laying out and enjoying the rest of my Summer. The weather is starting to become manageable here. Not once have I felt like I was back in Iraq the last couple of weeks.

I got myself a cooler with a few drinks, my iPod and some sandwiches made and I plan on finishing the book I've been somehow reading for the last 4 months. That's the last time I read a book from recommendations. I paid for it so I feel it's my duty to finish. Mo sent me a Barnes and Nobles card in the mail so I'm going to get a new book here soon so I need to finish this one. I've only read one book this year, making me feel like a fool. I can feel my reading skills going out the door. My grandmother would be so proud.

I also got my camera back today. A picture post will be up tonight. Also some from the night I got acquainted with the toilet.

Hope all is rolling in the right direction for you.
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Quick One

I better clarify that last post.

It was just one of those things when you find out something that just knocks you off your feet. It's just a shock when you hear something about someone that you didn't know. It's not like any of it is a surprise either because he known to knock a few back and loose his mind.

Nothing drastic. At the end of the day things will go on like before.
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Ain't no Sunshine When the Truth Comes

"The meaning of the word truth extends from honesty, good faith, and sincerity in general, to agreement with fact or reality in particular. The term has no single definition about which a majority of professional philosophers and scholars agree, and various theories of truth continue to be debated. There are differing claims on such questions as what constitutes truth; how to define and identify truth; the roles that revealed and acquired knowledge play; and whether truth is subjective, relative, objective, or absolute."

The question of the day is, "Is it not the truth if a person just doesn't tell you about certain situations?" Because technically it's not a lie because you never asked and they never told. So does it know become a case of loyalty?

Today I had an Federal Investigator come to the house and interview me for one of my friends that's currently in the military. During the interview you get asked all kinds of questions ranging from character to financial to family. In my mind I thought I knew him pretty well. I was pumping him up. Saying all this great stuff because that's what I do. I'm a pretty slick talker when it comes to communication. She began to asks the same question again, but this time at the end of the questions she would say, "Are you positive?". I was for sure I was being honest. By the end of the interview I had resorted to saying, "At least to my knowledge.". When someone uses that at the end of a sentence 9 times out of 10, they're avoiding the truth.

I mean I thought I knew him as well as you can know a person, but boy wasn't I wrong as f%$#ing wrong. I wanted to tell her that she was lying through her teeth, but some of the stuff that she told me nobody could make up. The more she talked the more I wanted to get up and walk away.

I don't want to divulge too much information about the situation, but what I will say his criminal record is like a CNN breaking news profile.

I guess you don't always know.

Does it constitute as a lie? I'm not quite sure. I do feel it falls somewhere under the rules of truth. I will say I got a notch on my "now-dont-you-feel-stupid" belt.
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Negative Energys = What?

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to say in this post. I think that I'll just start typing and see where it takes me for now.

Today I've been on the grind and got to read a few blogs today. The themes vibes have been centering around "positivity" or at least for the most part. Some of them were talking about negative things that are happening and corrective maintenance to get rid of said negativity.

I was thinking to myself if I fall into any of those catergories in people's lives. I know a few people do for me. I'm in a couple toxic relationships. I'm at the point where I just don't feel good when I'm around certain people. I tend to be drawn into relationships, whether they be a sexual or friendly relationship with someone who encourages you to do unhealthy or illegal things (every thing is illegal to me by the way). I'm sure most of you say to end these relationships and don’t look back, but it's difficult to just cut people out of your life. I'm always good in the beginning, but somehow I get drawn back in. I think it's the "old man" in me that's trying to save people. Guess I should leave that up to God or those kids riding around on bikes selling church out of their backpacks. They seem to have it all figured out.

I could change my or phone number, but what good would that do.

I guess I need to find myself some positive people to kick it with. It's Vegas people, like L.A. everyone is shallow. Maybe I'll get a boob job. It seems to always do the trick. Double D's make the world go round. Maybe I'll try yoga. There is a place down the street where I see women walking in with mats tucked under their arms. Looks like it would be interesting to just watch everything unfold. Sike! Not on my best day will I do that to my body.

Side tracked again, dammit! Back on subject.

I personally like a challenge in my life. I like to pursue the negative and bull doze over it or at least that's what I like to tell myself for some strange reason. I guess it wouldn't be life without challenges, eh?

I'll end this post with something from "The Cat Lady"...

Mo says, "I am also allowing myself permission to say no to things and people that have the potential to take me off course."

All Aboard!
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The day went by fine. I got a second interview for the job that I interview for this morning. I guess interview questions aren't what they use to be. I felt almost like the lady was interviewing me for Ms. America. I didn't say that to her though. I smiled and answered everything to my best ability.

The rest of the day was normal. I decided to catch my first football game of the season on TV.

Chargers vs Jets. Chargers kick ass. The interesting thing about the whole thing was that I was in Hooters watching the game. A little side of B&A to go with wings and beer. "I'm a pig, I know." Only when I'm in that place. It brings the "oink" out of me. It's not my fault they were those outfits, but I'll take the blame for it. What I won't do is take the blame for the jacked up chicks that were there and shouldn't have been. I always wonder what some of them are thinking when they are putting those suits on. When they're at home in the mirror putting on the infamous Hooters outfit and see all the chaos starting to take form. There is only so much those brown stockings can hide.

Show me a little respect and put some clothes on. Please. For what I'm paying to eat and drink in here, there should be some kind of Burger King mentality.

All in all it was good stuff. The picture above is the outside of the casino where Hooters is located.


Well it's pretty early this morning. I can't remember the last time I was up at this time of the morning. I decided that I would get myself out of bed this morning and get a head start on life today. Whatever the hell that means. I've heard it a couple of times and decided to throw it out there.

I've got my gym clothes on and about to put my running shoes on and head to the gym. I've got to beat the "gym mall rats" to the treadmills. I've been a little laxed since the move. I just need to program my routine back into my body.

Afterwards I have my first job interview or at least that's what the Blackberry told me when it started beeping this morning. I can't even remember what I'm interviewing for this morning. I've been pushing that resume like crazy these last couple of weeks. The "savings and retirement plan" are screaming at me to get back into the work force. I'm going to take their advice and see where it takes me. Just not ready for the rejection though. I decided to focus on a couple of things that I'm going to keep telling myself if I don't get the job.

  • I keep telling myself that not everyone will respond positively to me.
  • I'm just not right for that company.
  • Everything in life has rejection involved in it.
  • I need to remember the more I try, the more it increases my odds of success.
  • I'm not front page news! (At least for now.)
  • Get over it.
  • Realize that in order to get good at anything, I'm going to get rejected.
  • In fact, I want to get rejected every single day, because if I'm not, it means you're not trying. (That sounds like a crock, right?)
Did you get rejected today?

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Sunday Memories #3

I had another post in mind, but this one was way better. I might still post the other one, but this one was on The Soup Friday and I thought that I would share it with you guys.

I haven't had a Sunday memory in some time. It brings back old memories of when I had to go to church, but it wasn't this entertaining. I hated all those boring songs and the constant talking. The funny hats and structured clothes that everyone wore. If church was this entertaining back in the day, I would have spent more time there. Or at least if we had someone that could dance like the dude in this video it would've been really funny.

Just wait til about 1:51 when he really breaks it down.

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Gym Mall Rats

Today I'm going to go get the oil changed in my car. It's been a while and I am sure that I need it done. Afterwards I'm off to the gym to get a good work out in, which brings me to today's post.

With the new move I have to go to a new gym on this side of town. It's cool because it's directly across the street from my apts. Less than five minutes walking distance.

I spent most of the time at the other gym complaining about there being no eyecandy. Just a bunch of older retired people at my gym. I'm pretty sure that there are some guys who would love nothing more than to have relationships with a woman their grandmother's age. For now I'll pass on idea or at least wait til' I'm that age. Even though that's not what I should be worried about at the gym, it does make the trip to the gym worthwhile if there is something to stair at while you're running on the treadmill or lifting weights. That was the old gym.

The new gym is filled with the opposite. Seems like everyone spent a little time getting ready for the gym. There is makeup all around, smells of cologne and perfume, matching outfits from head to toe, and practically no sweating. Everyone seems to be floating around. Not quite sure if they're even working out. Just looks like a scene right out of a movie. I guess this is what I wanted, but I can't help but stare at all the new wackos at the gym. The other day there was a dude in there with some kind of styled Mohawk with blonde tips. I swear he was wearing eyeliner. And he kept moving around really fast, meaning he really was just there for a show. Another lady had a "onsy" on. Look like something Elvis would wear. I'm all for wearing what you want to the gym, but it's the gym not a fashion f&^%ing show. Leave all the distraction at home.

I guess should just carry my ass back to the old folks home, at least I can finish a workout and not turn into that weird dude that stares at everyone at the gym.
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Moving in 4

So to keep this post simple and not so boring I decided to just break it down into the 4 major components of the move.

Here they go:

1. Me - My part of the move went very smoothly. I had everything all organized. I guess it helps because I never unpacked anything. I think it took all of 15 minutes to get the stuff from my room to the truck. It would've been quicker if I wasn't moving the things from my room by myself. It helps being organized too.

2. Roommie and his trash bags - I shouldn't have to elaborate on this because the title says it all. I say this as nice as possible. The idiot didn't pack anything. Just to get the hell out of that old townhouse. I just started throwing all his crap into black plastic trash bags. The dude had so much stuff. It just kept pouring out of everywhere. I didn't know one guy could have so much stuff. Luckily Glad make a strong ass trash bag.

3. Douche bag Roommate from Hell - Didn't lift a finger to help us move. Not that I expected him to, but her did volunteer to help the other roommate. The first day of moving he had a mysterious place that he had to be at 6:30 in the morning. The second day he stayed in his room. That's cool I guess, but there were supposed to be people from charity coming to pick up somethings in the house. The idiot didn't answer the door, so they sat outside for about 30 minutes until we made our way across town. Most of my roommates furniture was pretty heavy, which mean there was a lot of dragging and bumping. I'm thinking if it would've been me I would at least just stick my head to see if help was needed or see WTF is all the banging for. I guess I was expecting too much.

4. Everything Else - Everything has been pretty smooth here in the new place. The dog is finally getting back to normal. The place itself is really nice. I got to take my first bath in like a year.(Thanks to Mo for the sugar scrub, so I don't have to exploit with my fingers anymore.) Obviously the Internet and cable are working, so I can't really complain. Oh yeah, I also get to finally walk around the house "Nekkid". Most of the time its me and the dog. I'll be enjoying this as often as I can until the dog can says, "Put some damn close on!".

Hope all is moving in the right direction with the rest of you and that the weekend brings some much needed rest for everyone, especially Brad, FIWA, NoName , not so much for Slick and YFSB. Just drink a beer for me. LLE slow down in that kitchen. Comet tell the Neely's I said, "What's up and to give me some "Suga"!"

FIWA's Friday Shuffle

Not sure if she is still on break or not, but I'm going to keep posting this weekly post.

1. Shake It - Metro Station
2. It's My Life - No Doubt
3. Wasting My Time - Default
4. Baby-Baby-Baby - TLC
5. Rendezvous - Craig David
6. Can You Handle It? - Usher
7. Hey Papi - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek & Amil
8. Fill Me In (Remix) - Craig David
9. Can't Get Enough - Tamia
10. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
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Close and Then Open

What is jail?
"is a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the state. This includes either accused persons awaiting trial or for those who have been convicted of a crime and are serving a sentence of less than one year."
So WTF was I doing there?

Many of you have already thought the worst and I would've thought the same thing too. Let me set the record straight. I didn't go to jail to go to jail. I went for my roommates father's correctional officer graduation. If that makes since. He's retired USN and has gotten the working itch again. Both my roommate and his brother are both cops. Their dad being past his prime decided to go a little lighter and become a correctional officer.

There you have, the reason I went to jail.

I do have to say I don't think that I would be able to survive there. I would have killed myself the first night. The gates, the guards, the food, the people and the list could go on. I kind of felt uncomfortable being there. You could see the prisoners playing basketball in orange jumpsuits. You could see the guard towers with armed guards. The whole thing with one gate closing before another could open. I felt like a lab rat running for that cheese at the end of the maze. Just get me the f#$@ out of here!

Talk about some boring stuff. They actually had guest speakers. Guest speakers?! Not so much. I'm not quite sure what you tell a bunch of middle aged men and women, but I'm pretty sure they would've like to opt out of the "Life's Lessons" speeches. I kept looking around to make sure that I wasn't the only one who thought the speeches were a little excessive. F%$# it! They were unwarranted. None of the people look to be under 25. Maybe the heat had everyone's mind clouded. It seemed like it went on forever. A bunch of lame jokes from the 80's were told too, with few laughs or giggles. Luckily it only lasted about an hour.

I was a 2 seconds away from asking to be locked up if it lasted any longer.
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Back Online

What's going on people. I finally got the Internet hooked up in the new apt. Finally back online and able to get myself into all sorts of trouble.

As soon as I can find that damn camera of mine I will update and elaborate about the other stories.
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Mr. Brightside

Well the move is in full swing. My computer access is pretty down to nothing. I decided to go to a friends and use the computer. I'm addicted and need to update and read some updates on this thing.

This weekend has been pretty productive.

A trip to jail.
A drunk night that included Patron and hugs and kisses for the toilet. (Pictures later in another post.)
An Italian festival that only seemed to have Italian sausages. That's just what I drove and paid that damn 10 bucks for.
Packing and more packing.
More job hunting too.
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FIWA's Friday Shuffle

Just thought I would post it anyways even though she is on strike from blogging.

1. Heartbreaker - Will.I.Am
2. California Love (Remix) - 2Pac
3. Everything - Michael Bublé
4. '03 Bonnie & Clyde - Jay-Z Feat. Beyoncé Knowles
5. Feel So Good - Mase
6. What Do I Do With The Love - Dru Hill
7. You Sang to Me - Marc Anthony
8. Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
9. Girl's Around the World - Lloyd & Lil Wayne
10. Brenda's Got A Baby - 2Pac
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I've Gone Country, Just a Little

So I've got myself a bar people or at least until the move. I go there every Tuesday and Friday. Sometimes on Saturday, just depending on how I feel.

I should've posted this last week, but forgot about the whole thing. I guess that's what a few beers will do to you.

Here's how the night usually goes. We drink pitchers. I pump the jukebox with music that I like and only that I like. We play darts, pool or shuffle board. Just depending on the availability.

As usual I'm minding my business. Singing to my music and playing pool. I'm doing pretty well this time around. I'm on a 8-1 run. I'm not even that good at pool, so my I'm feeling pretty good about myself, until the pitcher runs out and I can't seem to find the waitress that's waiting on us. This happens every time we go there. Finding the waitress is like finding Waldo. She is never around. I mention to my buddies about how bad the waitress' service is. And the waiting begins. I could easily walk up to the bar, but that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing. After waiting for about 20 minutes for her to come around, she appears out of nowhere.

I'm readying my mouth to tell her another pitcher when this chic says to me, "Did you play the last couple of songs on the Jukebox?"
I say, "Yeah!"
She giggles and says, "That's do funny we've been making fun of your selection for the last 20 minutes."
(She lets out a roar of a laugh)
(Here comes the "Dick" in me.)
I tell her, "Funny you should say that. We've been doing the same thing ."
She says, "What do you mean?"
I say, "We've been making fun of you. I mean how crappy your service is. I was just telling them how I hate it when you're in this section because you never come back around and how I should complain to management about your service. So if you could get us 2 more pitchers of Michelob Ultra, try to hold the spit and you can keep the change."
( She looks at me as if I just crawled up on her kitchen table and took a big crap in her Frosty Flakes.)
(She returns and apologizes for her comments.) (I give her the 2 finger salute.) (If only I had sunk the 8 ball in the corner pocket the story would have been complete.)

There is a moral to this story. When you're in the bar and there is a jukebox, cough up some quarters to hear your music. If I get to it before you, sorry. It's my damn hard earned money. I could care less what someone else wants to hear. Don't mean to sound rude, but that's just how I feel. If you wanted to hear something you would put your money in the jukebox. I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to music. I like just about everything, but when I'm drinking I have a few country songs that I have to hear. Don't get it twisted I'm not a fan of country, but I do like a couple of tunes.
Country Selections
Don't Take the Girl - Tim McGraw
Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw
You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban
Mud on the Tires - Brad Paisley
Whiskey Girl - Toby Keith
They have to be played in that order too. For strange reason that I haven't figure out yet. So if you are ever in a bar and you here these songs think of me or check the bar for the only black guy singing.
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Go Away Summer, Please!

So I was over on Brad's Blog and he reminded me of how miserable my Summer of sunshine has been. He was talking about how he was reading other blogs that were welcoming Fall already. I would just like to say I how jealous I am of these people.

It's still in the 100's here. Yesterday was the first time we've gotten rain here. It nearly flooded the whole place and it only rained for about 10 minutes. Everyone was driving about 10 to 15 miles a hour and just pulling off to the side of the road. Traffic build up all over the place. These people would never be able to make it in WA. Just another thing I miss about WA. If you would have asked me 5 months ago what I would miss about WA, I wouldn't have said the rain. I guess you don't appreciate things until you don't have them anymore.

Today I'm going to go and sit by the pool and finish working on my resume. I think it's time to get back out there into the work force. I've taken plenty of time off and it's starting to wear me down. There is only so much gym, sleeping and TV one person can endure.

Screwing around with this resume is kicking my but. It's been some time since I had to revise. I was doing the same job for 9 years. Never thought I wouldn't make it to 20 years, but you move on and start new.

I have to get a lot of stuff done on my computer because there is no telling how long I will be out of service during the move. It's never too late to get a new library card. I don't think I will survive without my Internet. I guess I could still use my phone if I start having withdrawals.
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Underwear Channel Surfing

So yesterday was another non-productive day for me. I didn't have enough energy to leave the house. I think I spent most of the day chilling in my underwear on the couch catching up on all the shows I recorded on the DVR. Monday is a big day of TV for me.

The picture is was what sitting in the house resulted in. I know what you all are thinking. The answer to that question is, "That's all that was in the beer fridge outside." I didn't feel like going to the store to pick up any bottles. After a few you don't even taste the can. It becomes second nature.

And before you ask the douche bag got me going again, but this time I finally struck back. I haven't had a problem with him since. I guess all it took is me reverting back to a ABM(Angry Black Man) to get the job done. I didn't even have to raise my voice at all. All my anti-anger tactics are finally coming into play, but what I would give to get to just cut loose on his ass.

So the count in the house has finally gotten down to the single digits. 6 days left!

FIWA's Friday Shuffle

1. Fiesta [Feat. Jay-Z And Boo & Gotti] [Remix] - R. Kelly
2. Dracula's Wedding - André 3000 Feat. Kelis
3. Let's Go - Trick Daddy Feat. Twista & Lil Jon
4. Tattoo - Jordin Sparks
5. King Of The Dancehall - Beenie Man
6. Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
7. Extra Smooth - Aaliyah
8. Autumn - Paolo Nutini
9. 4 My People - Missy Elliot
10. Be Here - Raphael Saadiq Feat. D'Angelo
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Yesterday has to be the worst Labor Day in History.

I would love to say that I got to go to a BBQ and had great food and drinks. If I did that I would be lying. I slept in for a big portion of the day. I had to make time for the gym because I slacked off all week. Haven't seen the gym that empty in some time now. It was kind of depressing to see it in that state, but I guess everyone else was enjoying the holiday.

I got some more packing down and put out as much of the junk that lays around here on a daily basis out for the trash.

I finished off the night with some pathetic fish sticks and salad while watching a few of the new shows that came on last night.

Pretty awesome labor day.

P.S. The roommate was in full affect last night, but I'm maintaining because I told you all that I was going to get the last laugh. Sooner than he thinks. Check for that post in 13 days. I won't disappoint.
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